Welcome Ms. La Toya Hankins:  Author, Activist and Journalist

     Since more than NINETY (90) Nations (Thus Far!) are making WYATTEVANS.COM the Go-To-It Destination for News, Features and Entertainment for the LGBTQ Community and its Allies, I’ve “cranked UP the heat!”   Hey:  it’s only fitting!

     To that end, I’m excited and proud to introduce yet another Guest Columnist to the WYATTEVANS.COM Family!  She’s MS. LA TOYA HANKINS—an author, activist and journalist.

     Ms. Hankins has penned the popular novels, “SBF Seeking” and K-Rho: The Sweet Taste of Sisterhood.”  La Toya also is a co-founder and currently serves as the chair of Shades of Pride, a LGBTQ organization with the mission of creating opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of North Carolina’s LGBTQ communities.  The author, activist and journalist will enable my on line home to expand its reach–and touch even more of you in substantive, informative and entertaining ways!    

     So, on this Friday, January 29, share in La Toya’s specially blended “Hot Ice & Tea” at the Guest Writers section of WYATTEVANS.COMIt’s gonna be a rather thought-provoking, enticing and satisfying experience!

La Toya #1

4 thoughts on “Welcome Ms. La Toya Hankins:  Author, Activist and Journalist

  1. R. L.

    I am so proud and excited for you. I can’t wait to read that southern sisterhood flair you do so well….Welcome to the family 🙂 🙂 🙂


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