Jayce Payne

Plunge into the World of the Erotic Gay Supernatural!

The Wyatt O’Brian Evans Show–on the progressive PapichuloRADIO.com– makes its Righteous, Raw and Real Return on Sunday, June 7 @ 9 PM ET/6 PM PT!

     Y’all, have yo’ cross and wooden stake in hand because the popular novelist Mr. Jace Payne submerges you into his WORLD OF THE EROTIC GAY SUPERNATURAL!   Mr. Payne gives us the 411 on “Shifter,” his latest work.  It’s all about a male werewolf who struggles with his affliction–and then falls intensely and deeply in love with a regular joe!  But then, that love is thrown into dire jeopardy!    All I can say is:  ARRRROOOOOOO!  ARRRRROOOOO!  (LOL!)  And, Jace and I will cover the writer’s process, how to succeed in publishing…and much more!

     And who knows?  Ms. Cuntish Cumshot, “Drag Queen Supreme and my Sometimes/Part-Time Co-Host, might drop by—adding her exquisitely unusual take…on everything!

     As you can see, Yours Truly continues to present an array of the most Diverse, Intriguing and Controversial Individuals, as well as Timely and Cutting-Edge Issues impacting the LGBTQ Community and its Allies.

     So, let’s Git Freakin’ Krayzee!


     Fierce, Fascinating and Fearless TALK—with Feeling!

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