What Happens When Love Turns To Abuse?

     On Tuesday, June 28, I had the pleasure of being the Special Guest on The Sandy Rodgers Show–an insightful, empowering and popular national radio program!

     The show’s topic was, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN LOVE TURNS TO ABUSE???”  I explored questions including:  What causes this to happen? Should a person stay or seek safety outside of the marriage/relationship? Does abuse cross the line? What are the warning signs of domestic violence/abuse, intimate partner violence/abuse–or any other violence between two people?

     Here’s the link to the full show:  http://tobtr.com/s/9032153

2 thoughts on “What Happens When Love Turns To Abuse?

  1. Paul

    I guess I’m a regular commenter, as I commented on your Sex in Prison posting, but I’ve been a victim of domestic abuse. I think once you become a victim, people who are inclined to victimize you can sense that about you, so I’ve been a victim, not only of sexual abuse, but violence as well. I’ve had men control me through abuse, I’ve been punched, kicked, slapped, insulted verbally. Why didn’t I leave? I guess a part of me felt that it was what I deserved. After being told how worthless I was and that nobody else would want me, I tended to believe my abusers. Thankfully I’ve come to realize the trap that I was in, and I’ve re-dedicated myself to turning my life around and valuing myself more. While I’m not currently in a relationship, I know the next man I do get involved with will treat me well, I won’t stand for anything else. Thank you for shining a light on this issue, as same-sex DV I think goes ignored a great deal of the time.

    1. Wyatt O'Brian Evans Post author

      Paul: I’m so glad that you made your “Great Escape,” both mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I sent you a personal email. Many thanks!


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