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“The WOE Report” Debuts in the October Baltimore Gay Life!

I’m penning an exclusive Column for this esteemed, monthly publication, which is distributed throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Founded in September 1977, it has a firm pulse on, and deep roots in the Maryland LGBTQ Community.

BGL offers insightful and engaging coverage on local events, as well as national and international news. It regularly tackles important and relevant topics affecting and impacting the LGBTQ Community.

I will continue to uphold and further that tradition with my Column, which will engage and impact, and provoke your thoughts. I’ll address the serious (Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse, depression, HIV/AIDS), and deal with lighter fare (romance, profiles of emerging LGBTQ artists). So, “git ready fo’ the ride!”

For the inaugural The WOE Report, visit the BLOG section.)

Picture of a Walrus with his long teeths

Make Being a “Little Long in the Tooth” Work for You!

      “’Dang’ man!  You look damn good for your age!”

That soared out of the mouth of this rather attractive twentysomething guy at a recent function.  You see, he thought I was in my early forties; actually, I’m older.  (And yo!  Don’t even ask me by exactly how much—‘cause I ain’t gonna tell ya!  LOL.)

After that comment, if he thought he had any chance with me, he was dead wrong.

Dating can be full of potholes and minefields; but the experience can be even more daunting for those single gay/SGL (Same Gender Loving) men who are 40 and up.  In my newest Mood Swings column for BaltimoreOUTloud entitled, “Make Being a ‘Little Long in the Tooth’ Work for You,” I consult a respected certified love/relationship coach to find out how we“Men of a Certain Age” can win at the “Dating Game!”  Visit: