If you were rejected every time you disclosed, would you?

Full and Total Disclosure?

     To tell or not to tell!  That’s the thorny, nagging—and potentially life-altering decision an HIV-positive person must answer before having sex with someone. 

     I explore this daunting issue in the The W.O.E. Report, my exclusive column in the March issue of Baltimore Gay Life Magazine. 

     Here’s a link to the online version of the magazine.  My article is on page 24, so you have to go to page 24 after going here.

1 thought on “Full and Total Disclosure?

  1. KDKearney

    This is a constant issue within the community and one that I think is not discussed openly and frequently enough. When I have asked my friends if they have disclosed to new or potentially new partners I get an array of responses. Most of them somehow dodge the question skillfully without actually answering directly. Speaking for myself, and in the past, rather than face the possibility of rejection, I have prevented potential relationships to progress. I now realize that I was creating more harm to myself and not allowing myself the freedom of finding a good companion. Now, with some residual fear/concern I do disclose and by doing so allow the relationship to develop or not. I now can say, I have done all I can to increase the possibilities of my finding a good, open, honest, and sexually educated man.


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