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R. L. Norman: The Old School Romantic, Part Two

     Recently, I had the distinct pleasure to sit down with Mr. R. L. Norman, exclusively for the Huffington Post Queer VoicesArguably, Mr. Norman is that quintessential Renaissance man:  he’s an entrepreneur, videographer, performer, columnist, internet host, and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  

     His fifth and brand new installment in the series is, “Honey Hush; Don’t Ask And I Won’t Tell.” In Part Two of my series on Norman, he shares his heart-wrenching experience with Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse, visibility of people of color in the media…and more!

     Visit:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/wyatt-obrian-evans/rl-norman-the-old-school-_1_b_11071600.html

2 thoughts on “R. L. Norman: The Old School Romantic, Part Two

  1. West

    Thank you to those that speak of those secrets that tear out souls apart and leave us feeling unworthy and ashamed. Our voices need to be heard and our hearts need to be free. Mr. Norman and others are opening those gates so that we may again have the courage to speak of out truth.

    Thanks for the platforms we now have and these Authors that speak so we can unburden.

    Our Lives and Futures Matter


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