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Old fashioned Microphone

Thanks, Big Meach!

     I wanna thank Mr. Demetris Dennis Taylor, aka “Big Meach,” for my recent appearance on his nationally-syndicated and wildly popular radio program, “Dishing Tea With Big Meach!” 

     We dished all “thangs” “FRENZY!” —and a whole host of other amazing topics.  It was lively, substantive, full of energy—with mucho cray-cray craziness!

     For the entire show—uncut and uncensored—visit:    


     Now, go on “wit yo’ badddd self—and git yo’ ‘FRENZZZAAAYYYY!’ on!!!

Just Dishin’ It With Big Meach!

     On Wednesday, October 12 @ 1 p.m. EST, I’ll be the special guest on Dishing Tea with Big Meach!  This mah-va-lous-ly and wildly popular nationally-syndicated radio program goes down each and every Wednesday on Blog Talk Radio.

     Yours Truly will be dishin’ “all thangs”  “FRENZY!”…and MO’!  It’s gonna be one helluva raucous, raw and no-holds barred experience!  And oh so real.

     To get in on the action, visit:  www.blogtalkradio.com/dishing-teaOr, call in and be a part of the cray-cray craziness on 347-205-9183!

Big Meach

Dishing the TEA with Big Meach

     The WYATT O’BRIAN EVANS Show–on the progressive PapichuloRADIO.com—makes its Real and Raucous Return Sunday, August 23    @ 9 PM ET/6 PM PT!   And trust me—you’re gonna LYAO!!

     Why?   Well, because my very special guest is one helluva dynamic, no-holds-barred media personality!

     He’s Mr. Demetris Dennis Taylor, aka “Big Meach”–and he’s much, much more than a TRIPLE THREAT!  The Brotha’s an actor, singer, playwright, director, and producer.  YOWZA!

     And, he’s Radio Host for the mah-va-lous-ly popular and successful “Dishing Tea with Big Meach,” heard each and every Wednesday at 1 PM EST on Blog Talk Radio.  Visit: www.dishingtea.com .    

     Big Meach will chart his career and take us on his poignant, personal journey.  Additionally, he and I are gonna “dish” about pop culture—as well as relevant issues impacting the LGBTQ Community.

     This is a “cray-cray” (but immensely informative) eppy of The WYATT O’BRIAN EVANS Show you simply don’t wanna miss!    


Fierce, Fascinating and Fearless TALK—with Feeling!

A teapot pouring tea

Sippin’ and Dishin’ Tea on 5/27

     On Wednesday, May 27, I’ll be the special guest on “Dishing Tea with Big Meach!”  Demetris Dennis Taylor (“Big Meach”) is the host of this wildly popular blogtalk radio show.  “Dishing Tea” is a progressive and upbeat look into LGBTQ culture.

     We’re gonna discuss issues that impact the LGBTQ community, including how to sustain and nurture your relationship, Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse, and my latest novel, “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!” 

     It all goes down on Wednesday, May 27 @ 1 PM ET at www.blogtalkradio.com/dishing-teaDon’t’cha dare miss it!

A teapot pouring tea

September Is Already Shaping Up To Be HUGE!

It’s lookin’ like I need more than just THIRTY days for the month of September, ’cause I’ve got a lot goin’ on! Here’s just the beginning….

o Baltimore Gay Life (BGL). I’m penning an exclusive Column for this esteemed, monthly Baltimore Gay Life Logopublication, which is distributed throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Founded in September 1977, it has a firm pulse on, and deep roots in the Maryland LGBTQ Community.

BGL offers insightful and engaging coverage on local events, as well as national and international news. It regularly tackles important and relevant topics affecting and impacting the LGBTQ Community.

I will continue to uphold and further that tradition with my Column, which will engage and impact, and provoke your thoughts. I’ll address the serious (Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse, depression, HIV/AIDS), and deal with lighter fare (romance, profiles of emerging LGBTQ artists). So, “git ready fo’ the ride!”

A teapot pouring teao “Dishing Tea with Big Meach.” I’ll be a special guest on this wildly popular blogtalk radio show, hosted by seasoned radio personality Demetrius Dennis Taylor–also known as Big Meach! “Dishing Tea” is a progressive and upbeat look into LGBTQ culture. I cannot WAIT to “go toe to toe” with the hilarious Big Meach! LOL!!!

So, keep it “tuned” to wyattevans.com! Details on these events– along with more exciting news–are forthcoming