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     The “FRENZY!” is upon you!  Seriously.  Inextricably. So Freakin’ Tow-ta-lee!!!

Ferraris and Football

By Wyatt O’Brian Evans


Yo! As y’all know, I’m Wyatt O’Brian Evans, author of the hawt, sexually-charged and action-filled series of novels entitled, “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart.” The latest installment is FRENZY!” Check out: wyattevans.com/nothing-can-tear-us-apart-frenzy-book/

Now, due to popular demand, I’m re-presenting a fast-paced, tension-filled and sexxxy short for yo’ reading “pleah-zure!” Entitled “Ferraris and Football,” it’s the saga of two star-struck lovers, Ja’Shon (Shon) Benjamin and Wali Antonio Ramirez (WAR). Instead of a dark and stormy night, it all begins on a bright and sunny afternoon at an upscale Washington, D.C. eatery…but ends (or does it, really?) on a windy and treacherous evening.

Ya see, these two big boyz are all caught up in a tangled and rather messy “luv thang.”

So, let’s down to it and git wit it…!

It was 1:08 p.m. at Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse chain noted for its impeccable cuisine and service. And it was an absolutely glorious autumn day in September, with leaves blowing every which way. Although the sun was shining quite strongly and ever so brightly, it was on the rather cool side for that time of year.

Well, Mr. Ja’Shon Edward Benjamin, simply was not on the “cool side”—not one little bit. The President/CEO of JSB P.R., Inc., he kept glancing back and forth at his watch. A prospective client was minutes late, and this public relations guru was thinking, “Ohhhhhhhh, Lawd…here we go! C.P.T (Colored People’s Time) has struck again!” The adjectives irritated and perturbed couldn’t quite come close to what he was feeling, because tardiness was one of this business owner’s pet peeves. Besides, time is (fuckin’) money!

At just 30 years old, this Black native Washingtonian had the bona fides and was quite accomplished and rather connected. His JSB P.R., Inc. was a sought after public relations firm in the nation’s capital; quickly, he was becoming a major player in the industry.

And being from an ultra-respected, upper crust family certainly didn’t hurt, and gave him that “leg up.” (Indisputably, Benjamin believed in the power of “Con-nec-tions.”) His father, Jason Edward, was a trailblazing defense attorney, while his mother, Elizabeth Marie, was a prominent rectal/colon surgeon.

Particularly beginning in high school, the brutha felt like the proverbial football—Mom aggressively tried to coax him into the medical field; meanwhile, Dad mounted a full-court press to pull him into the legal profession. He had dreams of his son joining him as partner in his storied and prosperous firm. And when Ja’Shon was a senior, Dad wanted him to attend “Hawvahd” (Harvard), while Mom wanted Yale.

Defiantly, however, Ja’Shon chose Morehouse. He wanted the experience of a historically Black institution. And besides, being gay/SGL, this brutha wanted to have that “special secondary education”–along with the primary one he was really there for. (Do you catch my drift? Are ya feelin’ me? ‘Sho ya do! LOL.) In other words, he wanted to be “Where The Menz Are.”

Determined, Ja’Shon was adamant about carving out his own destiny. A “news junkie” and very political, he fell in love with journalism and political science. Then, on the precipice of his senior year at Morehouse, he had an epiphany: start his own public relations firm! He certainly had the savvy and the people skills for it.

So after earning B.A. degrees in both journalism and poli sci, he returned to D.C. and entered the Masters of Business Administration program at the George Washington University. He needed that if he were to make a business one helluva smashing success.

Midway during his time at GWU, he got his APR (Accredited in Public Relations) accreditation. And right after graduation, he convinced his parents to release his considerable inheritance early; and with much of it, he put up his shingle.

Sitting at his table in the center of Fogo, this President and CEO peeked at his stately Rolex Oyster Perpetual once again. He was becoming more and more irked and miffed by the second. Part of all THAT had to do with his personality, which was ¼ entitled, ½ confident, and ¼ imperious.

Mr. Benjamin was cerebral, buttoned up, and more than a little closed-off emotionally, tending to keep his cards pretty close to his vest. As well, he had the uncanny ability to adapt to and navigate any situation for the benefit of his clients. And of course, for himself.

The oh-so pleasingly “mas-cu-line” Mr. Benjamin had a dashing side: his beloved cherry red Ferrari California convertible was a testament to that. (By the by, his jet black Mercedes E300 4MATIC Sedan was sitting in the garage of his impressive home in upscale Chevy Chase, Maryland.)

(And, did I mention that the bro was closeted? Yessum! That fact created problems for him–as you’ll see later.)

Truly, Mr. Benjamin was a class act all the way! He was dressed to the nines in a perfectly fitting, black Emporio Armani pinstripe suit, crisp white Armani shirt, and Brioni burgundy tie with slight, white stripes. And to top it off, he was simmering in Chanel Egoiste Platinum—just enough to titillate, to tantalize…to impress.

And so, so very easy on the eyes! Smooth milk chocolate brown. Shaved head. Thick eye brows. Brown, penetrating and piercing “eagle” eyes behind stylish designer frames. Neatly-groomed Van Dyke. Affecting, engaging smile. His Teddy Pendergrass-esque voice added to his presence, his stature—when he walked into a room, he pretty much owned it.

His “dee-li-cious” physique completed the primo package! This beefy, muscled bear of a man was 5’7” and clocking in at a little over 190 pounds. One could see that the gym had been particularly good to him. (LOL.)

Mr. Benjamin, puleeze fo’give me for bein’ late.” The deep, syrupy loudspeaker voice startled Ja’Shon, who seemed to be in another world. As he popped straight up in his chair, his eyes bucked and bulged! Then fluttered. He simply couldn’t believe this mountain of a man who was standing—so tall, large and in charge, like a freakin’ living oak tree. And he was directly in in front of him!

The enticing bass voice—with just a tinge, a smattering of a Latin accent—belonged to the P.R. guru’s prospective client, who followed up with, “It’s been one heck of a day! Had an office emergency, then got all caught up in this dang downtown traffic! And in a rush to meet’cha on time, I somehow forgot my iPhone. Otherwise, I would’ve called ya.”

Then flashing a sparkling, broad smile, he affirmatively stated, “I’m Wali. Wali Antonio Ramirez, your one o’clock.”

Now grinning, he added, “Actually, your 1:15.” He’d taken stock of his watch.

Swallowing hard and rising, the flustered bro replied, “Uh…no worries, Mr. Ramirez. Things happen! Great to meet you.” Immediately, Ja’Shon’s annoyance evaporated! Rapidly, in actuality.

Working to recover his composure, he extended his thick, meaty hand. And when Ramirez grasped it with his own meat cleaver of a mitt, Ja’Shon was in for another helluva surprise!

The prospect’s handclasp was so self-assured, so sturdy, so confident…and so freakin’ warm, almost like a furnace! Sweet, sharp sparks of electricity zipped from one hand to another, flowing all throughout each man’s body.

And then, without warning, that ole wondrous “thang” called chemistry totally enveloped and consumed the pair! Somehow, someway, they immediately knew “what time it was,” that they were “on the SGL”—and in such a fuckin’ hawt, masculine way.

Their eyes were locked and loaded onto each other. And, it wasn’t clear when disengagement would occur—if at all! The prospect uttered, “Ahh…I appreciate that. By the by: call me Wali.”

Ja’Shon thought, “Lawd and Geesus Chryist! What a masculine, ruggedly handsome and built mufuker!” And the Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million cologne he was submerged in certainly added to Wali’s rather intoxicating appeal. Sho’ nuff.

Wali Antonio Ramirez (his nickname was War) was Blatino—his dad was Puerto Rican, and his mom was African-American. At 38, he was medium brown. And at 6’1” and 270 pounds, he was all “stevedore bear” muscle. He wore his dark hair military style (of course he would; he was a former Marine). His ‘stache and full beard were neatly trimmed.

Ja’Shon’s eyes drifted to and lingered on Wali’s full, luscious lips. Next, they darted to the thick black hair peeking out of the top of his partially open azure blue silk shirt.

And dang—the nips, the nips, the nips! They were like twin peaks workin’ to pierce their way outta that fabric! Instinctively, Ja’Shon knew that somebody had nurtured and cultivated “dem babies,” and that he surely wouldn’t mind picking up the mantle! (LOL.) The bruh suspected that Mr. Ramirez was hairy all ovah—from head to toe. Such a fuckin’ turn-on!

Wali was poured into a pair of formfitting designer jeans. He rounded off his ensemble with a pair of truly kick ass, black cowboy boots.

At this point, the only thing that crossed Ja’Shon’s mind was, “The azz! The azz! What does it look like? I’ve gotta see the azz…” Ya see, Mr. Benjamin was an anal top. However, he was orally versatile.

Concurrently, Ja’Shon’s dick was “thinking” the exact same thang! As proof of that, it was growing. Pulsating. Widening. Thickening. Expanding.

Meanwhile, Wali was just as taken with Ja’Shon! He was turned on by his looks, size, and demeanor. Quickly, the construction business owner spied the PR guru’s hefty, now quite visible tool.

Wali mused, “That dick! That dick! That fuckin’ dick! Does he really know how to use it! How does it feel?” Y’all, the openly-gay Mr. Ramirez was a total anal bottom—and who so ab-so-lute-ly loved to suck dick.

But make no mistake: he’d only give himself to a man he really cared for and about. For a number of reasons, this H-U-G-E ex-Marine had difficulty finding a suitable partner because the vast majority of the guys he dated wanted him to top them.

Finally, Mr. Benjamin said, “Wali, let’s sit down.” He followed up with, “Do call me Shon.”

Flashing sparkling eyes and an engaging, infectious smile, Wali answered, “My pleasure…Shon! Great name, by the way.”
“Ah, thanks…Wali.” As Little Richard would say, “Good Golly Miss Molly!” Shon’s gut told him that this guy was gregarious, sensitive, easy going and emotionally open–
unlike himself to a large degree. These qualities made Wali even more intriguing, even more appealing.

Shon didn’t like to admit it, but he was just not the most emotionally open and accessible guy. And he could never figure out why. He constantly kept his guard up; as a firewall to protect his heart.

Lickety-split, the waiter took their orders. Shon began, “Wali, tell me what your needs are.” (Both men thought, “What a helluva loaded question!”)

Wali was the sole owner of Ramirez Construction, located in the urbanized, southernmost part of Silver Spring, Maryland. It’s a major business hub that lies to the north of Washington, D.C. After a stint in the Marines and getting a Bachelors in Business Administration from the Catholic University in D.C., he formed Ramirez Construction. The owner was looking to hire a public relations expert to maximize his business, to take it to the next level.

After a little small talk and when their meals were served, they “got down to brass nails and tacks.” “Ramirez Construction is doing quite well—but it can be doing much better,” stated Wali.

He continued, “I’ve researched your track record. And according to my sources, you come highly recommended. I wanna become a real major player, and I believe you can make that happen.”

So, you’ve done your research, eh?” Shon smiled.

Oh, fuckin’ aye,” Wali shot back. Whoa! Shon liked his ‘tude.

Good man,” Shon responded. “Well Wali, here’s what I’m thinking: construct a PR campaign to level the playing field against the competition. This would include raising your local/national profile. Conduct market research. Write and distribute press releases. Pitch articles about you and your company. Plan special events and increase community involvement, which is critical. Networking/partnering with local businesses.”

Damn. I like the sound of all that.”

When I’m done, you’ll have zoomed past the competition.”

As the conversation ensued, both men had to work to totally focus on the business at hand. “The Chem Factor” was spiking, escalating…intensifying! Corners of their minds were drifting off into…well, other thangs. (You feelin’ me? ‘Sho you are. LOL.)

At the end of the meeting, the contract was signed. “Your campaign begins today, Mr. Ramirez,” Shon announced. “I’m very much looking forward to putting everything into motion.”

With a sly wink, Wali replied, “And, I can’t wait for THINGS to be put into motion, either.” Now, wasn’t that a saucy double-meaning! Shon thought, “This man ‘done did’ it! He’s overtly flirting with me…and I like it!”

Shon got up from the table. With his own style of sly wink, Shon, in his best bedroom voice responded, “No doubt.”

After both men shook hands (Uh, oh! There went that electric, sexual energy again!), Shon said, “I’ll be in touch. Very soon.”

Then, out of the blue, Wali had a brain flash! He said to himself, “This guy wants to see my azz! Lemme give him sumthin sumthin to salivate ovah.”

Thanks, Shon! Gotta take a leak. Have a great day.” And without haste, he turned—marching away.

That mesmerizing sight blew Shon the fuck away! Wali had one gloriously delectable azz! It was muscular. Bubblelicious! Juicy. Perfectly formed. An indisputable basketball azz! And for full effect, Wali was workin’ it to the nth degree. Proud of himself, he was grinning from ear to ear.

Shon whispered to himself, “OMG. That was more than worth the wait…”

With that, the PR guru picked up his leather briefcase and headed out…with nastee, lascivious thoughts running through, and playing out in his head!

And a dick as hard as a slab of concrete.

Over the following weeks, the two men had several meetings about the campaign. In no time flat, they become completely comfortable and at ease with one another. Over and over, Wali thought, “This man is so exuberant, good-natured and self-aware! What an incredible aphrodisiac…”

The exchange of furtive glances. Mutual knowing, and longer than necessary looks. The back and forth of (somewhat) sexually suggestive double entendres. All this fueled their attraction for each other, which burned brighter, stronger—and mo’ and mo’ fierce!

Even though they both were quite hesitant about “mixin’ bizness with pleasure,” Wali had had enough! He had to do something. No longer was there any getting around it.

He said to himself, “Somebody’s gotta make the first move, so it might as well be me. He can only say ‘no’; and if he does, it certainly won’t kill me.”

So early one Friday evening, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, sucked it up and made the decision to call Shon. His oversized hand trembled a tad as he punched in the digits:

Hello, Shon! How’s it going?”

Wali! It’s going well. Did we have a meeting scheduled?” (Now, the meticulous PR guru knew that wasn’t the case. He was trying to be coy.)

Ah, nothing scheduled. (Pause.) Hey…I’d just like to clear the air about sumthin.”

(Shon was somewhat taken aback! However, he sort of knew what was coming.)

Lissen, Man…I’m just gonna come clean. (Pause.) We both know ‘what time it is’: ya see, I’m very much attracted to you! And from the vibes I’m gittin’ from you, you are feelin’ the same. (Hesitation.) Am I correct?”

(You could hear the proverbial pin drop!) “Well, AM I???”

(The flabbergasted shortay gulped.) “Yes, Wali. You ARE right on the money! I’m quite into you.”

(Now, Wali let one helluva guttural laugh rip.) “Well, don’tcha think it’s time we do sumthin about it? To get to know one anotha bettah?”

And Shon—I’m ain’t talkin’ about just sex. I mean, if it happens, it HAPPENS. First though, let’s hang out, and see where things go. Comprende?”

Si papi…si!” (Yo! Those words—in that spicy Latino accent–turned Wali the fuck on.)

Tell ya what: I’ve got tickets to the ‘Skins afternoon game for tomorrow, Saturday! And after that, we can get a bite to eat. Sounds good? (Pause.) You like football, don’tcha?”

It’s cool. And if they paid me, I’ll be their most ardent, enthusiastic cray-cray fan.”

(Wali fell out in laughter). “Well, I’ll have more than enough enthusiasm for the both of us! I’m a rabid fan, particularly where the ‘Skins are concerned.”

Aight Wali—let’s do it. And since you made the offer, I’ll pick you up.”

In the Ferarri?”

Did you really have any doubt? (Shon chuckled.) What time should I pick you up?”

2 p.m works!”

(Then, a bit of awkwardness followed.)

Well…see you then, Wali.”

You got it, ‘Partner’.” (Shon thought, “Did he just say THAT??? And with such a seductive voice?)

Aight now! Game on.


It was a close game, with the ‘Skins losing by 3. “What a helluva bummer!” Wali exclaimed.

Afterwards, they headed to La Ferme, an upscale French restaurant with an elegant country-farmhouse décor. The eatery was located in Chevy Chase, a few miles from Shon’s place. Since it was such a gorgeous autumn day, they took seats on the porch.

Suddenly, both men became reticent and reserved. They were dying to jump into bed because they were so into each other physically: each was a muscled, beefy bear who wanted another muscled, beefy bear!

As well, they shared similar points of view and outlooks on life. And, they seemed to have an emotional and mental connection developing. Shon went for guys who were more emotionally expressive and accessible; Wali was into daddies who weren’t quite as free with their feelings—for a while, anyway. You see, he enjoyed the experience of “opening them up,” if you will.

At a point half way through their meals, Shon got super serious. With steely eyes and in a commanding tone, he declared, “Look, Bro: no more playin’ around! I want you, so…”

Let’s do it! NOW!” Wali cut him off, staring back at him with piercing eyes. (Pause.) I was gonna tell you the same thang! You just beat me to the punch.”

Like a machine gun, he followed up with, “Your place is fine. Besides, we’re not that far away.”

Next, Wali reached under the table and gave Shon’s hefty right thigh a firm, sensuous squeeze. That sent shivers up and down Shon. “I’m no longer hungry for food…but ‘hongry’ for you.”

Let’s git the fuck outta here,” Shon grinned.

As Shon’s cherished cherry red Ferrari California convertible roared to its destination, the two bruthas were tight-lipped. They were thinking—no fantasizing—about what was to CUM. However, they were very, very touchy-feely.

Shon, you have an amazing home here!”

Thanks for saying that, Wali.” Then, immediately pulling him into him, Shon moaned, “But you’re the truly amazing one.” And with that, he deftly grasped the Blatino’s thick neck, pulling his face into his.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, Gawd,” Wali purred as Shon’s full lips hungrily and utterly consumed his. And in a hot second, Shon’s tongue entered Wali’s overheated and willing mouth. After their tongues did the swirly-swirl, they did a variety of dances: the mambo, the boogie-woogie, the tango.

Daymn, Shon! Nobody’s kissed me like that in a long time…”

No…daymn yourself, boi!” Shon chuckled as he stroked, and then squeezed Wali’s bubblelicious basketball butt. “What a primo azz you got.” (By the by: Wali got off on Shon calling him “boi.”)

And I know you liked it when you were watching me work it when I walked away at our first meeting.”

Hell yeah! No doubt.”

And, I knew I’d like THIS.” Without warning, Wali clutched…and then pumped Shon’s big-headed tool, which had considerable girth, width and length. A deep, protracted groan flew outta the recipient’s mouth.

Wait here,” barked Shon. “I’ll be back for ya in five minutes.” Turning, he sprinted up the elongated staircase.

In less than that, Wali found himself in the center of his host’s spacious,

darkened boudoir, with its undeniable African influence. The soft, smooth jazz, the burning incense, and the multiple lighted candles strategically positioned in various parts of the enormous room created an intoxicating, sexually-charged atmosphere! And, the mirrored walls captured any and all of the raw and funky action that was to transpire.

As Wali’s eyes adjusted to the candlelight, he found Shon’s warm, slippery—and oh so talented—tongue back into his mouth once again! At the same time, each man was using his hands to explore each other…and they so liked what they were feeling!

Let’s get outta these clothes,” Shon ordered. And in seconds, they were both in their B-DAY suits.

They just stared at each other. Y’all, The Gym had been very, very good to both these guys! They’d put years of HARD work, smarts and sweat into their workouts, which produced beefy, rock hard and nicely proportioned physiques.

There was no need for words, as each man’s eyes (and stiff, straining dicks) showed exactly how much they both approved of –and desired–the other’s body. The bonus for Shon was that Wali’s series of tats heightened his arousal.

Now, they found themselves bumpin’ and grindin’ on the massive waterbed, and it fell soooooooooooo dang good! When Shon discovered that Wali was hairy from head to toe, a big ass, bright smile stretched from one corner of his mouth to the other.

This spurred the brutha to freakin’ devour Wali’s protruding nips, one of the Blatino’s foremost erogenous zones! And after Shon was done, those teats were like cones of flesh, the size of pencil erasers. In the meantime, Wali’s powerful hands were sampling each and every inch of his partner’s smooth, humongous physique.

Both men’s pulsating, meaty and stiff “chocolate sausages” (Don’tcha know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout? Of course ya do…LOL!) were leaking like fuckin’ sieves! Ready to explode at any moment, second, juncture.

Shon’s milk chocolate brown, 5’7”, 190 pound brickhouse of a body continued to slither down Wali’s medium brown, mammoth, 6’1”, 270 pound body. The shimmering candlelight enhanced the effect and impact of the highly eroticized atmosphere. And certainly, let’s not forget “dem” mirrored walls!

Our man Shon licked his plump, inflamed lips. After ogling Wali’s stiff and quivering tool—the size of a torpedo and spurting copious amounts of precum—he clutched, and then stroked that ample sausage with his huge, lukewarm right hand. That motion caused the recipient to tremble, and moan ever so deeply.

And then, without warning, Shon’s slick, spit-filled and searing mouth to-ta-lee consumed the chocolate meat! Down to the fuckin’ root…

Geesus Chryst, PA! Si, goddammit! Suck my motherfuckin’ bicho grande (big dick)!!! I haven’t been eaten in such a fuckin’ long time…” Shon loved it that Wali had called him the “P-word.” He happily went about his work.

As the ravenous “Ultimate Oralist” sucked, slobbered and swallowed, he reached under and gripped his partner’s round, voluptuous azz. Not wasting any time, he inserted one of his thick fingers DEEP inside the warm, quivering—and anticipatory—butthole. “Si, Pa! Si, Si!!!” Carefully, slowly…and deeply, that finger probed the steamy, tight and juicy orifice.

That action caused Wali to grip the Ultimate Oralist’s head and thrust and pump his engorged and still-growing cock in and out of that sucker’s greedy mouth. And freakin’ back again! As well, that swollen cock kept spurting ounce after ounce of slippery and delectable precum all into the ravenous mouth–and down the willing throat!

Gawd Pa—how I’ve needed this…” Smiling to himself, Shon continued to deep throat. Over and over again. (Besides, it was all quite tasty, too!)

All of a sudden, Wali pulled his dick outta Shon’s mouth. Rolling over on his stomach and spreading his majestically muscled thighs, he growled, “Eat my azz, SIR!”

Lickety-split, Shon dove off the bed. He positioned Wali doggy style, with the luscious melons hanging at the very edge.

Without hesitation, he parted the muscle cheeks, spit in the manhole’s center…and jammed his tongue right in! “Ohhhhhhhhhhh FUCKKKKKKKK, Pa! What are ya doin’ to me!”

Lifting his sloppy wet mouth out of the puckering, pinkish brown, anticipatory hole, Shon growled, “What the FUCK you’ve been wanting me to do! (Pause.) Now, enjoy the ride…” And, Wali did just that. For quite some time.

Dammit,” Wali shouted, “Gotta suck you!”

Well, turnabout IS fair play,” Shon howled.

Immediately, the Blatino swallowed him up, pushing his mouth all the way down to the root of the phat, wide, throbbing piece–which also was leaking gobs of thick, slippery precum. Shit! Shon felt as if his rocket had shot from the launching pad. And ready to explode!

After his oral feast, Wali peered up at Shon with shining, piercing eyes. “Shon, take my culo (azz)! Make love to me.”

Are you sure about that?” (Shon swore he spied a tear or two forming in his expressive eyes.)

Yes, Pa. Without a doubt.”

Then he whispered, “Just be easy. Man, it’s been a long time.”

Wali continued. “I feel a special connection between us already! So, I’m ready…more than ready.”

Baybee, I feel it, too.”

Shon then quipped, “Now, don’t worry: you’re in good hands…you know, like Allstate!”

That cracked Wali up. “Yo, you funny!”

At once, Shon got as serious as a heart attack.

His eyes capturing Wali’s, he proclaimed, “Baybee, I promise I’ll take great care of you. My mission is to make our lovemaking an experience you won’t soon forget! Trust and believe.”

Wali’s eyes were still locked onto Shon’s. “Somehow, my heart tells me that that’s the truth.”

Feeling overwhelmed by emotion—which he wasn’t used to—Shon wasted no time generously prepping Wali with the silkiest, most expensive lube on the market. Next, he stretched a purple, extra-large latex condom over his engorged, throbbing…and marble hard dick. Lightly slapping the melons, Top Man growled, “Roll ovah on your belly for me.”

Si, Pa! Fuck my culo…and make love to me.”

Bottom Boi shuddered as Top Man slowly and meticulously glided into him; and concurrently, Top Man’s entire body quaked! Seemingly in one voice, they cried out, “Gawd daymn!”

Game on!

Shon was true to his word: he delivered an electrifying, passionate, and sweaty lovemaking experience! So sweetly special. And, trust and believe: it was not a one-way street, for Wali gave as good as he got!

Their feelings, their connection for one another intensified as their copulation transpired two more times, into the late night and the early dawn.

However, the reality of the situation was that Wali was opening up his heart to Shon more than Shon was opening up his to Wali.

Alas, that would prove problematic for the unfortunate Blatino—causing him a world of pain. And embitter him.

It was now a little after 10 a.m. the next morning, and both men were basking in the afterglow of their sumptuous and stupendous lovemaking. As Shortay was cradling his guest in his bowling ball biceps, his guest’s head was resting on his cavernous chest.

Um, Wali?”

Yeah, Pa?”

Have…have you ever been in a relationship?

Yep, I have,” he smiled up at Shon. “Three, as a matter of fact. You?”


Well, if you don’t mind me askin’, what happened between you guys?”

They were too possessive! I felt like there was a fuckin’ choke chain around my neck. Know what I mean?”

I feel ya.” Now peering so deeply into Shon’s eyes, Wali added, “When I’m partnered, I give my guy all the space he needs. I understand that we’re both busy, and that we’ve had lives before we got tagetha. Hey: I don’t believe in smothering a brotha!

That’s good to hear.”

I also believe in healthy compromise. It’s critical in sustaining and nurturing a relationship.”

Next, he added: “However, there’s one thang I NEVER, EVER compromise on.

Shon’s ears perked up. “Wha…what’s that?”

Monogamy! Once we are committed, that’s it! I don’t share.”

I understand. Gotcha ya.” For whatever reason, out of the blue, Shon became uncomfortable. He was feeling the unsettling waves of being overwhelmed. He worked to clear his throat.

Yo,” he exclaimed. “Let’s lighten up this conversation…and do this.” And with that, Shon pulled Wali on top of him…

…and the Hawt Fun began in earnest once again! (Freakin’ YOWZA.)

During the weeks that followed, there were more dates…and mo’ hawt “sexcapades!” Wali became more emotionally invested in Shon; while Shon…well, not so much.

Actually, as Wali was opening up his heart to Shortay more and more, Shon was pulling back, little by little.

Of course, Wali took notice. Although it confused and irritated him, he played it cool; he didn’t sweat Shon.

And then, tragedy struck a few days after Thanksgiving! Shon’s dad had a stroke, due to years of mounting stress and overwork. Although Shortay’s relationship with his father had been strained for years, he was shaken to his very core. Leveled, in fact.

Wali made a beeline to the hospital as soon as he found out. “Come with me, baybee,” he whispered, escorting the nearly broken man to a quiet corridor.

Look at me,” he continued. “It’s gonna all work out. And besides, you’ve got me. I’ve got your back, and I’m right here by your side.”

In tears, Shon looked up at Wali. “Thanks…I know my dad and I don’t see eye-to-eye often, but I can’t lose him! I just can’t…”

And you won’t! I promise,” Wali vowed, wiping Shon’s swollen eyes.

Seconds of silence went by. Then, with his eyes transfixed on Shon’s, Wali declared, “Shon, I love ya…and am in love with you.”

Shon was shocked! But then again, he really wasn’t.

This admission, this utter and complete baring of Wali’s heart, frightened Shon to no end! You see, it had always been nearly impossible for Shortay to receive true and pure love from an intimate partner—and to return it in kind. That’s why he tried never to get to close, never reveal too much.

But wasn’t this man, Wali, different? Couldn’t he take the chance?

Suddenly and without another word, Wali gathered Shon up into his boulder-shaped arms…and held onto him. For what seemed like an eternity…and a day.


Shon couldn’t handle it. Any of it. As a consequence, he pulled away from Wali. Abruptly. Sharply.

During his dad’s illness and convalescence, he claimed he was “simply too emotionally drained” to be involved romantically. So, the only real interaction they had was on the telephone, conducting business.

Po’ Wali! He was befuddled, perplexed, bewildered, exasperated, and hurt. Big time! His gut told him that the issue was so much more than Shon’s father being ill.

He kept asking himself, “Did I do something wrong? Was it my fault?” The second-guessing was driving him cray-cray. And, he couldn’t take it any longer.

So, one evening a few days shy of Christmas, he decided to pay Shon an unexpected visit at his house. Needless to say, Shortay was…well, blindsided.

After Shon gave mucho obfuscation and a litany of lame excuses, and did the “avoidance dance,” Wali blew his top.

Dang, bro. I just figured you out.”

Staring him dead in the eyes, he proclaimed, “You’re deathly afraid of emotional intimacy! You’re simply too petrified to let someone in. Why? Why?”

Turning away from Wali, Shon announced, “Wali, lissen…even though I enjoy you tremendously…in soooooo many ways…and Lawd knows I do…I want the option to see others.

Po’ Wali! He was floored, his mouth left hanging open.

I…I’m just NOT ready to settle down with just one person.”

But Shon! Look at all that we’ve shared! It was more than just sex…for me, anyway.”

Shortay was stone-faced; he was becoming disengaged, turning colder by the second.

So, you wanna be a man-whore? Is that it, Shon? Dammit, I told you I wasn’t into playin’ around. After what we shared, I really thought you wanted sumthin monogamous, too.”

Now, that “po-ti-cu-lar” adjective really rubbed Shon the wrong way, got under his skin! “Yo bro–I never agreed that we’d be monogamous,” he shot back.

Wali was incredulous! Working to fight back tears, he sniffled, “OMG. I just thought…oh, how wrong I was…AM!

Shaking his head, he moaned, “I’m such a freakin’ idiot! I’m burned again.”

Reaching out for his arm, Shon sighed, “Puleeze…don’t say that, man.”

Don’t fuckin’ touch me, you fake ass!” The Blatino swatted the hand aside. “And you know what else? You really don’t wanna be OUT! Why can’t you be open and honest about your sexual orientation—who you really are?

I mean, you don’t have to wear it on your sleeve! Just stop workin’ so damn hard to hide who you really are!”

Now, that commentary, that assessment, stung…no rankled Shon! “I ain’t ready to do that! And I don’t feel bad feeling that way!”

Shit man, you NEVAH will be ready! Never.”

There’s no getting through to you,” the dejected Wali mumbled. “I’m done.”

Wali’s resignation produced one of the strongest visceral reactions Shon could ever remember having! As the Blatino began to bolt to the door, Shon shouted, “Wait, baybee!”

Facing Shortay, Wali growled, “For freakin’ WHAT???”

Can’t we just…well, you know?”

F.W.B.? Friends with benefits?”

Yeah,” gulped Shortay.

You MUST be cray-cray! No dice.”

Then glaring at and eyeing the beleaguered man up and down, he declared, “And, I will not work with you anymore.”

Shon’s composure was completely shattered! “Don’t…don’t do that, Wali. C’mon now..,”

But Wali wasn’t hearing any it. He charged outta the door, nearly slamming it off its hinges.

And po’ Shon! He slumped down to the floor, head in his hands…

and crying some big ole crocodile tears…


Christmas was an ab-so-lute-ly horrible time for both men! Wali was off licking his wounds, and trying to make the best of a fucked-up situation.

Surprisingly, Shon was taking the breakup the worst. He just couldn’t get Wali outta his head! His gut told him that the Blatino was on the money about pretty much everything.

And Lawd knows he missed Wali! This included all the emotional, mental—and definitely physical—“goodies” that came with the “package.” Fo’ real.

So, near the end of January, Shon sought counsel from Carlton, one of his best buddies.

A shrink.

Shon, you need to look within yourself. Really examine why you put up the barriers that you do.”

I…I don’t know if I can,” Shon dropped his head. He began to sob.

Shon…from what you’ve been telling me, Wali is everything you’ve ever wanted! Why push him away? And, why do you keep pushing folk away?”

I don’t know…”

Well, you need to find out soon. I’m going to refer you to a solid pro so he can help you do just that. Because we’re friends, I won’t see you in a professional capacity.”

Cool. I need to do this.”

Yes, you do. And there’s no time to waste.”

So, Shortay immediately made an appointment—which led to others. Shon began to explore and deal with feelings and certain truths. And one of those major truths was that he needed, wanted…and loved and was in love with Wali.

Therefore, Shon proclaimed: “I’m gittn’ my man back!”


Wali…I’m soooooooo sorry! I was wrong…”

Look, man! Don’t call me again! EVER.”

Puleeze, Wali…lemme explain.”

Just fuckin’ STOP IT! You’re wasting my valuable time, and I ain’t havin’ it.”

Wali, will ya hear me out? Will ya gimme a chance to explain my behavior?”

I’ve fuckin’ moved on, Shon! It’s a wrap.”

What do ya mean, ‘moved on’?”

It’s just what I said.”

Wait, Wali! Dammit…”

And then, the phone went, “click.”

Geesus Chryst! Shortay’s panic morphed into a RAGE! Actually, a FRENZY! As a result, the to-ta-lee undone bro decided to do what Wali had done weeks earlier—confront.

So, he jumped into his treasured and much-adored cherry red Ferrari California convertible and screeched outta the driveway. In mere moments, he’d made it onto the interstate.

It was a windy and bone-cold winter evening. The falling sleet caused poor visibility. The slick pavement, covered with patches of snow and ice, was treacherous.

Shon didn’t have his full attention on the road, for all he could think about was Wali—and what could have been.

And now, what might NOT ever be!

Lost in regret, pain, and emotion, his Ferrari got wayyyyy too close to the grey Cadillac Escalade right in front of it.

Ohhhhhhhh, shit!” Shon shouted. You see, he’d just plowed into the back of that vehicle! And as his head lurched back, he would be able to see the imminent impact of the extra-large, red and white U-Haul van directly behind his beloved Ferrari…

Lights out, Y’all.


Wali. This is Carlton.”

“’Sup, Carlton. Lissen—if you’re on this phone to plead Shon’s case, well…”

Wali, I don’t mean to interrupt you. I’m calling because Shon’s been hurt.”

HURT??? What…what are ya talkin’ about?”

He’s been in a horrible car accident.”

HOW? What happened?”

Lissen—just get down to Georgetown (hospital). I’m here already, in emergency.”

Carlton, tell me? How was he hurt? How bad is it?”

It’s mighty bad! He was rushing to see you! He plowed into a vehicle, and then a truck hit him in the back. He probably didn’t have his mind on the road…”

Oh, God! Oh, Gawd…I’m on my way!”

Inhaling deeply and shutting off his iPhone, he bounded out of the house.

With tears in his eyes, and like a bat out of hell…

To Be Continued…?

And As This New Year Unfolds…

     Yowza!  As 2018 unfolds, Wyattevans.com will be bigger, badder and bolder!   

     First, let me thank each and every one of you for making Wyattevans.com the go-to-it online destination for news, views, features, and entertainment for the LGBTQ Community and its Allies!  More than 100 countries visit my online home regularly.  I’m proud and overjoyed! 

     In 2017, Wyattevans.com published thought-provoking articles and provocative features on relationships, HIV, depression, romance, the escorting biz, sex in prison, and other issues that acutely impact the LGBTQ Community and its Allies.  Of course, this will be a staple for the New Year. 

     And let me assure you that my ongoing series of exclusives on Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A)–known as domestic violence and abuse within the LGBTQ Community–will be a hallmark of Wyattevans.com for 2018  

     Sadly and unfortunately, IPV/A is that “elephant in the room:” way too often, this despicable, demoralizing and (at times) life-threatening cycle of behavior is “swept under the rug.”  Therefore, it is not addressed.  This results in the perpetuation of this cycle of abuse.  Over and over again.    

     In this shiny new year, you followers will read even more informative, riveting and inspiring personal stories of IPV/A victims and survivors–as well as continuing news and data on this critical societal issue.  These articles and features will be syndicated in other publications, including Huffington Post Queer Voices and WeSurviveAbuse.com, created by Tonya GJ Prince, a leading Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) Advocate, Specialist, Speaker…and Survivor.

     Now, lemme give one helluva Shout-Out and Thank You! to the so on-point Guest Columnists for Wyattevans.com!  These include LaToya Hankins, R.L. Norman, Carlton R. Smith.  I’m so fortunate that they will continue to share their dynamic voices, their wealth of experience, and unique perspectives with myself and you readers.  And, Wyattevans.comwill be adding more of these distinctive voices to the melting pot.

     So, in addition to being the creator of, and writer/editor/reporter for Wyattevans.com, what else is Yours Truly up to in 2018?

  • IPV/A seminars and workshops across the country.  I will continue to shine a bright light on this horrendous cycle of behavior.
  • Radio Show.  My broadcasts will return later this year, in its current incarnation…or something brand new!  I’ll welcome an array of diverse, exciting and compelling guests—with their unique points of view. 
  • “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart” series of novels.  I’m feverishly (LOL) crafting and penning the sequel to “FRENZY!”  Get ready for more provocative, gripping, explosive—and tasty (AHEM!) entertainment!  I want to thank all of you for making this groundbreaking series (including the current “FRENZY!”)  such a success and conversation piece. 
  • Surprises, Collaborations.  More news and details to come. 

     You know, 2017 was quite the challenging year for the minority and LGBTQ communities, largely because of the shocking election of “The Orange One.”  His  destructive policies are shredding the social safety net.  Meanwhile, his divisive attitudes are pushing Americans back to a time of racial unenlightenment.  And, his attitudes appear to make it easier for certain Americans to exhibit these backward perspectives and points of view.

     So, how can we thrive and succeed?  Last year, I wrote “Refuge from the Storm,” an inspirational and empowering piece about how you can do just that.  Check it out at wyattevans.com/refuge-from-the-storm

     There you have it.  My year is gonna be bigger, badder and bolder!  And Y’all are gonna be the beneficiaries.

     Seize The Year!!!

The “FRENZY!” of IPV/A 

     Just what does the (possibly) a little odd, a tad exotic acronym “IPV/A” stand for? 

     Well, it refers to Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse, which is generally known as domestic violence and abuse (DVA) within the LGBTQ community.  Sadly and unfortunately, this demeaning and horrendous cycle of behavior is an ongoing serious societal issue.   And more prevalent than was once believed.     

     As a journalist, I’ve extensively researched and reported on this urgent social problem.  And as a radio personality, motivational speaker, advocate, and an interviewee/guest of numerous print, broadcast and online media, I vigorously promote awareness by continuing to shine a bright light on this insidious and corrosive cancer that impacts our society in so many, many ways. 

     October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DWAM), which was conceived by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV).  In recognition of DVAM, I’m presenting a very special series of articles and features the entire month of October.  It’s my mission to continue to shine a bright light on this heinous cycle of abuse–which can be life-threatening. 

     Since Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse can be taboo in the LGBTQ community, I felt that it would be more palatable–and not such a “bitter pill to swallow”–if it were addressed in the form of a work of fiction.  That’s why as an author, I pen the popular and well-received “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart” series of novels, which has IPV/A as its overarching theme.  “FRENZY!” is the latest installment in the series. 

     The following is an excerpt from “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!” that puts Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse front and center.

     So, without further ado, I present “The Battering.”      

        ‘Tonio and Wes have become a monogamous couple.  Unfortunately for them, they face daunting obstacles to and serious struggles in their relationship.  Making matters worse is a devious and deadly individual who masterfully manipulates ‘Tonio into believing that Wes has been unfaithful!  Of course, Wes has remained true to his partner.  Unfortunately, as a result, ‘Tonio physically confronts Wes.  

     Never in my wildest dreams could I ever have imagined what would happen next!   ‘Tonio, my bodyguard, my life partner, my soul mate—all 6’4” and 280 pounds of magnificently chiseled muscle– towered over me.  And in a heartbeat, in a flash, in less than a blink of an eye, BigGuy (‘Tonio) jerked me up by my tee, and then slammed me directly into the wall!   Gawd, the pain that ripped through my body!   At the same time, my head snapped back, also smashing into that surface.

     “Why’d ya haveta hurt me like dis?  I wish we’d nevah gotten ‘tagetha’ (together)!” ‘Tonio railed, growling like some rabid dog.  He actually seemed to be foaming at the mouth!  Next, he smashed me into that wall once again. 

     Then all of a sudden, the instances of abuse I suffered as a child fast-forwarded through my brain!   All of the humiliation, the torment, and the tears were revisited.  My body went as limp as a frayed, wet, overused dishrag.

    BigGuy had me jacked up and pinned against the wall, his huge, clammy left hand now grasping my neck.  I couldn’t move!  My brain cells were in overload.  I was having difficulty breathing.  

     He continued yelling, “How could ya do dis ta me?  How?  How?”  His grimace was undeniably monstrous!   He was a man possessed, thoroughly having lost touch with reality.                                                                   

     All the while, the following thoughts played in my head:   “This cannot be happening!  How can my soul mate, the one who’s professed his undying love over and over, be doing this to me?  How can this man who’s vowed to protect me, kick my ass like this?  HOW???”   

     BigGuy continued to loom over me.  “When we hooked up, I told ya we had ta be monogamous!  And you agreed!  (Pause.)  What tha FUCK’S wrong wit’cha anyways?  Huh?  Huh?”  He repeatedly shoved one of his thick fingers in my face.

     Finally, I shook myself from my stupor!  My survival instinct had kicked in. 

    Once more, I tried logic. “I…I’ve kept my promise–my solemn vow, ‘Tonio!  Please stop this!  We promised that no matter what, we wouldn’t physically abuse one another.  Remember?” 

    My appeal didn’t faze him!   Not one iota.  ‘Tonio wasn’t hearing or listening to me because his overwhelming fury and all-consuming wrath were at their peak, their tipping point. 

   “And ya promised you’d NEVAH cheat on me!  Rememba dat?” 

     Next, in no time flat, he aimed his thick, steely right hand squarely at me.

     My internal alarm blared!  I whimpered, “ANTONIO!  No!  Don’t!  Wha…what are you doin’?”  I tried to fend him off. 

     But that was futile. 

     “Bitch, don’t you…!”   

     And then…! 

Man Cave Interview with Tancredo

The Buff & The “FRENZY!”


On Thursday, April 27 @5 PM ET/ 2 PM CT, Wyatt’s Man Cave (WMC) returns to the awesome Mixcloud in one helluva H-U-G-E way!  This episode’s special return guest is the sizzlin’ HOT adult performer, Mr. Tancredo Buff!

     Mr. Buff also is my special Co-Host, interviewing me on my hawt and decidedly DEE-LI-CIOUS new novel, “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!”

     Afterwards, we’ll find out just what Tancredo has been UP to since his last WMC appearance.  And, I’ll have a burning—and delightfully salacious–question for “The Prince of Porn!”   It’s gonna be like…Freakin’ Caliente!!!

     Wyatt’s Man Cave centers on gay/SGL men’s relationship and wellness issues.  It’s uncut and uncensored.  In other words, The WMC is Provocative, Raw and “oh so on Tha Real!”

      Wyatt’s Man Cave is produced by the dynamic, highly respected and constantly on the move LesBe Real Media, whose mission is to “provide news, views, arts and entertainment supporting the LGBTQ community and its allies.”  And in just three years, LesBe Real Media has reached over two million households!  Truly amazing.

     Wyatt’s Man Cave is EARGASM for the Grown Folk!  Trust and Believe.  To get yours, visit:  www.mixcloud.com/lesberealradiotalk/

     Wanna hear the previous installment of Wyatt’s Man Cave?  Click: 


Wyatt's Man Cave

Wyatt Evans

The Douglas Coleman Show’s Got The “FRENZY!”

        Yo!   The “FRENZY!-fication” keeps rollin’ on…and on!!!    

     Just recently, I was the special guest on the internationally syndicated The Douglas Coleman Show!  Thousands of listeners tune in to each eppy of this insanely popular and well-regarded program. 

     Douglas and I chatted about the impetus behind writing “FRENZY!’, my journey as an author… as well as societal issues and the current events of the day!  It was fresh, provocative and revealing TALK! 

     So, to “git all FRENZY!-fied,” click on the link to the uncut show: 


The Hollis Chapman Show Has The “FRENZY!”

     I’m dang excited…and I just can’t hide it!

     On Thursday, January 26 @ Noon EST/ 10 AM MT, I have the good fortune of being the very special guest on The Hollis Chapman Show! 

     Nationally syndicated, The Hollis Chapman Show is cutting-edge and insightful radio–with thousands of faithful listeners each month!  The program features entertainers and diverse professionals. 

     Hollis and I will discuss my journey as an openly gay/SGL man, my impetus behind writing “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!”…and so much MORE!  It’s one show you don’t wanna miss!

     So, join us on Thursday at:  www.blogtalkradio.com/hollischapmanshow. And, call in on:  (646) 595-4326.

The Sandy Rodgers Show

“FRENZY!” In the Nighttime!

     An Encore Performance!  On Tuesday, January 17 @ 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST, I’m back as Special Guest on Life Love Wellness: The Sandy Rodgers Show—a popular, inspirational and empowering nationally-syndicated radio program!  Sandy and I will have a conversation about my brand new novel, “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!”  

     Since Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A)–also known as domestic violence and abuse–is the overarching theme of “FRENZY!”,Sandy and I will continue the discussion about this critical and potentially life-threatening behavior. 

     Now, what’s new in the mix this time is a discussion of the syndrome called, “Separation Assault/Violence.”  This occurs when the abuser escalates the violence after the victim leaves.  This can be the most dangerous time in the cycle of abuse. Sandy and I define what it is–and exactly how it impacts victims.

     We also talk about my journey as an author, what moves me…and so much more!  And, I’ll entertain questions from callers. 

     Do join me on the evening of Tuesday, January 17 Be prepared for a slice of engaging, informative and lively radio!

     Life Love Wellness: The Sandy Rodgers Show!  Call in on 516-531-9819 or online at blogtalkradio.com/sandyrodgers to be a part of the conversation!


“FRENZY!” Excerpt: “The Interview”

     Greetings!  “FRENZY!” is the brand new installment in my explosively HAWT “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart” series of novels.  “FRENZY!” is all about Wes and ‘Tonio, two star-crossed lovers who must confront severe obstacles that thrown their relationship into dire jeopardy. 

     “FRENZY!”  is chock full of masculine romance, intrigue, danger, twists and turns…and not to mention off-the-hook sexually provocative encounters!  Hell yeah!

     Now, here’s my special treat to you–and it’s in two parts!  First, here’s the 411 on the red-hot “FRENZY!”–

     What would you do after the man of your dreams battered you because he believed you’d been unfaithful?  Could you forgive this man to whom you’ve given every piece of your heart?

    Desirable, wealthy gay/SGL African-American celebrity Wesley (Wes) Laurence Kelly yearns for a gratifying and enduring love.  Unfortunately, it has slipped through his fingers.  Repeatedly.

    Enter Antonio (‘Tonio) Miguel Rios, a deliciously muscular gay/SGL Puerto Rican whom Wes has hired as his bodyguard.  He, too, has failed at love.  Miserably.

    But without warning, that magical, irrefutable and irresistible force known as chemistry totally engulfs the pair!  They forge a strong bond. However, they’re still too afraid to act on their escalating romantic feelings and sexual urges.

    Soon though, Wes and ‘Tonio break down and profess their love!

    However, a mysterious individual throws their monogamous relationship in dire jeopardy!  This vicious entity manipulates ‘Tonio into believing that Wes is being unfaithful.

    Taking the bait, the FRENZY!-ed bodyguard physically brutalizes his soul mate!  This results in Wes kicking ‘Tonio to the curb.

    And that–along with childhood sexual abuse–cause Wes to split, to become another personality: “Walker”!  The polar opposite of Wes, Walker has a heart of ice!  And, Walker’s deadly to the very core.

    Does Wes reclaim himself?  And, what secrets are buried deep inside ‘Tonio?

    But, most importantly: can Wes and ‘Tonio work their way back to one another?  And, can they still vow that “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart?”

      Part Two is the extended version of the excerpt, “The Interview.”  Freakin’ enjoy!


     Celebrity and entrepreneur Wesley Laurence Kelly meets Antonio (‘Tonio) Miguel Rios, Jr. for the very first time when he interviews him for his Chief of Security position.

     Y’all, Rios was a fuckin’ sight to behold!  A ruggedly handsome brickhouse, he was 6’4”, 280 muscularly immense pounds. 

     Massively built and exquisitely proportioned, Rios was, hands down, a bodybuilder’s bodybuilder.  Powerful, wide neck.  Barn door shoulders. Bowling ball biceps.  Horseshoe triceps.  Chiseled, expansive, impeccable pecs.  Narrow, firm waist. 

     And the way his jeans fit.  Daymn!  I could detect that he owned humongous glutes and calves…and (gleefully) something else.  Sumthin’ else, indeed. 

     The stud was clad entirely in blackshirt, jazzy (but tasteful) tie, formfitting jeans, and kick-ass cowboy boots.  Masculinity with touches of sensitivity oozed outta him!  I was fuckin’ taken aback– which usually doesn’t happen often.   I felt I was losing control.   I had to regain it.  Like yesterday.    

     “It’s a ‘pleasuah’ (pleasure) ta meet’cha, Mr. Kel-lee,” Rios smiled, broadly.  That 100-watt grin could’ve lit up all of Washington, D.C.  

     Immediately extending his power-packed mitt, he followed with, “Thanks so much for dis opportunity!”  “Stud Man” had this syrupy, so sensual, low baritone with a full heapin’ helpin’ of Latin accent stirred in for good measure.

     And his eyes!  A liquid blue-green, they appeared to be as endless as an ocean… sucking you right in!  They peered deep inside, searching for the real you.  I swore they seemed to have a life of their own… 

     Rios had a caramel-tinged complexion, and short, curly, jet-black hair.  His sideburns connected to a neatly trimmed goatee, which in turn merged into his ‘stache.  He had these full lips, which begged you to kiss them.   Mos’ def!

     And his handclasp!   Gawd.  It was warm.   Supremely confident.  Well-manicured, those hands were like meat cleavers–so thick, so sturdy, and so powerful.   His touch, his grasp, made my whole freakin’ body tingle through and through!   Nobody—and I do mean nobody—had touched me that way in what seemed like fuckin’ eons!   I swallowed hard. Dang!  Hot in here.         

     Floating back to earth, I responded, “I…I’m sure the pleasure is ALL MINE, Mr. Rios.  Welcome.”  Not to be outdone, I returned a formidable clasp of the palm myself.  

     Then, without warning, our eyes seemed to zoom into each other, like heat-seeking missiles!  After reaching their final destination, they settled into the lockdown position.  And all of a sudden, that ole magical thang called chemistry burst forth, spinning around– totally engulfing us!  The sensation was electric, hard-hitting, exciting…though downright scary!

     Hmmmm…I could swear he was checkin’ me out, scopin’ me, as wellAnd I noticed him noticing my erection.  (Yo!  I’ve got a “Big Whopper”–and I ain’t talkin’ Burger King!  LOL.)  The muscle stud’s eyes stretched wide for more than just a few seconds… 

      “Mr. Kel-lee,” Rios offered, “Puleeze…call me Antonio.”   

     “Thanks, ah, Antonio,” I responded.  Geesus, his name sounded so divine falling off my lips.  He was marinating in Givenchy’s Grey Flannel (the light blue liquid version), one of my favorites.  Not too much, just enough to tease, to tantalize.  And Lawd, he had this pleasant cinnamon-spearmint breath!

    As I chatted with Mr. Man, the chemistry between us was becoming red hot, deliciously intense.  It had gripped me so tight it made me wanna holla!  Antonio radiated such pure animal magnetism…along with enticing, sensitive masculinity.  This attraction, although irrefutably appealing, was intoxicating, bordering on the overwhelming!

     In other words, these sensations were exhilarating, dizzying; but at the same time, somewhat unnerving.  And daymn!  Our eyes were still bearing down on one another. 

     “Oh, Lawd,” I thought, “was he feelin’ what I was feelin’?  He had to be!  Well…wasn’t he?”

     Breaking eye contact for a few seconds, I announced, “Antonio (Whoa!  Once again, that name sounded sooooooo good dripping from my lips.), let’s adjourn to the library.”  Walking side by side, we reached the room.  Opening the doors, I ushered him in. 

    Glad I did, because I was rewarded with an absolutely mouthwatering sight!  Antonio had this phine “basketballbubblebuttazz!”  Pushing through his pants.  Perfectly round.  Beefy and meaty.  Bootylicious.   Ready to be squeezed…and PLUNDERED!  (Ya see, as an “azz connoisseur,” I’m an expert on these affairs.  LOL.)                                              

     I was teased even further when he sauntered into the library.  His musclebootybutt jiggled ever so slightly, ever so nicely, in his tight black jeans. Meanwhile, I had to quickly adjust Mr. Woody in an attempt to conceal my burning, growing arousal.  (You do know what part of the anatomy to which I’m referring, right?  Sho’ ya do.)

     “Antonio, please have a seat,” I invited, motioning to the sofa opposite the mahogany desk.  I climbed into the leather chair behind it, picking up his resume. 

     As I scanned his resume, I became aware of “BigGuy’s” (my later nickname for him) eyes inspecting, dissecting, and analyzing me.  He was trying to read me, workin’ to figure out what I was thinking…about him.  Meanwhile, the mounting, swelling sensations (Hell, in more ways than one, if you catch my drift!) I was experiencing were inflaming my potent, pent-up desires.

     I became lightheaded!  Beads of sweat formed on my forehead.   My left wrist, with the Rolex wrapped around it, began to sweat and itch.  And, the chilled Evian I was sipping in earnest couldn’t seem to wash away the parched feeling that had stubbornly claimed my throat.

     Then, all of a sudden, in that moment, my mind stumbled into a dense fog.  I began to fantasize, have “NASTEE” thoughts about Antonio, which went sumthin’ like this:

     Ahhh, yes…both of us butt nekkid, him doggy style, perched on my broad mahogany desk.  Ahhh…me kneeling, with his bubblebuttbootyliciousazz all up in my face…me swathed in delicious anticipation while I’m stroking, fondling and squeezing that marvelously round, voluptuous treasure. 

     Me, salivating, as I’m slowly, so deliberately parting the tepid, lusciously solid muscle cheeks…squeezing them, prying them W-I-D-E open!  Him enthralled in passion, vocalizing erotic murmurs. 

     Me, after thoroughly licking and lapping the entirety of that musclebooty, for what seemed like forever–and two days…me skillfully and leisurely delving my tongue so deeply in and out, in and out of the tight, lush, moist “valley” of that bubblebuttbootyliciousazz!   Me, becoming even more aroused by the exquisite sensations inspiring and driving Antonio to grunt and groan, shake, rattle and roll…him forcing my head ever closer into his glorious “musclebootytreasuretrove” (The Butt!  The Bum!  The Posterior!  Dat azz.)… 

     Me, after finishing my delectable, tasty feast and at the zenith of my nasteeness, carefully and totally lubing up the entrance to BigGuy’s valley, which had the heat and moisture you could liken to a tropical rain forest.  Next, me slipping on a black latex “raincoat,” and…

The “FRENZY!-fication” Continues!!!

     R U ready to be “FRENZY!-fied” once again?  In that case mark the date: Thursday, DECEMBER 1 @ 7 PM ET, 4 PM PT! 

     I’m ab-so-lute-ly elated to be the very special guest of LesBe Real Radio Talk (LesBeRealRadio.com), hosted by Ms. DeAnn Cox.  It’s a witty, candid and informative online and FM based program that features guest/celebrity interviews, and focuses on trending topics, reviews and music—all for the LGBTQ Community and its allies. 

     So on December 1 @ 7 PM ET/ PM PT, it’s gonna be one helluva ride on LesBe Real Radio Talk– ‘cause it’s gonna be ALL about The “FRENZY!”   TRANSLATION:  be prepared to be, like…ALL Caught Up and To-Ta-Lee Swept Away! 

     For more info, visit:   https://www.facebook.com/events/1200988573287880/ And to listen LIVE!, visit:  www.LesBeRealRadio.com

The “FRENZY!” Is Now ‘Across The Pond’!

     News Flash!  “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!” has become international!  The riveting novel has traveled “across the pond,” to the United Kingdom!

     BlackOut UK (blkoutuk.com) has just written a major feature on “FRENZY!”  Created by a collective of Black gay/SGL men, BlackOut UKis an influential, non-profit enterprise.  BlackOut UK “recognizes and celebrates the diversity of experience and views among black queer men in the UK (extending even to what we call ourselves) and are seeking to create spaces to explore and reflect on our commonalities and differences.”

     To read the feature in its entirety, visit:  https://blkoutuk.com/2016/11/05/read-actions-speak-louder-wyatt-obrian-evans/

Wyatt Evans

“FRENZY!” Media Kick Off Event

     I want to thank host MS. SANDY RODGERS for having me as this week’s very special guest on Life Love Wellness: The Sandy Rodgers Show—the popular, inspirational and empowering nationally-syndicated radio program!  We had an absorbing conversation about my brand new novel, “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!”  Life Love Wellness was the “FRENZY!” Kick Off Media Event.

     Since Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A)–also known as domestic violence and abuse–is the overarching theme of “FRENZY!”, we also discussed this horrendous and potentially life-threatening behavior. 

     The experience was AWESOME!  It was a huge slice of engaging, informative and lively radio! Here’s the link to the uncut program:  http://tobtr.com/s/9509123 

     Life Love Wellness: The Sandy Rodgers Show!  Every Tuesday, 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. CST!  Call in on 516-531-9819 or online at blogtalkradio.com/sandyrodgers to be a part of the conversation!


The “FRENZY!” Is In Total Control!!!

     Ahhh, yeahhh!!!  As Little Richard says, “Good Golly, Miss Molly!”

     “FRENZY!”, the brand new installment in the “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart” series of novels, hasjust arrived!  And, it’s well worth the wait!

     “FRENZY!”  is the continuing hawt saga of Wesley and Antonio, who struggle to nurture and maintain their romantic relationship against the odds—and the challenging and daunting obstacles that come their way!

     Now, here’s the 411 on “FRENZY!”

     What would you do after the man of your dreams battered you because he believed you’d been unfaithful?  Could you forgive this man to whom you’ve given every piece of your heart? 

     Then, what happens when a tragic accident causes you to split, to become another personality—one that’s deadly to the very core?

     And on top of that, what secrets are buried deep inside your soul mate?

     This is the continuing saga of Wesley and his partner Antonio, in “FRENZY!”– the latest installment of the popular, provocative, and mind-blowing “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart” series of novels!

    So, does Wes reclaim his true self?  Can Wesley and Antonio work their way back to one another? 

     And, can they still vow that “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart?” 


     The rave reviews on “FRENZY!”  are already coming in!  Visit:  wyattevans.com/what-folks-are-sayin-about-frenzy/

     Hey!  Don’t get left out of all the rich drama, masculine romance, action, intrigue, twists and turns—and sexually-charged, provocative situations!  From start to finish, “FRENZY!”  is one helluva breathtaking, thrill ride! 

     “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!”  is available at online retailers.  However, to receive your very own special 20 percent discount, make sure to order “FRENZY!” right here at Wyattevans.com.  Here’s the link:


     So, Y’all,  just “do it to it”: go on with yo’ baddddd selves, and git yo’  “FRENZY!”  on!!!

Jonathan Towslee

Jon Towslee: Supreme “FRENZY!”-aholic

     I’m happy to announce that Mr. Jonathan Towslee has become the President of the Wyatt O’Brian Evans Official Fan Club!  Actually, one of the refrain’s from The Pointer Sisters’ megahit “I’m So Excited!” better describes my feeling.  Openly gay and hailing from Boston, Mr. Towslee is a financial industry executive and community activist. 

     I’m proud and privileged that Jon has come on board!  And to formally introduce him to everyone, I decided to present the following clever little tete a tete.  Here it is:

     WYATT:  Jon, welcome to WYATTEVANS.COMThanks for taking on the role of President of the Wyatt O’Brian Evans Official Fan Club. 

     JON:  It’s my pleasure, Wyatt.

     WYATT:  Now Jon, you’ve been one of my earliest supporters.  I thank you for that.  So, why did you assume “The Presidency?”  (LOL.)

     JON:  As you know, I came to find out about you through some mutual connections on Facebook. Once that happened I went and visited your web site, listened to your radio shows and read your books and blogs.

     I realized right away through your various outlets, you were doing some powerful and important work in an area that often gets swept under the rug.  So, I took on the role of President because I immediately became a strong believer and supporter of what you’re trying to accomplish.

     You and I have had many conversations on where you envision your brand going, and I am honored to be there to help support and get you there.

     WYATT:  Jon, as MJ (Michael Jackson) might have said, “Tito…gimme a tissue.” I’m just joshing—I really appreciate your sentiments. 

     WYATT:  Now, I’m curious.  What three words best describe me?

     JON:  Jovial, Genuine and “Cocksure” (Sorry; the last one was just too good not to use!).

     WYATT:  LMAO!!!

     WYATT:  As President, what is your mission? 

     JON:  My mission is to keep you and your audience connected.  The next twelve months in particular will be huge for you.  As an Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A) Advocate and Specialist, you’ll be conducting seminars/workshops across the country on this issue, which tends to be taboo in the LGBTQ Community.  As a Motivational Speaker and Lifestyle Coach, you’ll be speaking on substantive topics including depression and how to get the life you really want.  In several months, you’ll be relaunching your provocative radio program, “The Wyatt O’Brian Evans Show.” And of course, there’s your launch of “FRENZY!”, the latest installment in your “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart” series of novels.  I have a major role in planning the “FRENZY!” book tour and contests—and more.  So everyone:  stay tuned to WYATTEVANS.COM for news and updates. 

     WYATT:  Jon, in 50 words or less, give everyone the 411 on “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!” 

     JON:  It’s a wild/crazy ride involving a couple who have gone through some deep/intense/emotional stuff, together and alone.

     WYATT:  Tell us:  Who are Wes and ‘Tonio, the main characters of “FRENZY!”?  Just who are they?  What kind of guys are they, anyway?

     JON:  Wes and ‘Tonio, the two compelling leads, are both very intense individuals who have gone through a lot of stuff in their lifetimes.  Collectively, they are soul mates, but have faced many challenges that often get in the way of keeping them together.

     WYATT:  Jon, what character trait of each man is most appealing to you—and why?

     JON:  For Wes, it’s his loyalty to the ones he loves.  For ‘Tonio, it’s his passion/dedication–even though that often gets him into trouble.

     WYATT:  Why does “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!” appeal to you?

      JON:  Great question, Wyatt.  Well, I have to say that “FRENZY!” has universal appeal—it resonates with such a broad audience.  Be you gay, straight, bisexual or transgender, you can relate toWes and ‘Tonio because these are two individuals who are deeply and passionately in love with each other on many levels, and are pushing back against the obstacles that throw their monogamous relationship in dire jeopardy.  These men are grounded in reality.

     Also, the reader is like a “fly on the wall.”  You feel that you are very much a part of what Wes and‘Tonio experience. 

     Additionally, “FRENZY!” explores topical and critical societal issues (including IPV/A, child sexual abuse and mental illness) without being “preachy.” And then, there’s rich drama!

     WYATT:  And what about the provocative, sexually-charged situations?

     JON:  The situations in this book, compared to your others, seemed to be much more extreme.  I’m specifically referring to when Walker and his crew are “auditioning” people for their new business adventure.  I won’t give away just who Walker is.  However, I will say that Walker is very, very closeto Wes.

     WYATT:  If you could create a character for the series, who what he/she be?  How would he/she interact with Wes and ‘Tonio?

     JON:  This question is very hard, because no matter what I say is going to give something away about the story. 

     I’d love to see a character that benefits greatly from the non-profit organization that Wes and ‘Tonio decide to create at the end of the book.

     I’ll leave it at that, so I don’t give anything away.

     WYATT:  Tell us, Jon: why the need for LGBTQ literature?

     JON:  Because there is such a vast market for it.  There are many of us in the LGBTQ community who love to read books about characters going through the same things we face in life.

     I also think it’s important because those outside of the LGBTQ community who elect to read this genre are able to learn more about and therefore better understand what LGBTQ life is like, and the challenges we face.

     WYATT:  What are your favorite literary genres?

     JON:  When I was a kid, my favorite was horror.  I was obsessed with Stephen King.  As I’ve grown older, I’ve gravitated more towards biographies about music artists.  I’ve loved music my whole life, and in recent years, many artists I’ve listened to throughout my life have written books. It’s been very insightful, and a lot of fun to read and learn about their lives.

    WYATT:  what are your favorite authors—and why?

     JON:  My all-time favorite author is Stephen King.  There are a lot of reasons behind this.  For one, I grew up in a very small town in Vermont.  The majority of King’s books take place in Maine, in a small town.

     To me, King has always perfectly captured what small town life is like.  It was something I could always relate to, outside of the “horror” aspect of the book.

     As a kid, I also have fond memories of my grandmother (she passed away in 2003) around Stephen King.  Throughout my whole life, she always gave me a book for my birthday.  It started out with books by Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary.

      And as I got older, she always gave me the latest Stephen King book in hardcover.  I still have all of these books today.  Anytime I see them, I remember her fondly.

     Dennis Lehane is also a favorite author.  The last book my grandmother ever gave me was his“Mystic River” in hardcover.  That was the first book I read of his, and I was instantly hooked.  Most of Lehane’s books take place in Boston (where I live).  He captures Boston life perfectly.

     A few years ago, I had the good fortune to meet Dennis Lehane at an event at a local community library.  Of course, I brought my copy of “Mystic River” with me.  And after he was done speaking, he came over to me and asked if I’d brought a copy to be signed.

     My answer was, of course, “Yes!”  I also took the opportunity to share with him the aforementioned story:  about how my grandmother always gave me a book for my birthday and Christmas, and that this was the last one she ever gave me.

     Lehane was deeply touched by the story, which was a great moment.  I’ve always been an avid reader because of my grandmother.  It meant a lot to have an author I love appreciate my memory of her.

     Last, but not least, another favorite author is, of course, you!  I’ve loved all three of your books. However, I take the most value from your various articles/interviews/blogs.  You often touch on very sensitive issues that many are afraid to talk about.  I feel this is very important and a great value for many within our community.

     WYATT:  Jon, such a touching experience you had with Mr. Lehane!  And, I really appreciate your sentiments regarding me.

     WYATT:  Now, let’s get “up close and personal.”  What are you passionate about?

     JON:  Music, my dog, reading, community, the Boston Red Sox.  I’ll only elaborate on the Sox here as the others are touched upon in other questions.

     One of my favorite memories as a kid is listening to the Red Sox on the radio with my parents and grandmother.  My town in Vermont didn’t get cable until I was a freshman in high school.

     I loved just sitting outside in the summer listening to the games with family members.  I still sometimes do it today, even though we have HD TV.  There’s just something about listening to a Sox game on the radio.

     When the Red Sox finally won the World Series in 2004, I cried such happy tears!  My parents and I have been Sox fans our entire lives.   

     I also had a very special moment remembering my grandmother, who was the biggest Sox fan I knew!  She passed away during the first round of the MLB playoffs in 2003.  And, she was born in October of 1918 (days after the last time the Sox won the World Series before 2004).  Therefore, she never got to see the Sox win the World Series. 

     I had a Red Sox hat that I wore for years, but never wore again after the night the team won the World Series in 2004.  I still have the hat, but it sits in a box with other memories of my grandmother.

     WYATT:  You are a community activist.  Tell us about that.

     JON:  Growing up, my mother was always very active within our community, serving on the school board, helping run community events, etc.  Her actions became instilled within me.  Though as a child, I never really thought much about it.  

     Prior to moving to Boston in 1997, I always did volunteer work, etc. for various organizations. After I made the move here, I continued. 


     Throughout my career in banking I’ve conducted countless financial literacy seminars for all types of organizations/non-profits.  A few years ago I was asked by someone at the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department to start doing conducting seminars at their jail.

     Being candid, I was very nervous to do so, as I’d never set foot in a prison before.  After doing my first session there, it became one of my favorite places to go.  The men I do the seminars for are all due to get out between 3 and 6 months.  The majority of them were very excited to have another opportunity to get back into society and do right by themselves and their family.

     Another thing I’ve done, with the help of two community partners is an annual FREE community Thanksgiving dinner.  We do it every year at my friend’s restaurant.  We started this back in 2011, and served around 25 dinners to the community.  Last year we served over 175!  Our goal this year will be to break the 200 mark.

     I also spend a lot of time volunteering and raising money for the Boston Living Center.  The BLCis a nonprofit community and resource center that fosters the wellness of all HIV positive people and responds to the changing needs of the HIV/AIDS community through education, treatment information and support services.

     They also do an annual Thanksgiving event where I volunteer as a “TIPS” server.  I, along with many others raise money through donations for the Boston Living Center.  A week before Thanksgiving, the Boston Living Center hosts a huge Thanksgiving dinner for all of their members and their families.  As a “TIPS” server, you will serve them the entire meal.  This has become my favorite event of the year.

       Another thing I’m proud of is 2 years ago I created a radio show called “Our House” for a local radio station, TOUCH 106.1 FM.  The show discusses various events going on in the community, along with various banking topics to help educate the local community. I spend a good deal of time educating many within the “inner city” of Boston on how to make themselves “bankable” (again), to build/establish credit, set a budget and even buy a house.

     WYATT:  Are you a proponent of marriage equality?  Why or why not?

     JON:  I am absolutely a proponent for marriage equality.  No matter whom you love, you should have the right to marry the person you love. 

     I often struggle with this subject (and many others around equality).  On the surface, we are making great strides.  However, because of that progress, the amount of hate from people who are against it also seems to be growing.

     You and I have had many discussions around this.  People have become so divided around so many issues.  In the end, I still believe love will conquer hate.

     WYATT:  This is the presidential election year.  Jon, if you were elected president, what three issues would you zero in on and try to pass in your first 100 days?

     JON:  Gun control, income equality/poverty, and LGBTQ Rights.

     WYATT:  In “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!”, you see that I’m enamored with eyes.  Yours are so expressive, with wonderment and promise of the future.  Do you believe that eyes are the “windows to the soul?” 

     JON:  Thank you for that compliment.  Many people have told me something similar about my eyes.  Yes, I do believe that eyes are the “windows to the soul.”  When I meet someone for the first time, I instantly can tell the type of person they are from their eyes. 

     In “FRENZY!”,  I think you did a phenomenal job showing how this is true.  That’s all I’ll say as I don’t want to “give the book away” to those who haven’t read it yet. 

     WYATT:  What are the keys to success? 

     JON:  I think the most important one is to find something you’re passionate about, and put everything you have into it.  So many of us, spend the majority of our time in a career/job we are not happy with.

     I know this is easier said than done, but there are countless stories of many who have done it. You’re doing it now!

     WYATT:  Your “sidekick” is Chessie, your “wonder dog!”  I call her “Madam Diva.”  Share her interesting back story. 

     JON:  I’ve always loved dogs.  Chessie is the fifth dog I’ve had in my lifetime.  Nine years ago this past July, I rescued and adopted her.  Chessie was in a high kill shelter in South Carolina. 

    Before Chessie, I’d rescued Bea.  Unfortunately I had to put Bea down two years after I’d adopted her.  She was an older dog and developed bone cancer.  Bea was a Brittany Spaniel/Beagle Mix.  Once she was put down, I vowed never to get another dog again.  The heartbreak was just too much.

     Though about a year later, I casually reached out to the New England Brittany Rescue Association (where I got Bea from) to see if they had any dogs that were similar to Bea, but much younger.  Right away they responded, “You won’t believe this, but we just found out about a dog in South Carolina who is the same mix as Bea (Brittany Spaniel/Beagle), about 3-4 years old.”  It was Chessie.

      Next, they informed me of Chessie’s situation (being in the high kill shelter), sent some pictures and told me that I needed to act fast.  Because of how long she’d been in the shelter, she was due to be put down the next day.

     I immediately became emotional and said, “I’ll take her!”  I knew I was her last chance.

     It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Chessie is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had (Unless you’re another dog and try to get her food!).  I don’t know her full story, but my guess is that she came from a good family, as she was well trained and behaved.  I think she was either lost or abandoned.

     Going back to eyes being the window to the soul:  I’ve never seen a dog that has eyes as intense as hers!  You can immediately tell what she’s feeling when you look into them.

     WYATT:  So, what’s your most fav thing to do while on VACAY?

     JON:  Go to the beach.  I can stare at the ocean for hours; it fascinates me.  As well, I love to walk the beach.  And, I spend lots of time reading there.

     WYATT:  Hey!  You’re a “Pearl Jam-Aholic?” 

     JON:  Most definitely! But I’m equally obsessed with the Dave Matthews Band (DMB).  I’ve seen DMB 63 times, Pearl Jam 33.  I love both bands equally; the difference in the amount of times I’ve seen each comes from DMB touring every year–and always playing in my area.  Pearl Jam has toured almost as often, but tend to only do a certain part of the US. 

     In the last few years, I have traveled to see Pearl Jam.  And they were just in Boston, at Fenway Park (my favorite place in the world).  Their two shows at Fenway was on this past August 8 and 9. Honestly, it’s been an amazing year going to so many shows!  I’m truly blessed by the number of wonderful people I’ve met from all over the world who have the same passion for the band as I do.

     Both bands helped me through some very dark times with their lyrics.  Allow me to share one specific story, it’s around a Dave Matthews song called “Dancing Nancies.”

     When I was 23, I went through a very dark phase dealing with my sexuality.  I became very depressed and thought about suicide a lot.  Wyatt, as you know, I’m not one to express my feelings. Music has always been my escape/outlet to deal with any issues I’m having.

     There was one night where I couldn’t stop crying and wanted to die.  I put “Dancing Nancies” on repeat and managed to cry myself asleep.  The song’s about someone wishing their life was different and they could be somebody else.  In short, what I thought and wished for pretty much every second of the day. 

     “Dancing Nancies” also talks about how we all need to just take a step back and appreciate the powerful, yet simple beauty of the world we live in.  When I woke up the next morning, I was still depressed–but not nearly as much as I was the night before.  The lyrics are what got me through what was the darkest point of my life. 

     I don’t know how many times I’ve seen DMB perform this song, but anytime I see them do it, I get choked up.  I always go back to that night.  I honestly don’t know if I would have made it through without that song.

     WYATT:  Amazing!  I’m so glad that song helped you to “make it through the storm.”

     JON:  Thanks, Wyatt.  As I stated earlier, my grandmother passed away in 2003.  During the funeral, the priest talked at length about spiritual immortality; his words provided comfort in my time of sadness.  When we left the service, the first song that came on in the car was Pearl Jam’s“Immortality.” I immediately became choked up (again) about the loss of my grandmother.

     I was a pallbearer at the funeral.  The weather that day was cold and rainy.  Most everyone stayed in their cars as we went to lay my grandmother to rest.  It was myself, some cousins and uncles.  Of course, we were all quite emotional.

     When I returned to my car, my sister told me that the song that came on the radio while we were walking my grandmother to the grave was “Gravedigger” by Dave Matthews. 

     After breaking down for a few moments, something hit me.  I realized by hearing both “Immortality” and “Gravedigger” (songs by my two favorite bands), it was a sign that my grandmother was okay.

     My closest Pearl Jam friends know this story.  I was with them at the last show (at Wrigley) of the band’s 2016 Tour; we all started the tour back in April in Ft. Lauderdale.   Each of us had general admission tickets, and were able to all hang out together. 

     When the band starts to perform, we know within seconds which song is being played.  As soon as the opening chords started, my friend–who was behind me– immediately put his hand on my shoulder. 

     I’ve experienced many bonding moments like this over the years at both Dave Matthews Band and Pearl Jam concerts.  Ultimately, I think that’s what draws me the most to these bands, and keeps me going back year after year.  It’s the community you always have around you, and who all have the same love and passion for these acts.

     WYATT:  Jon, thanks so much for sharing such personal and poignant experiences.

     WYATT:  Now, let me ask you:  if you were on a deserted island, what three things would you need or/and want?  Would a certain individual be part of that list?

     JON:  If it’s need, it’d be food, water and shelter.  If those bare necessities were already there, I’d then pick my iPod (that somehow runs on solar power), Chessie and my grandmother. 

     WYATT:  You’re devising a “What Makes You Go ‘FRENZY’!” Contest for my fans.  Tell us, Jon:  what makes you go “FRENZY!”???

     JON:  PASSION!  Anytime I become passionate about something, or see someone I love/care about become passionate, I go…ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     WYATT:  YOWZA!  Any parting words?

     JON:  Everyone should get ready for the Official Release of “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!”, which will occur this coming Saturday, October 1On the same day, the “FRENZY!” Trailer debuts everywhere on YouTube and other social media platforms. 

     And, stay tuned for upcoming tour dates, contest details and other news.  You can do this by visiting WYATTEVANS.COM; FACEBOOK (www.facebook.com/wyattobrianevans; The Wyatt O’Brian Evans Official Fan Club); TWITTER (www.twitter.com/MisterWOE).

     JON:  Wyatt, thank you for presenting me with the opportunity to become President of The Wyatt O’Brian Evans Official Fan Club!  I’m truly honored, and will do everything in my power to help you reach your fans and expand your fan base.

     WYATT:  Actually, my friend—Thank Y-O-U!!!  I appreciate it more than I can adequately express.  What I will say (again) though is, “Ohhhhhhh Tito—gimme (anotha) tissue!!!”  (LOL!)

Countdown: FRENZY!

     What would you do after the man of your dreams battered you because he believed you’d been unfaithful?  Could you forgive this man to whom you’ve given every piece of your heart?

    Desirable, wealthy gay African-American celebrity Wesley (Wes) Laurence Kelly yearns for a gratifying and enduring love.  Unfortunately, it has slipped through his fingers.  Repeatedly.

    Enter Antonio (‘Tonio) Miguel Rios, a deliciously muscular gay Puerto Rican whom Wes has hired as his bodyguard.  He, too, has failed at love.  Miserably.

    But without warning, that magical, irrefutable and irresistible force known as chemistry totally engulfs the pair!  They forge a strong bond.  However, they’re still too afraid to act on their escalating romantic feelings and sexual urges.

    Soon though, Wes and ‘Tonio break down and profess their love!

    However, a mysterious individual throws their monogamous relationship in dire jeopardy!  This vicious entity manipulates ‘Tonio into believing that Wes is being unfaithful.

    Taking the bait, the FRENZY!-ed bodyguard physically brutalizes his soul mate!  This results in Wes kicking ‘Tonio to the curb.

    And that–along with childhood sexual abuse–cause Wes to split, to become another personality: “Walker”!  The polar opposite of Wes, Walker has a heart of ice!  And, Walker’s deadly to the very core.

    Does Wes reclaim himself?  And, what secrets are buried deep inside ‘Tonio?

    But, most importantly: can Wes and ‘Tonio work their way back to one another?  And, can they still vow that “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart?” 

     The above is the 411 on “FRENZY!”, the latest installment in my “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart”series!  I’m elated and proud to announce that “FRENZY!” is nearly ready to hit the streets:  itsOfficial Release Date is Saturday, October 1

     Now, if you thought that “RAGE!”—the current installment in my “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart”series—was a to-ta-lee unpredictable HOT thrill ride, you ain’t seen (actually, read!) nothing yet!

     And, the reviews are already coming in for “FRENZY!”:  Here are some— 

     “There are some stories that eat us alive internally as long as they remain untold.  Thank you, Wyatt, for telling a story that can be used to open overdue dialogues for healing our community.”–Bobby Smith (“Bits of BS”), Founder, Know No Oppressive Thinking (K.N.O.T.), Inc., an Atlanta-based community organization.

     “Once again, author Wyatt O’Brian Evans turns up the heat to 11 in his new novel, ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart–FRENZY!’  Following on from the events in his highly successful ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart–RAGE’, ‘FRENZY!’ hits the floor running and does not let up!  Continuing the story ofWesley and ‘Tonio, ‘FRENZY’ is destined to be remembered as the story we have all been waiting for. Get ready to be worked up into a ‘FRENZY!’”–Colin Gunn, Editor, ALL BEAR Magazine.

     “’FRENZY!’, the latest installment in Mr. Wyatt O’Brian Evans’ Nothing Can Tear Us Apart’series, is sexy and bold!  Get ready for a front-row seat to rich and compelling drama–not to mention the twists and turns!  ‘FRENZY!’ is both an educational and rewarding experience!”—Carlton R. Smith, Executive Director/Founder, The Center for Black Equity-Baltimore; Founder, Baltimore Black Pride; Columnist, “Conversations With The Duchess.”

     “‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart – FRENZY!’, is a delectable read. The story deals with so many relevant current day issues of child abuse/violence, unresolved emotional traumas and the solid love in a relationship between two people.

    “The gripping dialogue kept me spellbound in the explicitly-narrated scenes. It was hot, steamy, sexy and mesmerizing while dealing with the pains of childhood abuse and bullying. Unresolved issues will always creep its ugly head back into our adult lives as clearly illustrated by the character of Wesley/Walker. 

    “Intimate Partner Violence and (IPV/A) is alive and well in all segments of society, and every human is affected in some way–either directly or indirectly. ‘FRENZY!’ deals with this communal issue in a raw yet provocative style. It grabs your attention and maintains it throughout the entire manuscript. Well- written, the story pulls you in like quicksand and never lets you get away. You are caught, hook line and sinker. Masterfully detailed and beautifully written. You get to know each character intimately: I felt like I was present as the story unfolded!   I was totally entwined in the happenings, literally living every word and unable to abandon the work until the end.

    “Wyatt, thank you so much for taking on the task of dealing with such an important topic, adding ‘real life’ to it, and also showing us the beauty of true LOVE between two people. My deepest admiration.”–Rev. Sandy Rodgers, Author, Educator, Minister and Radio Personality (“Life, Love, Wellness: The Sandy Rodgers Show”).

    “Mr. Wyatt O’Brian Evans confronts a plethora of important issues head on in ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!’  Great continued character development and command of storytelling, while describing physical and mental conditions that make this a worthy sequel to ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!’   Mr. Evans keeps the dialogue lively and the action moving along. This book has something to impress nearly all readers!”—Khalid El-Bey, Activist; ONYX Mid-Atlantic; Leatherman of Color 2016.

     “In the compelling and highly-satisfying ‘FRENZY!’, the latest installment in the ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart’ series, Wyatt O’Brian Evans gives the reader strong and relatable drama, even more nuanced character development, and twists and turns.  And, kudos to Mr. Evans for confronting critical societal issues.  ‘FRENZY!’ certainly has universal appeal! –BRUHS, Book Reading Uplifts His Spirit.


     So, the clock is tickin’:  the “FRENZY!” Official Release Date is Saturday, October 1!  In the days to come, I’ll share the “FRENZY!” Official Cover and Poster, bonus graphics—as well as the ab-so-lute-ly hawt TRAILER!  Stay tuned…

     And check this out:  during the month of October, I’m giving a 20% percent discount on each copy of “FRENZY!”—that is, if you order from my on line home, WYATTEVANS.COM!  It will be very easy to do.  So, be sure to regularly visit WYATTEVANS.COM for continuing details on “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—FRENZY!”   Freakin’ YOWZA!!!

     Y’all, get ready for OCTOBER 1!!!  It’s one helluva Main Event.


Feel The Heat…Experience The “FRENZY!”

     Since folks have been clamoring for the sequel to “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!,” I must honor their requests!  (LOL).  As you know, the “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart” series of novels is the continuing saga of two masculine, openly gay, star-crossed lovers:  WES–the handsome, fabulously wealthy African-American celeb/entrepreneur, and ANTONIO (his nicknames:  ‘Tonio, BigGuy): the DEE-LI-CIOUS-LY muscled, Latino Chief of Security.    

     Anywho, the sequel–entitled “FRENZY!”–will drop in Early 2016!  Yours Truly will keep Y’all updated.

     In my enthusiasm, I’m giving everyone a “Tasty Treat:” one of the action-packed excerpts from “RAGE!”  Lemme set it up for ya:

     Wes and ‘Tonio—along with Rock, one of the celeb’s bodyguards—find themselves all caught up in a very, very tense and extremely dangerous hostage situation!  Two thugs, Bacardi and Qwon, are in total control…

     …Or so it seems.

     Now, let’s drop in on the action….      

     I could sense BigGuy wanting to reach out and save me.  Abruptly, my mind did a fast rewind, taking me back to my childhood, when I got a steady diet of being picked on, humiliated, and beaten down.

     You see, I didn’t at all fit in with most of my peers because I was an anemic and uncoordinated kid–and being a bookworm didn’t help.  To make matters worse, I didn’t have a role model to teach me “guy stuff” and shore up what little self-esteem I had.

     With the handgun cocked and grinding into my forehead, childhood insecurities resurfaced!  Those painful memories were workin’ to convince me that I was still that small, weak, defenseless little boy. 

     But I couldn’t let them win!  Fortunately, the steely determination I’d inherited from my mother kicked in.  And in a big way, at that. 

     The predicament that I was in—that everyone in that store was in—was a “grown-up” one…and deadly serious!  I had to get back to the extremely resourceful and capable me that I’d labored for years to become. 

     There wasn’t a second to lose!  I had to snap the hell out of it.

     Fortunately I did just that, formulating a creatively daring plan!

     But if I weren’t careful, it had the potential to backfire.  In a deadly way.

     Using my acting chops, I pretended to be a “’Scurred’ (scared)-Outta-My-Mind-Fem,” begging for his life.  Mannerisms and affectations, the whole nine yards.  I made it the performance of my life—we’re talkin’ NAACP Image and Academy Award caliber stuff

     And it absolutely had to be!  Too much was at stake.

     I peered at the hood.  In a high-pitched voice, I cried, “Puleeze don’t hurt me!  I’m beggin’ you!  Puleeze!!!”   Instantly, I turned on the waterworks.  Bacardi was dumbfounded at first, then found it hilarious.

     Grinning broadly, he exclaimed, “I knew it!  You REALLY ARE a little pussy!” 

     The room was like, “What tha…?”

     ‘Tonio and Rock (one of my bodyguards) were going, “What tha hell?”   But only for a hot minnit, ‘cause they caught on to my game. 

     BigGuy cut me a glance that said, “I’m feelin’ ya.  But be easy.”

     I returned one that said, “No doubt.”

     Unexpectedly, I fell to my knees “like a prayer.”   I whimpered, “I don’t wanna die!  I’ll give you anything!  Anything at all!  Just name it!”  I gawked at Barcardi, licking out my tongue.

     He whooped, “Yeah, I’m sho’ ya will, ya nasty cocksucka!  (Pause.)   But I don’t swing dat way.”

     My ruse was entertaining him to no end.  I continued to be a blabbering, blubbering “Miss Thang.”  Bacardi mocked, “Now jist look atcha, ‘Mr. Gay Richie Rich’!   You ain’t got no backbone!”

     But then, out of the blue, I answered, “But I got this!”  Making my move, I sprang into action. 

     I hit him!  Freakin’ HARD!  Right in the fuckin’ nuts.

     Bacardi yelped like a dog that’d gotten its tail slammed in a door.  He hollered and hollered, “Mufucker, you tricked me!  You fuckin’ tricked me!” 

     Meanwhile, Qwon shouted, “Whadda fuck?  Whadda fuck’s happenin’???”

     My move gave BigGuy and Rock–the “Dynamic Duo”–the opening they’d been waiting for!  With panther-like speed, ‘Tonio hurtled towards Qwon, tackling him.  I was amazed that a man of BigGuy’s immense size and girth could move so damned fast!

     All the while, Rock was right on Antonio’s tail.  (Well, not literally, of course!  If anyone was gonna be on the BigGuy’s tail, it was gonna be moi!  Holla.)

     However, Qwon managed to squeeze off a shot.  Fortunately though, it only bounced off a wall.  Sheer pandemonium ensued.  Screaming people made a beeline to the exit. 

     Meanwhile, the cops, with sirens blaring, were speeding to the scene.  As Rock restrained Qwon, BigGuy sprinted towards me.  However, the shrieking, fleeing customers proved to be bothersome obstacles in ‘Tonio’s frantic quest to reach me.

     Meanwhile, I was on my feet, wrestling with Bacardi over the gun.  This bruh was incredibly strong–it was if he’d grown up in some goddamn rock quarry, lugging and splitting boulders 24/7!  He was using his heavier muscle mass to force me to lose my footing. 

     Luckily though, I was able to pry the weapon away from him.

     However, I didn’t have the gun in my possession for very long.  It popped outta my hand, landing on the floor.

     A deep, gravelly voice boomed forth, “Wes-lee!  Tha gun!  Grab tha goddamn gun!”  It was ‘Tonio, steadily making his way towards me.

     Suddenly, I fell down!  Painfully so.  As I closed my hand around the revolver, the bulky thug jumped on the center of my back!  The impact sliced through me like a red-hot sword.

     That blow caused me to lose control of the weapon, yet again.

     And this time, Bacardi snatched it, yelling, “What’cha gonna do now, you little faggot bitch?  Huh?  Huh?”

     He was pressing his considerable muscle mass into me, keeping me pinned to the floor.  The fool keep shouting, “What’cha gonna do now, bitch?  What’cha gonna do now?  Huh? Huh?”  A fuckin’ broken record!

     With all my strength though, I got into the pushup position and groaned, “THIS!”  I lifted myself up with him still riding me.  (Later, I’d thank my personal trainer for prodding me to do pushups with dumbbells strapped to my back.)

     Bacardi was like, “Duh?” I’d caught him off guard. 

     Managing to twist him off of me, we ended up side-by-side.  Unfortunately, my one-man cavalry–i.e. BigGuy–hadn’t yet arrived.

     Any who, the muscled bruh and I arm-wrestled for the pistol.  He still had it in his possession, but I was making some headway.  Suddenly, he stuck the piece into my chest.

     And then, inexplicably and inconceivably, at that exact moment, something happened that I never could have ever imagined!

     I know it sounds insane–otherworldly, in fact–but I smelled faint traces of the fragrance Givenchy’s Amarige, Mom’s signature scent.

     And then, astonishingly, I actually heard my mother’s voice!  In my head.  In Surround sound, no less, calling out to me!  It was crystal clear.  Unmistakable! 

     Her voice jolted me like a live wire!  It said, “Don’t allow this whacko to win!  You’ve got far too much to live for!  Son, fight back with everything you’ve got!  You can do it!”

     Immediately, extra adrenalin and purpose kicked in!  (In other words, never argue wit yo’ mama!) 

     So, with a vigorous motion–as if my life depended on it (And Lawd knows it most assuredly did!)–I pushed that handgun away from me, twisting it around to Bacardi.

     I was winning the tussle!  And finally, Antonio was only a couple of inches away. 

     But then, all of a sudden, there was a sound that went….


     “WES!  OH MY GOD!  WES-LEE!!”

***And of course, the saga of Wes & ‘Tonio doesn’t end there….