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Hip Hop In Houston

Hip-Hop in Houston

I must admit that hip-hop/rap has never been my “thang.”  However, I’d been hearing lots of “noise” about Hip-Hop in Houston, the recent tome that chronicles the hip-hop culture of that city, which is a major hub of the genre.

I spoke with the author, Mr. Maco Faniel, about the intersection of hip-hop and homophobia.  Read Hip-Hop in Houston in its entirety at www.baltimoreoutloud.com/thinking-outloud/mood-swings/item/2584-hip-hop-in-houston

Maco L. Faniel

Huffington Post article on Maco L. Faniel

Greetings! My latest Huffington Post article, “Maco L. Faniel, Hip-Hop in Houston Author, Talks Hip-Hop in Homophobia,” has been published! It’s a review of the new tome that chronicles Houston’s hip-hop culture. Substantive, poignant and engrossing, Hip-Hop in Houston provides a deeper, fuller understanding and a better appreciation of the genre as a whole.

Visit: www.huffingtonpost.com/wyatt-obrian-evans/maco-l-faniel-hip-hop-in-houston_b_4334359.html