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Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 20

Pardon Me

Guest Writer: R. L. Norman      

 As I sit here, I swear I can feel the walls closing in on me. I don’t know how much more I can take of this “quarantine thing.”  But they say, “It’s for my own good.”  I’m not so sure about that:  I’d rather be with my family and friends during this time.  I miss them.

While I’m in such a contemplative frame of mind, let me tell you a story that I’m sure is quite applicable to this quarantine thing we’re having to live through.

I live in Washington, DC, have a good job and a nice home. Life was great except for one thing:  I was lonely and alone.  Even though I did have my share of the company of men, I didn’t have that special man to call my own.

One night, I was out at a club with friends, and this guy named Tyrone just walked up to me and introduced himself. I was a little taken aback by his boldness; however, his allure and charisma won me over. I will admit he was a charmer, and I fell in love with him quickly.

After about a year of dating, we moved in together. Tyrone worked in law enforcement and was very well known.  Meanwhile, I worked for a health insurance company as a customer service representative.

We had a very fulfilling, loving life together. During the week, we’d have a quick breakfast together, kiss each other goodbye before we left for work, and text each other periodically during the day. Every night we would kiss each other hello after a hard day’s work. I cooked dinner for my man every Sunday through Thursday. On the weekends, we ate out or ordered in.

So. in the beginning, our relationship was great! Tyrone wined and dined me, treating me like a king–and sometimes a queen! ( LOL.)  We went on trips together and threw numerous parties for our family and friends.  We even went on what we called “date night.”  Life was wonderful!

But they say that when you first meet someone, they send their representative to gain your trust, confidence, and love for them.

And then after you feel happy and comfortable, the real person shows up.

Well, that’s what happened to me!  The real Tyrone showed up.

One day, I had to work late. I’d intended to call Tyrone to let him know. But my being on the phone all day did not give me a chance to do so. So, I texted him instead. 

I got no response.

When I finally arrived home, I was met at the door by Tyrone—who was incensed!  Immediately, he demanded to know where I was.

I tried to explain to him what happened; however, Tyrone accused me of cheating on him. During all the back and forth yelling, he suddenly struck me across my face.

I was shocked as I stared at him in disbelief!   As Tyrone walked away, he informed me that he had to know where I was–at all times.

After Tyrone calmed down, he pleaded with me to accept his apology. He swore he would never do it again.  

He was “just…upset.”

     So, I believed him.  We got back to our wonderful life.

Then shortly after that, Tyrone accused me of flirting with someone while we were on one of our date nights. I pleaded with him to calm down, that I was NOT flirting.

But before I knew it, he grabbed my fingers and twisted them!  Tyrone broke one and fractured another.

 I was stupefied!  Speechless. 

 And once more, he apologized.  Tyrone swore he would never do it again.

And I forgave him!  I believed he was sincere. 

I also believed it was my fault that he did those things!

And,  I believed I could change him.

As time went on, Tyrone became more and more controlling!  I found myself checking in with him before I did anything. I found myself blaming myself for all the abuse. And after a while, he deliberately—and with calculation–kept me away from my family and friends, as I made excuse after excuse for my obvious injuries. 

As I slowly became more and more isolated, family and friends worked hard to find out what was going on. They tried their level best to get me out of this toxic and dysfunctional relationship.

However, I was too in love and being controlled.

I just knew I could change Tyrone!  Besides, it WAS all my fault.

I was always nervous around him because I never knew what kind of mood he’d be in–whether he was going to be in a good mood, bad mood, or just plain crazy! 

 But, remember: I loved him.

And then the coronavirus hit the world!  And we had to practice social distancing.

The best part of my day was when Tyrone went to work. I worked from home. The slamming of the door every morning was a blessing. Every time he left, the tension in the air would suddenly disappear and I would exhale. The days were wonderful!

But the worst part of the day was the sound of his key in the front door when he came home!   Instantly, the tension would appear once again.

And I went back into my private hell.

Time and time again, I wanted to leave him–but never did. As mental and physical abuse became worse and worse, this private hell went on for some time.

But today, my now ex-boyfriend and I are still practicing social distancing.

But there’s one big difference.

We are not just six feet apart. He is six feet under.

He struck me one time too many–and now I am in quarantine!  In jail.

You see, while I was preparing his dinner, Tyrone attacked–yelling at and grabbing me!

We tussled for a moment. And when I spun around, the knife in my hand found its way into his chest!

I’m not sure if I did it while defending myself.  Or, maybe I did it because I’d truly had enough of his abuse.

Either way…I am here. Quarantined.

And I hope that after they find out the circumstances of my situation, I get a pardon. I hope to go free and get back to my marvelous life before him.

The preceding is a story, a piece of fiction.  However, that is real life for many people today. Years ago, I was living my own private hell with an abusive boyfriend.  Back then, I wished someone had helped me escape. 

So, if you know someone whom you suspect is in an abusive relationship, please try to help them. During this time of the pandemic, being trapped in your home with your abuser is a living hell.  Without a doubt.

When there was no pandemic, I lived with my abuser—which was pure torture.  Then, I didn’t want anyone to know what was happening. I loved him and gave him every excuse for everything he did to me. And I gave my family and friends every excuse for my behavior, as well as the marks and bruises on my body.

Some people are truly crying out for help like I was. If you suspect someone is being abused, please do everything you can to help them escape their particular private hell.

You don’t want them to end up being quarantined, being trapped like the guy in my story.

Inside, my heart cries invisible tears that no one can see.

If you or someone you know is experiencing IPV/A, call The National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-7233) or the Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project Hotline (1-800-832-1901).  


R. L. Norman is a writer, performer, and author of the popular series of novels entitled, Honey Let Me Tell You.”  The fifth installment “Honey, Hush: Don’t Ask And I Won’t Tell” was a sizzling sequel to the series.  Now his sixth book, “Honey, I Can’t Stand The Rain, drops in April 2020.  As well, R. L. has created  Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived, wrote and performs that showcases the main character of his series.  And catch his Podcast, “Honey Let Me Tell You Something Else”which returns soon to Itunes All of these endeavors are part of Mr. Norman’s production company, Honey Let Me Tell You.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram @rlnorman1. 

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 19


Guest Writer: R. L. Norman  


     I was frozen with shock. I couldn’t move. My mind was racing with so many thoughts.

     “I can’t believe he did that. I can’t believe we did that. Right here in the alley between two buildings. Anyone could have walked upon us.”

     At twelve years old, I thought about “it,” but didn’t know how, when or where it would ever happen…

     But I guess all questions were answered…all except one: What do we do now?

     We took a leap of faith. There is a first time for everything.

     And this was my first time.

     And I was scared! But let’s think about it: every first time is scary.

     I remember my first day at high school. I was so nervous! I must have tried on every new piece of clothing my parents bought me–to see which one was the coolest.

     I remember that first day I walked into school. I tried to be one of the “cool kids” and walked through the “groovy” door to the school. It was the only door that the popular kids walked through.

     I took a leap of faith!

     I held my head high as I sauntered in as if I belonged. And it worked! I was one of the cool kids.

     If only for a moment.

     And in no time flat, I heard someone behind me making a joke about my overalls, and shoes with white socks.

     Can we say “country?”

     I found out that in the year 1975, that was NOT a cool look in New Jersey!

     I felt terrible; however, I continued with confidence and fear at the same time.

     However, taking a leap of faith paid off! I was that funny dressed cool kid.

     Now, fast-forward to my first day of college. It was the first time I was away from home, moving from New Jersey to Alabama. I was alone, nervous and afraid.

     I tried my best to make new friends, meet my professors and adapt to living away from home.

     I took another leap of faith while I made a fool of myself. I introduced myself to everyone–whether they wanted to meet me or not.

     Unfortunately, though, I was obnoxious and didn’t realize it! The truth was that I was scared of life at that time. I was a fool, but it paid off. I ended up knowing lots of people.

     I remember my first date in college. I took yet another leap of faith. It was with this girl with whom I was sooooo smitten! I ended up being her secret valentine, mailing her little gifts every day for a week.

     Then, I asked her for a date on Valentine’s Day.

     Before the date, I sent her eleven red roses. And, up until the day, I had bouts of nervousness–hoping she’d like me.

     The day of our rendezvous–with the twelfth red rose in hand–I rocked back and forth.

     Waiting for her approach.

     As I saw my date walking towards me, I waved. Of course, she didn’t know who I was! Remember: I was a secret.

     She walked up to me and I handed her that rose, introducing myself.

     She smiled politely. And then, she told me she had to cancel our date! She claimed she wasn’t feeling well.

     It felt like a kick to the gut! I was crushed. She walked away, joining her friends–who were giggling and laughing at me.

     I suppose that my brown polyester suit, wide brown striped tie, and black shoes with white socks simply was not a good look! Though after my popularity grew, suddenly, she wanted to date me.

     But her leap of faith failed!

     In life, however, there are always going to be many leaps of faith. Many times, we are going to have to take a chance and try something new.

     I remember the first job I had after college. I worked for a construction company. My job was at the bottom of the barrel. I did manual labor.

     I took a leap of faith and got fired the first day. I held up the building construction by spilling mixed cement, miscalculating measurements, and taking too long to stack bricks.

     At the time, I didn’t think my leap of faith paid off. But in the long run, I became a prominent architect in New York City.

     You see, you have to take a chance in life and take many leaps. Especially when you are trying new things.

     And those times when you are nervous about the unknown.

     At twelve years old, my friend Robert took a leap of faith. We were standing in the alley between two buildings. The street lights had just come on, which meant we both had to rush home. I was supposed to be there already, and I knew I was going to be in trouble.

     As we stood there, I was waiting to hear the sound of my mother’s voice as she would stand on the front porch yelling my name, along with the other parents whose children did not make it home once the street lights came on.

     I told Robert that I had to go! Of course, he also had to go because of those street lights.

     We stood there in silence, staring at each other.

     And before I knew it, he took a leap of faith.

     He grabbed me, squeezed me tight…and kissed me! Tongue and all.

     I stood there, frozen with shock, as I watched him jet away.

     After a few minutes, I regained my composure and sprinted home, confusion running through my head.

     “My first kiss by a boy! My first kiss from anyone. So, where do we go from here?”

     Well, we went from the alleyway to an undercover gay love affair! The leap of faith paid off.

     In life, there will always be a first time for something. And during this coronavirus pandemic madness, this may be the perfect first time to take a leap of faith.

     It’s the perfect time to learn new things. They are many possibilities.

     Maybe you can look into enhancing your present career. Or explore a new career.

     What about starting a business? Taking up a new hobby?

     Or, just do something that you’ve always wanted to do.

     I did a few things. I taught myself how to knit and crochet a blanket. I taught myself how to play the flute again, which I haven’t done since college.

     I learned how to self-publish my books. And I learned how to invest in the stock market. From my balcony, I’ve even started taking pictures of people ambling by during this crisis for a book titled “World of Madness During the Pandemic.”

     All of these things were my leaps of faith that will enhance my life after this crisis is over. And some of them might even put some more money in my pocket if I do it right.

     So, during this crisis, take a leap of faith into something new and enhance your life! Let’s come out of this crisis hopefully richer.

     So, jump!

     And these are the times when you never know the outcome; but, you have to have confidence in yourself. You have to give it your all to succeed. You should reach for the stars and do your best. And if you fall short, at least you did your best and should be proud of yourself.

     In other words, don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith! If there’s something new you want to do, then do it.

     Create a plan…and jump! Leap into the unknown. You may be surprised at the outcome. The final result may be your hope, wish and dream that becomes a reality.


R. L. Norman is a writer, performer, and author of the popular series of novels entitled, Honey Let Me Tell You.”  The fifth installment “Honey, Hush: Don’t Ask And I Won’t Tell” was a sizzling sequel to the series.  Now his sixth book, “Honey, I Can’t Stand The Rain, drops in April 2020.  As well, R. L. has created  Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived, wrote and performs that showcases the main character of his series.  And catch his Podcast, “Honey Let Me Tell You Something Else”which returns soon to Itunes All of these endeavors are part of Mr. Norman’s production company, Honey Let Me Tell You.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram @rlnorman1. 

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 18

Man In The Mirror

Guest Writer: R. L. Norman  


     I’m so jazzed and proud that author, performer, and podcast host Mr.  R. L. Norman has returned to WYATTEVANS.COM!  So Y’all, get ready for more of R. L.’s topical, scintillating and thought-provoking prose!   And his new novel, “Honey, I Can’t Stand the Rain: The Story of Survival,” drops in April. 

     Ready?  Aight…let’s do it to it!

      “Can I buy you a drink?” the guy sitting next to me asked.  

 I looked at him and just smiled.  As I heard my friend giggling behind me, I wasn’t sure what to say. 

The man was older than I, maybe about 45.  He might have been even older, though But I would guess he was at least 20 years older than my 26 years of age. 

“This old man is trying to pick me up?” I said in my head. “But maybe he has money and can buy me drinks all night, I chuckled. 

“What am I saying? I am NOT that kind of person.” I reminded myself. 

politely declined his offer, and my friend Tony and I walked away.  

“That dirty old man trying to pick you up” Tony teased as he laughed. 

“Whatever!   Please, I don’t want no dirty old man.” I replied to him and giggled also. 

It was a Saturday night and we were at the usual night club. It was the place to go during those days. 

It was a big building, with several dance floors, depending on what type of music you were into. 

There was an oldschool room that played what we called at the time Old People’s Music.” There were various rooms:  jazzcountryhip hop and even a line/hand dancing.  

On the second floor was a biroom that had a large bar. It was where most people hung out if they wanted a break from what ever particular room they were hanging in.  

Tony and I went from room to room to check out the different crowds. We stayed in the hip hop room for most of the night since it had mostly people our age. 

After a while, we went back to the large room with the bar to get some drinks. We walked up to the bar and ordered. 

asked the bartender for a rum and coke and a Corona for Tony. 

When the bartender walked away to get the drinksI looked around the room. I spotted the gentlemen from earlier, sitting in the same seat at the bar.  

He smiled and nodded.  I responded in the same manner.  

The bartender returned with the drinks and I proceeded to pay for them. 

“No charge.” the bartender said. “The drinks are on him.”  He motioned to the other end of the bar to the old man who’d tried to buy me a drink earlier.  

I took the drinks and nodded toward him. He smiled and came over.  

Honey I can't stand the rain

“Oh my gosh.” I thought. “This old man is really going to try to pick me up.” 

“Hey, my name is Greg,” he said as he extended his hand for me to shake.  Next, he casually sat down next to me. 

I turned around and motioned for Tony to come get his drink. 

Tony this is Greg. Greg this is Tony. He bought us drinks.” 

Tony politely said thank you, smiled and excused himself.  

I really did not want him to leave me alone with this guy I don’t know why guys my age are constantly being hit on by dirty old men.  

Greg proceeded to tell me that he was not trying to pick me up. He just wanted to say hi to the cutest man in the bar. 

He said that he was 49, an engineerand single. He was just out to meet people, is all. He explained that people his age couldn’t find anyone their own age. 

“I don’t know where the single men my age hang out,” Greg continued.   So, I have to resort to hanging out at bars, which is not really my thing.  

As Greg spoke, I could detect the loneliness in his eyes.  As he talked more and more, he came across as very sincere.  

I thought to myself that when I am his age, I don’t want anyone to call me a dirty old man But that’s the way I perceived Greg to be.  

But after talking to him, I realized that that was not the case at all He was just an average, downtoearth guy trying to be happy.  

That was about 27 years ago. And here I sit in the same bar at the age of 53, hoping and wishing that no one is calling me a dirty old man.

I am single, very successful, have my own home, car and lots of friends.   

But unfortunately, I am lonely.  

I cannot find men my own age to date, either. As I sit here sipping my drink, my mind took me back to that night in the bar when I met Greg.  

I saw two men at the bar ordering drinks and one of them was really cute. My type of guy! Except he was young Maybe early 30’s. 

motioned for the bartender and told him that I would pay for whatever they were drinking. 

This is déjà vu The same scenario happened to me. Except there was one difference– supposedly, I was the dirty old man this time. 

Now here I am, walking a mile in Greg’s shoes. 

Over the years I had come to realize what Greg was going through with being single at his age. It was frustrating for him because he was a good man.  And, it seemed like no one wanted a good man. 

When I look in the mirror, I see Greg:  that lonely old man who couldn’t find companionship 

And I am not alone. You see, most of my single friends do the same thing that I do. We are home alone on a Saturday night wondering where everyone our age is. We are in the house watching TV, sipping wine and wondering why we are single 

But what can we do?  Hang out at the gay bars looking for love?  Place ads on dating sites?  Or, do we hang out at the places where the most men are—such as Home Depot and Lowes 

But there is no answer to that question. We just have to do what we do. Live the best way we can to be happy. 

And after all these years, I have kept in touch with Greg. We talk all the time. But we have never been more than just very good friends.    

I was even in his wedding. 

You see, Greg found the man of his dreams He crossed paths with him while alone, at the mall, just minding his business on the way to see a movie.  

They met while they were both on line at the cinema.  After they started talking, they ended up sitting together in the movie.  And years later, they are sitting together on the front pouch of their home enjoying life. 

Isn’t life full of surprises? Greg was a lonely old man sitting at a gay bar buying drinks for young men because he thought that was all he could do.  

But now, he’s happy and loving life. 

And I decided that I was going to do what he does.  I’m going to live my life to the fullest and just wait for love to find me.  

And they say if you don’t look for love, love will find you. 

And suddenly, one dayit happened! 

One winter, there was a snowstorm that particularly shut down the city.  Nearly everything was closed, except for the local 7-11 

So, I decided to walk to the storewhich was about five blocks away to get some supplies. 

On my way back, it happened I met HIM. The man with whom I’m now sitting on the front porch.  

The man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.  

You see… lifis full of surprises!  Here I was a lonely older man, thinking that I would never find love.  And out of the blue… there he was Walking down the street in the middle of that same snowstorm. 

Sofor all you older gentlemen like myself never give up on love!  Never give up on your hopes and dreams. Not just lovebut in everything you hope, wish and dream for.  

In other words, don’t be surprised if right around the corner is the man of your dreams  

Because it happened to me.  

And, it can happen to you, too. 

Just keep the faith. 


R. L. Norman is a writer, performer, and author of the popular series of novels entitled, Honey Let Me Tell You.”  The fifth installment “Honey, Hush: Don’t Ask And I Won’t Tell” was a sizzling sequel to the series.  Now his sixth book, “Honey, I Can’t Stand The Rain, drops in April 2020.  As well, R. L. has created  Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived, wrote and performs that showcases the main character of his series.  And catch his Podcast, “Honey Let Me Tell You Something Else”which returns soon to Itunes All of these endeavors are part of Mr. Norman’s production company, Honey Let Me Tell You.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram @rlnorman1. 

Perseverance, Thy Name is R. L. Norman

     “You have to believe in yourself in order to succeed.  If you don’t, no one else will.” 

     Sounds simple, eh?  

     Then, why is it that too many of us find it so difficult to do?

     That’s the mantra of Mr. R. L. Norman, arguably the quintessential Renaissance man.  Mr. Norman is an African American entrepreneur, videographer, performer, columnist, internet host and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.” 

     Last year, Mr. Norman experienced devastating personal challenges that would have taken a much lesser individual out of the game completely.  

     But Mr. Norman didn’t buckle; he didn’t crumble.  Instead, he soldiered on, decimating the odds.  

     You see, Mr. Norman is a study in perseverance. 

    It appears that 2020 is already shaping up to be a banner year for this extraordinary and sublime talent:  he’s releasing a new installment in his “Honey Let Me Tell You” series; relaunching The R L Norman Show podcast;  and, he’s getting ready to hit the road with his one-man show, Norman’s One Night Stand.  

     Yo, Mr. Norman is freakin’ B-U-S-Y!  Recently, he took a chunk of time out of his jam-packed schedule to have an in-depth conversation with Wyattevans.com. 

      So now, “let’s git ‘er done.”


     WYATT:  R. L., thanks so much for spending some time with Wyattevans.com!

     R L:   My pleasure!

     WYATT:  Regarding your “Honey Let Me Tell You” novels, kudos to weaving an intricate tale chock-full of masculine romance, rich drama, intrigue—and twists and turns!  Precisely, what’s the genre of your work?     

     R L:  Thank you so much, Wyatt!  I really appreciate that. The genre is LGBTQ romance.    My books are about love, and people expressing those feelings. It’s all about the trials and tribulations of finding true love and romance. 

     WYATT:  You know I’m a proponent of romance, particularly masculine romance—because, well…you know, I’m gay!  SGL (same gender loving), if you will. (I’m LMAO…  And so’s R L!)  Now my brotha, give us the “411” on your “Honey Let Me Tell You” series.

   R L:  Well, the “Honey Let Me Tell You” series is the story of one man’s struggle to find true love through the trials and tribulations of being misunderstood. “Norman,” the main character, takes the reader on his journey of finding and losing love, to learning about being in love, to making love, and then to learning about himself.  Norman is your average gay man who just wants to find love and be happy.

     WYATT:  R L, before we do a deep dive into your much-anticipated new work, let’s explore the origins of R L Norman, the author.   Now, it’s my understanding that after quite a few years as a civil engineer, you made a career detour that put you on this path. What was the impetus for this?      

     R L:  Several years after college, I dated this man and we had a great love affair that, unfortunately, ended badly. At that point, I started writing my thoughts down on paper as a way to cope with the break-up. I had always kept a personal journal, but I wrote, even more, when this particular relationship ended. I also began writing about different men I’d dated over the years. It was very therapeutic.

     Then, one day, I had my four best friends read a few pages. And one of them suggested I write a book!  Of course, I thought that was an absurd idea. I never thought about turning my personal thoughts into a book.  

     Anyway, I went on-line and searched for different publishers.  I submitted my manuscript to ten, and six responded that they were interested!  That was the start of my writing career.

     WYATT:  Okay, let’s pivot back to the new installment in the series.  I take that back: actually, there will be two new titles.  

     R L:  Very true!  The first is “Honey, I Can’t Stand the Rain: The Story of Survival.”  The second is “Honey, Love Is a Rollercoaster:  2 1/2 Kids, a White Picket Fence and a Dog.” Now, “Rain” is semi-autobiographical, while “Rollercoaster” is a romantic comedy.

     WYATT:  Nice! I like the diversity.

     R L:  Thanks!  In “Honey, I Can’t Stand the Rain,” I introduce a new character, Austin Lamar Johnson.  And “Honey, Love Is a Rollercoaster” is the continuing story of Norman.

     WYATT.  My, my, my!  Rather tasty.  Now, let’s talk storylines…

     R L: “Honey, I Can’t Stand the Rain” is the story of a man who is enjoying life. He has a great job, new home, lots of friends and family. Then one day, death knocks on his door and he refuses to answer it. It’s the story of one man’s journey to survive his health issues and live his life.

     R L: “Honey, Love Is a Rollercoaster” is the continuing story of Norman, who’s been living in London for the past two years on an extended honeymoon. 

      Now he’s back in the states and suddenly finds himself not only married but married with children.  In the 60’s that was the American dream; married, 2 ½ kids, white picket fence and a dog.

      It’s Norman’s funny poignant story of how he suddenly has to grow up and learn how to be married with children.

     WYATT:  Let’s drill down on how both are different from the previous installments in the series.

     R L: “Honey, I Can’t Sand the Rain” is a drama. It’s different from my other stories because it tackles serious health issues. Hopefully, it will encourage people to realize that they can live their life the best they can through life’s issues that we must tackle every day.

     R L: “Love Is a Rollercoaster” is different because it shows how Norman has matured. He’s not that guy who is dreaming about love and life. He IS living love and life!  He is living all that he dreamed of: happiness.

     WYATT:  What type of growth, change is in store for “Norman?” 

     R L:  He has to grow up faster than he anticipated. He was single one moment, then he got married. And now he is married with children! The thing that he dreamed about all his life is now true. 

     We are going to find out just how Norman suddenly has to be like his parents were:  responsible. Not just for himself, but for others. You will read the funny and serious moments of Norman’s new life. He is no longer that single lonely guy looking for love in all the wrong places. But he is living his dream.

     WYATT:  Norman is based on you.   How so?  

     R L:  Norman is loosely based on me as to the fact that I have been through ups and downs when it comes to love and relationships. Norman’s issues are what we all have been through at one level or another. 

     So, I can relate to Norman as most of us can. His life is also based on situations that my family and friends have experienced.  So, I write the stories so that everyone can relate to Norman in one situation or another.  

     WYATT:  How is Norman different from you?

     R L:  Norman is not really that different from me. All my life I have dreamed of love and being happy. But one difference is that he has never given up on love!   He put himself out there over and over again trying to find love.  I am too shy to meet all those different men. I am different in that, I would have just lived my life and let love happen. I didn’t give up on love. I believe life is full of surprises and love will find me again.

     WYATT:  How long will you continue the series?  And, how will you keep it fresh, lively and compelling?

     R L:  After “Rollercoaster,” I see one more book in the series.  I see Norman on the front porch in a rocking chair enjoying his old age with the love of his life. I think it will be fresh because of his new experiences as he gets older. I think people who have read his story from the beginning will appreciate his life and learn to grow along with him.

     WYATT:  Give us the release dates of both novels.  How and where can we grab copies?

     R L:  Certainly!  “Rain’s” release date is April 1, 2020.  

     WYATT:  Freakin’ YOWZA!  That’s right around the corner.

     R L: “Rollercoaster” will go on sale next year.

     R L:  Both can be purchased at  www.rlnorman1.wixsite.com/honeyletmetellyouThey come with an autographed copy and a music CD–just like all my books do.  And when released, I’ll send an email to all my followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

     WYATT:  Your moniker is “Old School Romantic.”   Tell us:  exactly what does that mean…and why?  

     R L:  I am an Old School Romantic and always will be. When I was growing up, I fantasized about how my life would be. Or how I wanted my life to be. I dreamed of the romantic things in life. I am in love with love. And certain music I hear takes me to another world!  A world of happiness. I love the little simple things in life, like a simple “just because” gift or a simple “I love you” text. The simple things that show love from the heart without saying a word. I think love makes the world a better place.     

      I adore the simple things that grab my heart:  a simple kiss, a little note to say I was thinking about you, or a little smile as one looks lovingly in my eyes. It’s the simple things that make love wonderful. I don’t need someone to have money, cars, etc.; although, that would be nice. 

     I just want someone to touch my heart.

     WYATT:  What’s your take on both interracial and intergenerational dating? 

     R L:  I’m for both. I believe that we all fall in love with the inner person. It doesn’t matter the age or what’s on the outside; it’s the inside that counts. People should date whom they want, and love whom they love.

     WYATT:  Especially for older men, is the “art of dating” dead and gone? 

      R L:  Not necessarily. I just think most people don’t act on it. I believe that as we get older, we look for more companionship. I think these days most people are conditioned to think that the physical aspect outweighs the emotional connection. 

     WYATT:   Let’s follow up on that.  Being over 50, you and I…ahem, are “men of a certain age.”   At this point in your life, would you marry?  

      R L:   Well, I was married once years ago, and it was wonderful!   We had a big wedding and reception and honeymooned in London and Paris. It was the best time of my life because I was living my romantic dream!   Even though it ended (amicably), I would get married again. I like the feeling of being wanted and needed, and of being in love and committed to someone.  

     WYATT:  What’s your “recipe” for a fulfilling, satisfying and enduring relationship?  

     R L:  My recipe is communication and compromise. I believe in all relationships,  we have to be open to talk–and most important, listen.

     WYATT:  What are the specific ingredients, if you will?  What can each partner do to keep the “FI-YAH” burnin’ hawt?

     R L:  In a relationship, you have to keep it fresh and exciting!  Don’t fall into a rut. Try new things; in and out of the bedroom.

     WYATT:  Lawd, have “mer-say!”  (I’m grinning.) I know dat’s right.

     WYATT:  R L, let’s shift gears somewhat.  You’re a survivor of domestic violence and abuse, which is referred to as Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A) within the LGBTQ community.  I can relate because I’m a survivor; and because of my experience, I’m an IPV/A SME (Subject Matter Expert) and advocate.  Please share your story for our readers.

     R L:   Well, at the time of that particular relationship, I needed to feel and be wanted. My self-esteem was low, which made me very vulnerable.  Thinking back, I realize that I was aggressively pursuing him; I was really the one pushing the relationship.   

      It was only when we moved in together that the abuse started. The first few times he hit me, I was thinking it was my fault; or should I say, I let him make me think it was my fault.  

     Slowly, I started losing my inner self.  I found myself living to please him; and at the same time, trying to make him love me. I didn’t want to lose him because I didn’t want to be alone.  It doesn’t matter what issues you have, if you have someone by your side, it makes everything better. 

      So, while he abused me, I tried to hang onto him as best I could. And as time went on, I became afraid to leave him.  And afraid someone would find out. I lived in my private hell for years while I was being physically and mentally abused.  Meanwhile, I tried to hide it from everyone.

     WYATT:   R L, stigma pushed you to keep the abuse and violence a secret.  Far too many times in our (LGBTQ) community, stigma is that driving force that keeps IPV/A swept under the rug.  It leads to this demoralizing, horrific—and potentially life-threatening—behavior to be dramatically under-reported.  

     R L:   I wish I had told someone, but I didn’t. I gave so many excuses about my bruises–and for my partner.   Fortunately, though, to use your phrase, I made my “Great Escape.”  

      I’m lucky though. I survived without getting seriously hurt…or ending up dead!   I encourage victims to tell. DO SOMETHING!  There are so many people out here who can help.  But no one will help unless you tell!   I didn’t tell because I was ashamed that I was allowing it to happen.  Therefore, you need to put your pride aside to get help. You have to make that first move. 

      I’ve felt freer since I’ve shared my entire experience.   Wyatt, I hope that I’ve helped another victim realize that he/she can be a survivor–just like you and me. 

      WYATT:  R L, you certainly have!  And again readers, the most potent, the most powerful weapon in the abuser’s arsenal is SILENCE.     

     WYATT:   How has your experience with Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse shaped you?  

     R L:   It has truly made me a better and stronger person!  And, I will never go through it again. 

      R L:  I remember the first day I’d finally gotten away from my abuser and moved into my new apartment. Once the movers left, the first thing I did was to lie on my living room floor and exhale–and cry as I was purging all of that private hell from my heart and soul.  As Whitney Houston sang, I exhaled [“Exhale (Shoop Shoop)”].  (As I’ve stated, there’s always a song to reflect one’s feelings.)  After that, I felt like I was reborn! I started a whole new life of love. I changed because I realized that I’m a person who deserves the best.  The experience truly made me more confident about taking control of my life.   

     WYATT:  My friend, last year was a very challenging one for you on the medical front.  Would you mind sharing your story with our readers?

     R L:  Certainly. I have five health issues that I have to deal with every day. Five issues and the unpredictable side effects of them. I never know from day to day what may happen when it comes to my health. But if you think about it, we all have unpredictable health issues. My issues were, on the most part, a surprise to me. There really were no warning signs for them. It just happened. 

     For example, I have cancer in my foot that comes and goes. Two weeks ago, I was shaking my butt on the dance floor and today I can hardly stand up because the cancer came back. This is the unpredictability of my issues. 

     But I take it all in stride and trust God. A lot of people would be surprised if they knew I was sick because I do not show that side of me out in the world. I don’t show sickness in public. 

     R L (He emphasizes the following:) And I will continue to live my life with positivity and hope that I will survive.   I wholeheartedly and fervently believe that “Struggles are required in life. Because in order to stand up, we have to know what falling down is.” 

    WYATT:  Well put!  So, just how do you soldier on?  What inspires and motivates you to do just that?

     R L:  I live my life the best I can. There are so many things I can do and so many things that I want to do …and that motivates me. I think about positive things in my life. And I always think that life could be worse. And I think about the fact that there are so many other people worse off than me. And those are the people that I say a special prayer for. 

     I believe a positive attitude helps me with my health. And I try to live like that every day. 

     WYATT:  What’s your mantra, your code to live by? 

     R L:  Outside I show the brightest smile in the middle of total darkness.  I see sunshine in my life in the midst of a rainstorm; hence the title of my next book.  And, I live my life with a positive attitude and hopefully, that attitude will rub off on others.    

     WYATT:  R L, you truly are an inspiration!  Now, let’s swing back to the literary universe.  Tell us: what authors do you find innovative and compelling?  Why?

     R L:  Well, I love your books! I find them intriguing. I also love E. Lynn Harris’s earlier books. I like reading books that I can relate to and imagine living in the character’s shoes. Even though I do love to read books by gay authors, I don’t necessarily have a favorite one. My favorite authors are actual Sidney Sheldon and Steven King. I love mysteries and books full of surprises. 

     WYATT:  What do you believe separates R L Norman from other LGBTQ authors? 

     R L:  I make readers feel from the heart.  Time and time again, readers tell me that my books remind them of something that has happened in their own lives and that they’re reliving their lives through Norman to an extent.  I love that. 

     WYATT:  What particular advice do you have for aspiring authors?  When I do seminars and book signings, I get asked all the time, “Just how do I become a successful author?

     R L:  Well, for aspiring authors I say, “Never give up on a dream and have patience.” It takes a lot to write. And always jot things down. During the day, things pop in my head and I jot them down so I won’t forget.   I sit down and write later.

     And promotion is the biggest key to success!   No one will buy anything that they know nothing about.  Wyatt, I commend you for your promotional ideas.  I suggest authors do the same. 

     WYATT:  Hey, thanks for saying that!

     R L:   Also, when I do book signings, I make it a point to read a snippet from one of my books so the future reader will know something about it. 

     WYATT:  R L, what are the three most important qualities aspiring authors must have to effectuate their goals?

     R L:  Patience.  Explore all ideas.  Never give up.  

     WYATT:  Bro, you just might be one of the hardest workin’ multihyphenate out there!  You’re more than an author.  You’re also entrepreneur, videographer, performer, radio personality, performer, and speaker.  

     R L: (Grinning.)  Well, you know…we try, we try…

     WYATT:  Ha! Well then, clue us in on your one-man show, “Norman’s One Night Stand.” 

     R L: Sure!  “Norman’s One Night Stand” is a one-man show where I become the main character Norman, and I tell his story through old school music. Mind you, it’s not a musical because I don’t sing.  I play snippets of different songs to make the audience feel what Norman feels about his life. And hopefully, people in the audience will feel the music and sing along.

     WYATT:  Delightful!  When will you start touring?  Venues?

     R L:  I’m planning on doing it three times this year, in New York, DC, and Atlanta. I’m working on the details now. Hopefully, the first show will be this summer. 

     WYATT:  And there’s also your podcast, “Honey Let Me Tell You Something Else–The R. L. Norman Show,” which you are relaunching.   

     R L:  Well I love the podcast!   It gives me a chance to connect with my fans and give a more personal touch as to who R. L. Norman is.  I plan on talking more about life issues of living gay in 2020. And of course, bring back my sidekicks: “LaQuesha Renee” and “Kool-Aid Dre Bushee.”   And, I plan to interview people who are making a different in the LGBTQ literary community.

     WYATT:  When and where can we hear it?  

     R L:  I plan to relaunch it in June 2020, two months after the release of “Honey, I Can’t Stand the Rain.” The podcast can be heard on youtube, podomatic and iTunes. 

     WYATT:  You’ll be returning to Wyattevans.com in March.  Yaasssssss! So what’s on tap? Surprises?  Ya know, inquiring minds wanna know…

     R L:  I’m excited about returning to Wyattevans.com next monthIt gives me a chance to get my thoughts about everyday life out and communicate with the world. It’s a chance to show my fans another side of me. 

     WYATT:  R L, my readers and I truly appreciate you, and your treasure trove of talents!  So, how can we all connect/follow you?

     R L:  Here we go:  email: rl.norman@aol.com; Facebook: RL Norman; Instagram: rlnorman; Twitter: rl_norman.

     WYATT:  Well, Y’all—there you have it!  Mr. R L Norman, thanks for spending some time at Wyattevans.com!

     R L:  And Wyatt, thanks for having me!

 If you or someone you know is experiencing IPV/A, call The National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-7233) or the Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project Hotline (1-800-832-1901).  

   I have a special IPV/A section right here at Wyattevans.com that includes resources to assist victims.  Visit: https://wyattevans.com/lgbtq-domestic-violenceabuse-making-your-great-escape/

     The time is NOW to break the cycle!


Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 17

Are You Wearing a Mask?

Guest Writer: R. L. Norman  

       We ran down the dirt road to the little store to buy candy. It was me, my little brother and my cousin. My grandfather had given us each a dollar. He made us promise not to tell my grandmother because she would have said it would spoil our dinner. 

     We ran as fast as we could because we wanted to get back in time to see my grandfather feed the hogs & chickens and milk the cows. It’s one of those things that farmers did in South Carolina in the year 1967.

      At the age of seven, I got a kick out of spending the summer with my grandparents because growing up in New Jersey, we didn’t have hogs, pigs, and cows. So, this was a whole new world for me. My parents grew up here on the farm and wanted us to live our roots so to speak.

     We entered the store and searched the candy aisle trying to decide what to buy. Eventually, my brother bought a box of Cracker Jacks. My cousin brought Now or Laters. And I purchased a box of Good and Plenty. These were popular candies during that time. And we decided to share with each other.

     As we ran out of the store, I bumped into a man that was coming in.

     “Watch where you’re going ni**er,” the irate man yelled at me.

     I stood there frozen with fear as I stared at this white man looking down at me. Not just because of the way he said it but because of what he said. I have never experienced anyone calling me a nigger to my face.

     We ran back to the farm as fast as we could, and I told my grandfather what had happened. He was not surprised at all, as he explained the mentality of south people in the south. He explained that some people do not wear a mask to hide behind.

     That’s because, in New Jersey, the prejudice people would wear a mask to hide the fact that they were bigots. They would never show their true colors like this man did.

     And that incident reminded me of Halloween. When I was a kid, we looked forward to wearing a costume and a mask. It was our way of becoming someone else for the day. We would dress up as cowboys, Indians, ballerinas, and angels. We even dressed up as Batman and Superman fighting the bad guys. We lived in out fantasy world as kids and our reward was candy. Lots and lots of candy.

     And that’s all it was: costumes, masks, and candy.

     And as time went on, people became more tolerant and understanding of different races, cultures, etc. Slowly people starting mingling together. socializing, dating and even marrying each other. Racism was slowly kept behind closed doors. There was no need for masks.

     But now it’s the year 2017 and it appears that people are slowly taking off their masks. Racism is slowly becoming the norm. People are slowly showing their prejudice right out in the open.

     In Oklahoma, a white woman police officer shot an unarmed black man who had his hands above his head. She said she feared for her life which is why she killed him. She was found not guilty of murder. But some believed she is guilty of racism. She wasn’t wearing a mask as she shot that man.

     In St. Louis, a black police officer was killed when he ran out of his house to help a fellow white officer chase carjackers. That white officer was found not guilty due to friendly fire. The white officer was not wearing his mask to hide his racism.

     At the University of Maryland, a black man was accused of spraying swastikas on garbage cans. He thought he got away with it until the cops arrested him while he was not wearing his mask of hate.

     In D.C., nooses were found hanging at an elementary school, a college campus and at the African American Museum. Racist people wanted us to go back to the days of hanging blacks. They probably were not wearing their hoods when they did it.

     In Walmart, a white cashier would not touch any money received by any person of color. Instead, she would make the customer put the money on the counter and return any change the same way; being careful not to touch their skin. She was fired because she took off her mask of bigotry.

     And in Las Vegas, a white man booked a hotel room and shot numerous people thru the window. He didn’t care what color they were. When they finally caught him, he had killed himself and was not wearing his mask of hatred.

     And on the other side of the world, people are blowing themselves up as suicide bombers just to kill others who think differently from them.

     Every day, someone is taking off their mask and showing their true colors. The color of hatred. The color of bigotry. The color of down-right stupidity.

     Are we slowly going back in time?  Back to the days of slavery when it was obvious that white people hated black people? Like it was obvious that that white man hated me for being black. Or that some people hated Jews and burned them in human ovens. Or people hated the so-called red-skinned Indians who had different beliefs.

     Today people have forgotten to wear a mask to hide their bigotry. The racist people are slowly taking off their mask and showing how divided this world is.

     It is amazing how people judge each other just by the color of their skin, religious belief or something as simple as someone choosing not to stand for something they do not believe it such as the national anthem.

     Should we hate people because their skin is darker or lighter than our own? Should we hate because someone prays to Jesus instead of Allah?  Or should we hate because someone does not stand up for something that they do not believe in? Instead deciding to kneel.

     It’s time we think about what is really important in life–unity, understanding, and tolerance of others. The world is slowly taking off their mask and showing who they truly are. What they truly believe in. Is this a good thing?

     On the one hand, we will know exactly what people are standing up for. Therefore, we would know what to expect. But on the other hand, wearing a mask might be the best way to keep the peace in this world of hated, senseless killings and downright craziness. If everyone kept their mask on, maybe there would be more peace because everyone would be hiding.

     But now it’s about to be Halloween. Will everyone put on their mask and hide? On will it be a day when we take off the mask and show the world our real selves. Because what’s the point? It appears no one is dressing up anymore. The true man is slowly being revealed.

     What do you stand for? Are you wearing a mask? Or are you going to kneel down for something you don’t believe in? Or stand up and decry bigotry and hatred?

R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.” The fourth and latest installment is “Love Is Complicated.”  The sequel will be available soon.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series. R. L. also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  All of these endeavors are part of the production company he’s forming.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram:rlnorman1.


Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 16

Love Is Not Always Blind

Guest Writer: R. L. Norman  

       I stood at the door to the apartment, preparing myself for the mystery that was in store for me.  

     “Behind this door might be my perfect soulmate,” I thought.

     I checked my clothes, my breath, my hair—everything.  I had to make sure that I was totally “on point.”

     My hopes soaring, I got up the nerve to knock on the door. A voice told me to come in.  So, I opened the door and slowly walked into a dimly lit room. I hesitated just a bit to give my eyes tine to adjust to the darkness.

     As I got closer and closer, I noticed a man sitting on a chair in the middle of the room. I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized that the man was completely naked.

     “Norman, is that you?”

     “Yes. Are you Jimmy?”

     “Yes.”   I just stood there as he made small talk, recounting our previous conversations via phone and text messages.

     Suddenly, I heard some noise coming from another room!  Quickly, I stepped back because I assumed we were alone. And then in a blink of an eye, another person came into the room.

     Also naked! 

     Befuddled, perplexed–I took another step back.

     “Norman, meet Timmy,” Jimmy announced.

     Timmy was his twin brother!  It was then I realized why Jimmy always said something about “two tons of fun.”   Next, they informed me that they wanted to have a threesome.

     I didn’t know what to expect–but I was not expecting this!  Unfortunately for them, I couldn’t even handle one ton!  (LOL.)   I quickly declined, and left.

     Blind dates are a trip.

    As I walked to my car, I was wondering if this was the best way to find a man. I drove home disappointed yet again, and climbed into my lonely bed.

     As I lay there, I started thinking about my previous dates.  You see, this was another date that I had made on line through one of those dating apps. I don’t normally do the blind dating thing–but what’s a lonely man to do?

     And I was a lonely man.

     I had a regular routine of work, home, cooking dinner, watching TV and going to bed. And the next morning began the “rinse and repeat” cycle.  I’d been single since my divorce three years ago. I was used to it, though. 

     To an extent.

     But do you know the worst part?   It was at night, when I had to face the reality that no one was laying on the other side of my bed.   And only my six pillows against my back were helping me imagine that there was a man right next to me.  

     There was no warm body to cuddle up with, and to hug and hold during the night.  And sometimes, the pain of loneliness would be so bad that the tears would well up in my eyes.  I’d grab my pillows tight to try not to face the fact that I was scared of being lonely—and alone–forever.

     However, I discovered how to solve the problem to find that perfect soulmate. On the weekends, I would peruse the so-called “dating” sites for that temporary fix:  holding, cuddling and possibly having sex with someone–if even for a moment. 

     I was looking for someone to give me that temporary feeling of love.

    But at the same time, I’d hoped to meet the man of my dreams!   

     I remember Tracey, a guy I met on Adam4Adam, one of those dating apps.  I would say to myself, “There’s just got to be someone on this app who’s looking for more than just sex!”

     I’d been talking to Tracey for months, and the vibe between us was great! My only issue was that he was twenty years my junior. And you know those young guys have those famous lines: “I like older men” or, “I can’t relate to men my own age.”

     Eventually, I visited him at his home.  As we conversed and drank for a while, we developed an awesome connection–everything was going rather well!

      Until slowly, he revealed his true intentions. 

     He began asking about my income, house, car, etc. Suddenly, he seemed more interested in material things.  Bottom line:  he was looking for a sugar daddy!   

     I couldn’t afford to take care of me; so there was no way I could take care of him.  That “relationship” ended before it started.

     Next, there was James, the man that changed my name!  And it was not that he had a short memory span: he just decided to call me by different names.

     I met James on the Tango app.  I always thought it was to video chat between friends and family. Who knew you could also pick up men!

     Before meeting in person, James and I spoke for months.  We had so much in common that we spoke particularly every day for hours.  He had my heart. Or should I say that his voice had my heart.

     Finally, we decided to meet in person. I was so excited!  I knocked on his door, and this “phine,” sexy man greeted me.  As they say, “tall, dark and handsome.”

     I followed him to the living room, and that’s when it happened. He suddenly turned around, and before I knew it, he was kissing me–tongue and all!   He was doing such a good job that I just gave in and returned the favor. And I don’t know how it happened, but suddenly, my clothes fell off!  And there we were on the floor, exploring each other’s manly bodies–and in more ways than one.

     During that encounter is when he changed my name. It was not Norman anymore. It was Baby, Honey, Sweetie, etc.  And he added “love you” to that numerous times.  Either I was good at what I was doing, or he was crazy!  I would like to think I was good.  Come to find out, it was both.

     But after some time, I had too slowly disappear out of his life. He was moving to fast. He was calling me constantly, and actually started stalking me. I made the mistake early on in giving him my address. He popped up everywhere, and knew my every move. It got scary.

     So, tell me:  what does a lonely man do? Does he continue to search the internet for love and affection? Or does he just continue to live alone and lonely? There are so many lonely people in the world that I figured that sooner or later, I’d find him or he’d find me.

     So I continued my search.  And one night, I knocked on another door.

     It was opened by a very nice-looking man.  He was about 6′ 2″, 220 lbs. of muscle.  Brown skinned, he sported a mustache, beard and bald head.  

     And let’s not forget his beautiful smile!  He was my kind of man.  

     His name was Lenny.

     He led me into the living room that was dimly lit by a fire burning in the fireplace.

     I noticed a blanket and a picnic basket on the floor in front of the fireplace. Also, there was some wine and a platter which consisted of mixed strawberries, grapes and melon.  What a delightful surprise!

     Lenny and I stretched out on the blanket, eating and drinking particularly all night long, as songs filled the room. We talked, laughed and cuddled.

     The first kiss happened while we were listening to Teddy Pendergrass singing “When Somebody Loves You Back.”  It was then I was in heaven!  It was then that I knew I’d met my perfect stranger. This date made up for all the disastrous ones I’d gone on.

     After reflecting on all the blind dates I’d had, I would never have believed meeting him was possible!   But I had gone from loneliness to happiness. And Lenny was my happiness because this was the anniversary of our first date two years ago.

     But now, here’s the funny thing:  I didn’t meet Lenny via an app, or on line.  Actually, I met him in line–at a grocery store!  He just started talking to me.  And then he asked me out for a drink, right then and there.

     And now here we are.

     Now, I’m not discouraging people from doing the “blind on line dating thing” because I’ve met some very wonderful people in the process.  Just keep your options open, because your partner might be in the grocery store also.

     I’m simply saying that loneliness is hard at times. It’s probably the hardest thing to deal with in life. Because regardless of your circumstances, being lonely and alone make your situation seem ten times worst.   

     Your perfect stranger is out there somewhere, and you will find each other. Just be patient, and one day you’ll turn around and he/she will be right there.

      So you see, love is not always blind. You just have to open your eyes and keep the faith, and let your Lord fight your battle of loneliness.  You simply have to keep your mind and heart open. Trust and believe that your God has your back.

     As singer-songwriter and record producer Faith Evans says, “Keep the Faith.”

R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.” The fourth and latest installment is “Love Is Complicated.”  The sequel will be available soon.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series. R. L. also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  All of these endeavors are part of the production company he’s forming.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram:rlnorman1.


Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 15

“Four Simple Words of Comfort”

Guest Writer: R. L. Norman 

     It was so dark in the room that I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. It was so dark that I could probably hear a pin drop; that’s if a pin did drop. I know that if I were a kid, I would probably be scared, calling for my mommy.

    But I wasn’t scared! I actually felt safe. I felt like nothing or no one could harm me. I felt like I could handle anything in life. But that wasn’t always the case.

      A friend of mine told me this one day while we were having lunch. I have known Kevin since our college days at Tuskegee University. After graduation, he went into the military and traveled all over the world until he settled down in North Carolina and became a stock broker. I went to New York and became an engineer. And, we’ve kept in touch over the years and became great friends.

     During the years, we talked several times a month; and due to our busy schedules, we’d see each other occasionally.  And from time to time, we’d get together for weekends–either in North Carolina or New York.

     But this particular weekend, we decided to meet half-way and spend the weekend in Washington, D.C. We both had never been there, and were excited to see Obama’s House: the White House.

     So, on this particular Friday afternoon, we met in the lobby of the same hotel we were booked in.  For almost two years, I hadn’t seen him face-to-face; therefore, I was understandably excited.

     I arrived at the lobby first, anticipating the arrival of my old friend. I stared at the elevator doors, waiting for them to open for what seemed like an eternity. As I waited, I was thinking about the first time I met HIM. He was dating my slut of a roommate who was cheating on him with every Tom, Dick–and sometimes John. I felt bad for Kevin, and befriended him once he found out the truth by catching my roommate in bed with another guy! That was so long ago, and there we were.

     When the elevator doors finally opened, I was surprised to see that my once broad-shouldered, 220 pounds, 6’2” friend was now practically a skeleton of a man!  Now, he was about a “buck fifty,” bald, very slim–and walked with a cane. I tried my best not to show the surprised and concerned expression on my face.  However, I’m sure he immediately noticed it.

     As we did our welcome embrace, I was afraid I was hugging him to hard. I thought I might break him because he seemed so fragile. We stood there for a while and did out usual laughing and joking. It was just like old times except for the fact that I could not help but have the thought in the back of my mind that something was terribly wrong with him.

     We decided to go to lunch before we began sightseeing.  After that, we had dinner before we did the D.C. nightlife, looking for men.

     At lunch, we did our usual catching up on each other’s lives. He told me about his job as a stock broker, which he truly relished.  He loved “playing with other people’s money,” as he put it.

     I told him about working on Park Avenue in New York.  He remembered that I’d always dreamed about working there. And I told him that I was single mainly because I worked a lot—which he also did.  But on this trip, we both decided to forget about work and do a lot of playing.

     After some chit-chat back and forth, and laughing about this and that, he got silent for a moment.  I just stared at him because it was obvious that he had something on his mind. 

     The silence was eventually broken when he said “Honey, I have to tell you something.” He was smiling as he stared at me for another brief moment.

     “Sure, what’s up?” I replied, a concerned tone enveloping my voice. As I listened with great interests, he told me his story.

     “Well,” he said,” one day out of the blue, I woke up with chest pains. I didn’t think much of it. I just thought it was something I ate the night before. The pain would come and go, and still I didn’t think that it was serious. And you know how most of us Black men are; we don’t want to go to the doctor. We are supposed to be big strong men that can handle anything. But of course, sometimes that’s not true. Women are the strong ones and I commend them for that.

     “Anyway” he continued, “after a few weeks I decided to go to the doctor. I finally made it after canceling several appointments, thinking and praying my pain would go away.

     “After many tests, I went back to the doctor for my results. That’s when he informed me that I had lung cancer and that it was serious.”

     Needless to say, Kevin’s revelation took me aback!  But not just because he divulged this like he was telling me some “everyday event in his life.”  It was because he told me this with such a positive attitude, confidence and smile on his face.   And, I was especially affected by him adding that even if the radiation and chemo didn’t work, he’d “one day pass away to heaven.”

     Kevin admitted that he hesitated to tell people–especially his closest friends–because they immediately treated him differently. Obviously, I was concerned and sad when I realized the seriousness of all that he said. After a few comforting words from me and some words of assurance from him, he was still smiling like he was on top of the world; while I, on the other hand, tried my best to smile.

     I asked him:   “How can you be so upbeat about this?” 

     He responded that from time to time, he’d let the world stand still and listened to God tell him the four little words of comfort. I was confused by what he meant.

      Until he explained it.     

     He said, “When I first received my diagnosis, I sat on my couch numb from shock! I sat there for what seemed like hours. It felt like time stood still as I sat there alone. And I felt like I didn’t have anyone in the world…and I was scared!  Scared of what the future may hold or should I say, ‘may not hold’.

     “Finally I went into my bedroom and drew all the curtains to make the room completely dark. Then I lay on my bed. It was so dark in the room that I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. It was so dark that I could probably hear a pin drop; that is, if a pin did drop. I know that if I were a kid, I’d probably be scared and calling for my mommy. I wanted to shut the world out for a while. To make it seem like the world stood still while I came to grips with the reality of my situation.

     “I laid there for what seemed like an eternity until suddenly I wasn’t scared anymore. I actually felt safe!  I felt like nothing or no one could harm me. I felt like I could handle anything in life.

     “That’s because suddenly, I swore I heard God whisper in my ear the four simple words of comfort.  He whispered, ‘Everything’s gonna be alright’.

And then the Bible verse of Philippians 4: 6-7 filled my mind. It basically reads, ‘I can do anything with God who strengthens me if I just have faith’.

     “After a while of thinking about those four simple words, I realized that it was true:  “Everything IS gonna be alright’!  I can handle this.

     “And from that moment on, I smiled and enjoyed life the best I could. I realized that some things in life are going to be a test of faith: a test to make us stronger in life’s ups, down, trials and tribulations.

     “I decided that I was going to be strong and think positive. That’s why every day, I wake up with a smile on my face and count my blessings. Even though sometimes the chemo or radiation is so bad that I can hardly move. And sometimes, I get real sick and can’t get out of bed for a while. But I know everything’s gonna be alright.

     “So eventually, I got up, opened the curtains and let the sun and the world back into my blessed life.

     “But of course, like anyone else, sometimes I get down and lonely. Sometimes I just want someone to hug me and whisper in my ear, ‘Everything’s gonna be alright’. 

     “Sometimes we go through stuff and don’t tell anyone. We keep it locked away because we don’t want to be a burden to anyone.

     “But sometimes, we just need for them to give us a hug and whisper in our ear.”

     At that moment I stood, pulling Kevin up with me. I then hugged my dear friend and whispered in his ear, “Everything’s gonna be alright.” 

     It was such an extraordinary moment!  As we both exhaled, it seemed as if his positive energy was transferred to me  It seemed like the precious feeling of God’s love flowed through our bodies as I suddenly felt like I, too, could handle anything.

     That was five years ago. And today, Kevin is doing well. And from time to time, we still meet and chase men.

     Thinking back to that day, I realize that a positive attitude does indeed make a difference.   That’s why I always try to have a smile on my face to share with the world. A smile to let people know that life is great; and hopefully, that positive attitude will make someone’s day.

    To all the people out there who are going through trials and tribulations in their lives, you are not alone. Your God is by your side. 

    And it’s those people that we should give such simple things as a hug and a whisper of those four simple words of comfort in their ear.

    So hug someone today and whisper, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.”

R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.” The fourth and latest installment is “Love Is Complicated.”  The sequel will be available soon.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series. R. L. also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  All of these endeavors are part of the production company he’s forming.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram:rlnorman1.

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 14

“The Power of Prayer”

Guest Writer: R. L. Norman  

  1. I pray that the doctors find out what illness my friend has, and cures him.
  2. I pray that my cousin graduates high school, continues on to college, and stops hanging with the wrong crowd–before he ends up in jail.
  3. I pray that my fifth novel, “Honey Hush, Don’t Ask and I Won’t Tell” (the next installment of my “Honey Let Me Tell You” book series), finally is released because it’s a year overdue.
  4. I pray that my most impoverished relative and friend both be bestowed with many blessings in 2016.

     You see, this list has been in a sealed envelope in my bible since January 1, 2016.

     So, on New Year’s Day 2017, I sat in a comfortable chair in my den. It’s that place in my home where I can relax and be at one with my thoughts. It’s  where I can think about the past, present and future. It’s that one area where I feel a sense of inner peace, and feel closer to God.

     It’s my inner sanctum.

     My understated, cozy den has a large shelf that spans the length of one wall, and is filled with all types of books–including my series of novels.       As the shadows from the fireplace illuminated the room and emanated a sense of calm, I reminisced about the past year.

     I thought about all the things that I had hoped to accomplish:  acquiring a new job and home, earning more money, writing another book–just so many things that I wanted to do.

     Every year we have hopes, dreams and goals for what we want to do in the coming year. We ponder those things that will make our lives better. Every year we make resolutions.

     And then at the end of the year, we sit around and think about what we have actually accomplished, and ruminated about the things we want to do in the next year. 

     We think about getting a new job.  Losing or gaining weight.  Changing our lifestyle, or entering into a relationship.

     We think about what we hope and wish for, and then we set out to accomplish those goals.

     But what do most of us end up doing? 

     For the first month or so, we do the best we can to meet our goals. We think about it, put our efforts into it–and strive to achieve it. We instill the thought of achievement in our minds and go for it.

     We try doing this practically every day until slowly but surely, the thrill is gone. The urge of achieving our goals eventually subsides. Then we forget about it until the next year, when the cycle of making and keeping New Year’s resolutions starts all over again.

     For example, a friend of mine wanted to get into a new relationship so he went on date after date after date. But that didn’t last long.  I suppose that he tired of the “calls answering for the booty.”

     Another friend wanted to lose weight, so every morning he went to the gym and worked out. That lasted for a little over a month. Then he went back to sitting in front of his TV. I guess he missed the feel of his butt print on his comfortable couch! (LOL.)

R.L. Norman     And then, there’s me. One of the things I wanted to do in the New Year was to try to eat right, and become a vegetarian.   But because I missed eating meat, that lasted about two days! (Hmmmmm…LOL!)

     But keep in mind that with all our efforts, if we don’t succeed in meeting our goals, we are not failures. Our intentions are good.

     And for a while, I was one of those people. But for the last several years, I’ve changed my ways.

     Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I make a prayer wish list to my God.

     I compose a list of ten things that I want to happen in the coming year. Five things are for me, and five are for family and friends. Then I seal the envelope, get on my knees and say a prayer to God for these blessings to come true. Then I put it in my bible and leave it there until the next New Year’s Day.

     And on that day, I sit in my comfortable chair, open that envelope, and read the list to see which wishes have been answered.

     Keep in mind that I don’t do this as a test of God’s ability to answer my prayers; instead, it’s an alternative to making resolutions.  Simply, it’s my special prayer list to my God. The power of prayer is wonderful because:

  1. The doctors did find out that my friend has curable cancer. His health is improving by leaps and bounds.   
  2. My cousin did graduate high school. Currently, he’s enrolled in Tuskegee University,with an internship job in electrical engineering.
  3. My fifth book was published, and is doing quite well in sales.
  4. And the biggest miracle was that a friend who’d lost pretty much everything:his money, job and possessions due to identity fraud, is now in a new home and a great job.

     You see, I approach the New Year with encouragement and faith in

myself, others–and especially God.   

     The lesson?  To live day-by-day doing the best we can to be the best we can be.

     And the power of prayer does work!  Prayer is a wonderful thing, but only if we have the faith to believe that we will achieve and succeed.

R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.” The fourth and latest installment is “Love Is Complicated.”  The sequel will be available soon.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series. R. L. also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  All of these endeavors are part of the production company he’s forming.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram:rlnorman1.

Welcome, 2017!

     I want to wish each and every one of you a fulfilling, joyous and prosperous New Year!  Now, let’s make 2017 a meaningful and rewarding adventure.

     2016 was another banner and stellar year for me, and I thank God and Jesus Christ for the continued blessings.  I’m truly humbled.

     I’m elated that through WYATTEVANS.COM, I continue to reach and touch more and more of you in substantive, engaging, informative and entertaining ways!  I’m proud to say that LGBTQ folk and their Allies from all walks of life in over NINETY Countries visit my on line home.

     And speaking of WYATTEVANS.COM, my Community of Guest Columnists— LaToya Hankins, R. L. Norman, Buster Sly and Carlton Smith—continue to deliver their timely, progressive, thought-provoking and unique insights and POV’s on issues that impact LGBTQ individuals and their Allies.  I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their amazing creativity and efforts!  And later in 2017, I’ll add more Columnists to the roster.

     This year, I’m embarking on an exciting, critical and much-needed project:  I’ve been selected as Special Consultant for ViiV Healthcare’s “Positive Affirmations—ACCELERATE!” Initiative.  The project is a bold community engagement effort targeted to Black MSMs (men who have sex with men) who reside in and around Baltimore, Maryland.  To learn more about The Initiative, visit:  wyattevans.com/its-all-about-positive-affirmations/

     And, “Good Golly, Ms. Molly!”  On January 12, 5 PM ET/ 2 PM CT, I’m back on the airwaves!  My new radio program, entitled “WYATT’S MAN CAVE,” is produced by the highly-regarded and popular LesBe Real Media.  My new show  explores and tackles men’s relationship and wellness issues.  HOT guests come into my Domain.  “WYATT’S MAN CAVE” is provocative, raw…and real!  To get the scoop, visit: wyattevans.com/enter-wyatts-man-cave/

     As you know, the exhilarating, decidedly DEE-LI-CIOUS and explosive brand new installment in my “NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART”series of novels has just been released!  Entitled “FRENZY!”, it’s a real roller coaster ride–and is continuing to receive rave reviews!  My national “FRENZY! Book Tour–2017” rolls on through the New Year—along with my Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A) seminars and workshops.  For the 411, visit: wyattevans.com/nothing-can-tear-us-about-frenzy-book/

     Along with all THAT, I’m finalizing some kick-ass projects that I’m not allowed to speak about right now!  But when I can, you’ll be the first to know.  (LOL) Stay tuned, ‘cause they are gonna freakin’ blow your collective mind!

     I wholeheartedly plan to make 2017 my absolute B-E-S-T!  Make sure you do the same.

      And have BIG FUN doin’ it!!!

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 13

“Hands Down, Hands Up” 

Guest Writer:  R. L. Norman 

      As I sat in the back of the car waiting, I was blinded by all the flashing lights. Vehicles were slowing down as they passed by, with the drivers trying to get a glimpse of what was happening. With all the people who were trying to get a look at me, you would have thought I was a movie star!

     I will admit that the scene did look like something out of a movie–as I sat there with my head down, trying not to show my face.

     I was nervous as I waited for what seemed like an eternity. And who wouldn’t be nervous as they sat handcuffed in the back of a police car like I was?

     You see, in a split-second, my life was turned upside down.

     An hour ago, everything was fine! I was at a bar hanging out with some friends. We were having a great time laughing, joking, meeting and greeting.

     During the evening, the bartender approached and placed a drink in front of me. He motioned across to a handsome gentleman.

     I picked up the free drink, looked towards him, and nodded, “Thank you.”

     He smiled back! And within minutes, he was sitting next to me–hypnotizing me with his dark brown eyes.  

     We talked for a while as I tried to envision him naked. I tried to picture him and me in our “birthday suits,” rolling around the bed exploring each other’s bodies–and feeding our sexual desires! As he was staring into my eyes, he was taking over my mind. That’s how intrigued I was. 

      At one point, I was so worked up that the bulge rising in the front of my pants was becoming obvious. So, I excused myself.  I told him I’d be right back as I made my way to the restroom.

     When I returned, my new friend had bought me another drink.

    After a while, my friends came up to me, saying they were ready to leave.

     Of course, my new friend wanted me to stay.  However, I declined:  mainly because I’d had my three-drink limit. One thing I never, ever do is drink and drive. I know my limit and when to go straight home.  That’s what I intended to do.

     After exchanging phone numbers, he was rather persistent in wanting to walk me to my car.  I figured that he wanted to place his sweet lips on mine and kiss me goodnight. But my friends intervened, and we all walked out together.

     And the last thing I remembered was getting into my car! After that, the next thing I knew was that the police were knocking on my driver’s side window, asking me to get out of the car.

     I was so dazed and confused that I didn’t know where I was! As I got out of the car, I noticed the one in front of mine. It was obvious that I’d hit this vehicle because there was damage to both cars.

R.L. Norman

    I stood with my hands up as the cop kept asking me for my license and registration.

    “OMG, what did I do? I hope I didn’t hurt anyone.” Those were the thoughts ringing in my head as I struggled to remember what had transpired.

     After I told the cop several times that I didn’t know what had happened, he told me to put my hands down as he handcuffed me.  Then, he put me in the back of the police car.

     As I sat there looking at all the chaos that was happening around me, I tried to recall the events of the evening. The police assumed that I was a drunk driver that crashed into another car.

     Luckily, my case turned out well. First of all, thank God no one was hurt! But my precious mini-cooper did have serious front-end damage. After the police investigated, they realized that I was not driving drunk– but instead had been drugged. You see, the man I met at the bar spiked my drink. He was a con artist who tried to walk me to my car and have me pass out so that he could rob me–and then steal my car.  Thankfully, the police caught him.

     But during this entire ordeal, I was not scared of the cops. The police treated me well. I did not feel threatened. They did not harass me or overexert their power. They were simply doing their job.

     That happened thirty years ago, in 1986. During those days, we were not afraid of the police. And the police were not openly afraid of us as black men.

     But now, in the year 2016, times have changed. It seems like every day we hear about another senseless killing of a black man by a white cop. It seems like every day we hear about a white cop pulling over a black driver–who ends up dead.

     It’s funny how times seem to come full circle. Back in the day, black slaves were afraid of their white masters. They would try their best not to cause any problems, in fear of being hurt or even killed by their masters.

     It seems like that is what is happening now. We, as black men, have to be afraid of the white police officer.  We are in fear that we will wind up on that long list of black men being murdered by the law.  And, we fear that the police have a “shoot to kill” attitude instead of shoot to wound.  As well, there’s that fear that we are being executed to slowly diminish the black population.

    Just like the black slaves were afraid to be killed by their masters, we are afraid that we will be murdered by the very ones who are supposed to protect and serve us. And afraid that slowly it will be us against them–a test of survival.

    However, all cops are not bad. But unfortunately these days, we can’t tell who is good or bad. We have to be careful because it appears that if we make the slightest movement while in the presence of an officer, it will result in the “stamp of approval” to murder us.  

    So, it seems that we are going back to the days of slavery where we as black men have to fear the so-called master–now the police.

    These days, hands down we have to be afraid of the police–with our hands up. God help us all.

        R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  The latest installment entitled, “Honey Hush; Don’t Ask I Won’t Tell,” is now available in e-book format.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series.  R. L.also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  And his Podcast, “Honey Let Me Tell You Something Else,debuted January 1 on itunes.  All of these endeavors are part of his production company, Honey Let Me Tell You.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram: rlnorman1.

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 12

“The Master Plan” 

Guest Writer:  R. L. Norman 

      I was standing on the side of the stage out of the line of sight from the audience. From my vantage point, I could only see a few people in the front rows. I had no idea how many people showed up for this event–my debut.

     You see, this was my very first public appearance of my one-man stand up show based on the character of “Norman” in my “Honey Let Me Tell You” book series.

     I planned to make the audience think, smile and laugh about life, love and relationships. It was my dream about to come to true. I’d planned to amuse them with the brief story of Norman‘s life with music, singing, dancing, jokes and language that will make you grab your non-existed pearls as your mouths falls open.

     So, I was standing there, reviewing my notes as I was about to go on stage. Nervously, I waited for the moment of truth to arrive! And then, I heard the announcer say;

     “And now, welcome to the stage, debuting his one-man show titled, “Norman’s One Night Stand,” …here’s Mr. R.L. Norman!”

     As I heard the applause, several people behind me wished me good luck.  Next, I proceeded to the stage’s center.

     As I looked around the room, which was filled to capacity, all eyes were on me. I was shocked that the place was packed!

     Who would’ve known that these many people wanted to see me, or even that they knew where Fort Washington, Maryland was?  And then, I stared back at all the people who were staring back at me.

     “R.L.? R.L.?”  Several people were whispering my name from the sidelines of the stage. 

     “Are you okay? What’s wrong? Norman?” they were asking.

     I simply could not move!  In my mind, I really wanted to leave the stage, run all the way home, jump in my bed, pull the covers over my head and hide.

     That’s because I was frozen with fright! 

     Stage fright that is.

     I stood there holding the microphone to my open mouth like I was deciding whether to talk into it–or lick it like an ice cream cone.

     I couldn’t move…

     I felt like my hopes and dreams were slowly disappearing right before my very eyes.

     I suddenly started thinking back to the first time I actually had to do public speaking. It was in my eighth grade history class. I had made a model of a ship, the Santa Maria, one of Christopher Columbus’ ships. I was supposed to talk about the voyage of Columbus.

     I stood in front of the class, staring at my peers. I was frozen and could not move or talk. Just like now, my teacher was saying my name, asking me if I were okay.

     I could not respond.

     It was the first of three presentations I was supposed to do for that class, and couldn’t. Eventually, I failed history and had to go to summer school: simply because I couldn’t speak in front of people, and express what I had practiced in front of my mirror several times–with no problem.

     Another time was when I was in college. I was majoring in architecture. I’d wanted to be an architect since the ninth grade. I’d already designed both my dream and summer homes by the 11th grade.

     I was on my way! Or so I thought.


     We had to design an office building and present it to the class as if they, along with the professor, were the clients. Basically, we had to sell our own designs.

     Like I always do, I practiced my presentation in front of the mirror numerous times. I knew it by heart. I was ready.

     When the professor called my name, I slowly walked to the front of the class and placed my building model on the table.

     As I faced the class, a couple people expressed approval of my model.  I was elated; I felt like this was the first step of realizing my dream of becoming an architect.

     Until I froze…once again! 

     Like always, the professor was calling my name, asking me if I were  okay. 

     And once again, I could not answer.

     Sadly, I realized that I could not speak in front of people! 

     Because of that, I had to switch my major to engineering. There was less of a chance of having to address individuals.

     As a result, my dream of becoming an architect slowly faded away.

     But life is full of many surprises–and I had a new dream!  One to make people think, smile, and laugh about life, love and relationships.

     And this dream came out of nowhere! Well, I should not say “nowhere.” Actually, it must have been one of God’s plan all along. I say this because I worked several years as an engineer and loved it. So, I also believe that was in God’s plan.

     But now, he has a new plan for me!   One to inspire people to think about life. A way for people to search their deepest feelings. I believe that God has given me the talent of helping people walk in“Norman’s” shoes as he goes through the “Miss-Adventures of Being Miss-Understood” when it comes to life. To make people realize they are not alone in their journey to true happiness.

    You see, first came the books. I have written five so far. And that was not planned. It was a personal journal that I turned into books.

     And then came “Norman’s One Night Stand,” which I wrote, created and now was trying to perform.

     That was definitely not planned. I would never have planned to stand up in front of people and perform a 40-minute one man show, one in which many people can actually feel the character’s struggle, pain, triumph and happiness in achieving his goal of being happy with himself.

     My friends suggested and encouraged me to do it.

     So I stood there, frozen with stage fright once again.

     However, I also remembered something else that happened to me a few days prior.

     You see, at a cookout, I met two new friends who made me recall certain events that happened in my life.  They were newlyweds with five adopted children. As if that were not impressive enough, they told me they never planned on adopting children. It just happened! It was “God’s Plan” is the way they put it to me.

     They had met by chance; and the next thing they knew, they were a family. They didn’t think they would succeed, but they never gave up. They informed me that God has plans for our lives and we should follow our hopes and dreams to the fullest.

     Remembering this as I stood on the stage, I bowed my head. I closed my eyes, quickly praying for God to give me the strength and confidence to make this dream a reality.

     I opened my eyes and said, real loud, “Honey Let Me Tell You.”

     The audience came alive! And for the next 40 minutes, I made them smile, think and laugh about life, love and relationships. It was the first of seventeen shows I have performed so far over a five-year span.

     My dream came to life! My dream became reality. 

     We all have hopes, dreams and goals in life. We should pursue them with vigor and tenacity.  

    We should all reach for the sky! And if you fall short, keep trying at whatever is in your heart to achieve your destiny. To bring your dreams to life. To follow God’s Plan.

     Because Honey Let Me Tell You, I have arrived.  God has made me the master of my hopes and dreams–which are now the reality of my life.

        R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  The latest installment entitled, “Honey Hush; Don’t Ask I Won’t Tell,” is now available in e-book format.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series.  R. L.also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  And his Podcast, “Honey Let Me Tell You Something Else,debuted January 1 on itunes.  All of these endeavors are part of his production company, Honey Let Me Tell You.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram: rlnorman1.

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 11

“I Will, I Won’t, I Do” 

Guest Writer:  R. L. Norman 



“I object!” the man shouted as he stood up in the back of the church.

I can’t believe this is happening! How dare someone object to my marriage?

I know that some people in my position would not get married; but I am doing what my heart feels.

You see, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Several years ago, I was living in Washington, D.C., and there was a terrible snowstorm. People panicked so much that you would’ve thought the world was coming to an end.

Now, me being from New Jersey, I was accustomed to snowstorms. I was used to waking up at any given day during the winter, and not being able to get out of the house. That was because the snow was so high that we couldn’t even open the door!

I remember as kids we would sit around the kitchen table hoping for a snow day.  We’d listen to the radio or TV, and just wait and wait for the announcer to say: “Whittier Elementary School closed.” Oh, how my two brothers and I waited with anticipation for that wonderful news! 

And on those days, we would yell and scream and act like we had won the lottery. My parents would tell us to calm down.  And then, of course, they’d tell us the rules we had to follow while they were at work. Oh, those were the days…

So as I said, I was used to snowstorms. But it was obvious that the D.C. government was just not used to such acts of nature.  They’d shut down the whole city!  The only other time I remember that happening was when I was in college in Tuskegee, Alabama–and they had a covering of snow. They shut down the city as if the world were coming to an end!  It was crazy and funny–especially because the snow melted the very same day.  

So, I was in D.C. and the city was closed. I was out of orange juice for my cocktail. I had plenty of food and stuff, but no OJ! And if I were going to be stuck in the house, I had to “get my drink on.”

I called around to see if any store was open. After several minutes, I discovered that the 7-Eleven was open, which was about a fifteen minute walk from my house. Then, I put on my heaviest and warmest winter coat and boots, and made my way to the store.

As I got closer and closer to that 7-Eleven, I saw another person in the distance. And as continued his approach, I surmised that maybe he had to get some orange juice, too. As came nearer and nearer, I realized that this was one cute, sexy man!

He was dressed in a big yellow ski coat with matching gloves. As we faced one another, I peered into his sexy brown eyes–and the pretty white teeth behind his smile.

 Passing one another, we nodded and smiled at each other. After taking a few steps I turned around–and noticed that he’d done the same!

After a few seconds, he walked back to me.   And for a good half hour, we stood there talking in the middle of a snowstorm.  While the city was shut down, we were getting to know one another.

Later on, I realized how romantic that was!  And, I am a hopeless romantic. 

Before I knew it, we were dating. And after a while, I went from admiring him, to liking him…and to loving him!  I not only loved him, I was in love with him. Who would’ve thought that I’d find the love of my life in the middle of a snowstorm, while going out to get orange juice for my cocktail? 

 And now, we’re getting married!  I’m thinking about all of this while standing at the altar.  I know that at the age of 55, a lot of people wouldn’t get married.

Last June was the one-year anniversary of the legalization of gay marriage in the United States. And during the past year, several of my friends have gotten married.  They’re all over the age of 50.


Some people didn’t understand. You see, some of my friends said that they would not get married. They claimed that they just didn’t see the point. At that age, it’s a lot of hassle to figure out who changes his name.  And then there’s the changing of health and life insurance, driver’s licenses, credit cards, etc. 

Some of my friends said they would simply live together, and continue to love and support each other.

But then, others said they would get married, and make it a small affair. The last wedding I attended, the couple went to the justice of the peace, and then had a big reception after the wedding. It was a great time had by all as the couple was showered with love and support from family and friends. The wedding I went to before that was at the couples’ home, with only about ten people attending.  

And then there’s me! I’m standing here in a big church with my five groomsmen.  As I’m staring into the eyes of my future husband, we’re holding hands. The church is decorated in silver and white, with flowers everywhere. Afterwards, there will be a big reception in a rented ballroom, complete with ushers, waiters, caterers, music, etc.  And after this grand affair, we’ll be on our way to London and Paris for our honeymoon.  We truly are celebrating our love for each other.

Now, some of my friends objected, saying that we were too old to be doing all of this!  However, others thought that it was absolutely wonderful.

Here’s the bottom line:  the legalization of gay marriage is really the legalization of love for everyone. I believe that people should be able to show their love anyway they want regardless of age, race, gender or sexual preference. People should be able to love whom they want, and get married to whomever that want. Love is a powerful thing at any age. Without love, this world would be a terrible place.

Suddenly, I was roused out of my daydream by the sound of someone actually objecting to our nuptials!  Next, I was shocked back into reality as that person walked from the back of the church towards us.

And as he got close to us, he yelled, “I love you, Norman!”

At first, I couldn’t see who it was because the back of the church was dimly lit. But as soon as he stepped into the light, I was shocked to see that it was my very first love who’d disappeared out of my life!  You see, after college, he enlisted in the Air Force and was deployed to California.  We lost contact for about 25 years.

But as soon as he was upon us, someone else jumped up and said,“I object!”

OMG!  What’s going on?

Well, to find out, read my “Honey Let Me Tell You” book series! It’s all about my misadventures of being misunderstood.

        R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  The latest installment entitled, “Honey Hush; Don’t Ask I Won’t Tell,” is now available in e-book format.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series.  R. L.also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  And his Podcast, “Honey Let Me Tell You Something Else,debuted January 1 on itunes.  All of these endeavors are part of his production company, Honey Let Me Tell You.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram: rlnorman1.

R.L. Norman

R. L. Norman: The Old School Romantic, Part Two

     Recently, I had the distinct pleasure to sit down with Mr. R. L. Norman, exclusively for the Huffington Post Queer VoicesArguably, Mr. Norman is that quintessential Renaissance man:  he’s an entrepreneur, videographer, performer, columnist, internet host, and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  

     His fifth and brand new installment in the series is, “Honey Hush; Don’t Ask And I Won’t Tell.” In Part Two of my series on Norman, he shares his heart-wrenching experience with Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse, visibility of people of color in the media…and more!

     Visit:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/wyatt-obrian-evans/rl-norman-the-old-school-_1_b_11071600.html

R.L. Norman: The Old School Romantic, Part One

     I had the distinct pleasure to sit down with Mr. R. L. Norman, exclusively for the Huffington Post Queer VoicesArguably, Mr. Norman is that quintessential Renaissance man:  he’s an entrepreneur, videographer, performer, columnist, internet host, and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.” 

     His fifth and brand new installment in the series is, “Honey Hush; Don’t Ask And I Won’t Tell.”  In Part One of my series on Norman, he dishes about his series, what drives him…and what makes him a diehard romantic.

     To get all the scrumptious “411,” visit:    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/wyatt-obrian-evans/rl-norman-the-old-school-_b_10822892.html

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 10

“Writer, You Say What?” 

Guest Writer:  R. L. Norman 

      He stood across the room from me not saying a word. I was slowly becoming nervous as he just stared at me, looking all seductive. As he walked slowly towards me, I backed up until I could go nowhere.

     I bumped into the desk that was behind me and stumbled for a brief moment.  He took that opportunity to get as close to me as possible.    

     Then he was directly in front of me, blocking my way between the desk and the door to the classroom.  And just as I was about to say something, he suddenly grabbed me, pushing me down on the desk.

    “I want to see if Norman kisses as good as his books state,” he said in almost a whisper as he stared into my eyes.

     At first I said, “STOP!”, with a force in my voice as I tried to push him away. But then, when his lips touched mine, I whispered “stop” because he suddenly had me under his control–and I simply could not deny my sexual urge for him.

     But as he kissed me, I knew it was wrong because of who he was.   


     Who would have thought that only an hour before, I was standing in front of a classroom full of students.  And now, I’m having my first “student-teacher conference”–so to speak.

     You see, I was teaching a college creative writing course at Honey University.  And, my job was to give them direction on how to write a book: 

     “Are you one of those people who thought about writing a book, but didn’t know where to start? Or, you hesitated because you didn’t know the first thing about writing? If your answer is “yes,” then this is the course for you!  All you need do is to open yourself up and allow your ideas to flow onto paper.  And the number one thing is that there is no wrong way to writing. Everyone has a different method to make their ideas come alive, if you will.” This is what I told my students.

     Most of them consisted of housewives, businessmen, and recent college graduates.  Their ages varied from 22 (an office assistant) to 67

(a great-grandmother who wanted to write her life story).

     And of course, there was my problem student:  Chauncey Whitmore III!

     I was addressing the class, when in, he walks.

    “During this course, I will give you the basic elements of writing a book. And then I want you to …”

     (The door opens and closes.)

     “Eh, excuse me!  But did the dog break your time clock?” I directed my pointed question to the late arrival.

     “Professor Norman, I am Chauncey Whitmore III, and I can explain why I’m late,” he replied, with a certain amount of arrogance in his voice.

     As he stood there as if to say, “What nerve do you have to question me,” I immediately knew that he was going to be a problem. It was obvious he was a snob. I could tell that just by his demeanor and air of arrogance. 

     But I will admit, he was one sexy man!  Very attractive, he was tall, brown skinned and muscular, with a mustache and shaved head. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties.

     “Mr. Whitmore III, there is a time and place to be a storyteller,” I replied, because it was obvious that he was about to lie to me as he stood there trying to think of an excuse.

     “Ah, Professor Norman, that’s cold! You don’t even want to hear my excuse?”

     I ignored his question and responded, “You cannot be a writer if you don’t have discipline–especially time management. Please sit down.”

     I looked back at my students.  Some had smirks on their faces.  They were obviously amused by our brief banter. 

     After Mr. Whitmore III sat down, I proceeded.   “After that rude interruption, I will now continue.  During this class, we will go through the basic elements of writing from the beginning until the time you submit your work to the publisher.

    “And for the purpose of this class, I will be the publisher/editor.  Any questions?” I looked around the room.

     “Hmm, the man with no sense of time,” I said, peering at my problem student as he was raising his hand. “Yes, Mr. Whitmore?”

     “Well, professor: how are you qualified to teach this class?” he asked with a high and mighty tone, as if he was challenging my credentials.

    “Good question,” I replied. 

    “Well, let me tell you about my experience in writing. I didn’t plan on becoming a writer. I’m an engineer by profession. I didn’t write my first book until I was 50 years old. I am now 55, and have written five.

     “I started writing my first book by accident. I kept a personal journal since I was in college. And every day, I would write a page or two of my thoughts and ideas of the day’s life, love and relationship events. I called it ‘starting small’. I suggest that for all first-time writers.

     “And that brings up another point: what to write.  Write about what you know! The easiest thing to write about is something you know about.”

     Then, the not-so shy great-grandmother raised her hand.

     “Yes, Mrs. Walker?”

     “I’ve read some of your books, and they are about sex!” So I assume that is what you know.”

     The class stared at me curiously, awaiting my reply.

     “Well, my books are really about the ups and downs of someone searching for love.” I tried to refrain from talking about the sex part.

     “But I bet the sex didn’t hurt!  Professor, I’ve read all of your books, and it seems like you’re very experienced,” Mr. Whitmore added, with a smug look on his face.

     Several people in the class muttered comments under their breath.

     “This is going to be a challenge,” I said to myself.


     “Okay, class. Look at your handout,” I said, once again ignoring another question by Whitmore.  “I’m going to tell you the basics for writing a book; and during the course, we will discuss them in detail.  Now, here’s the list:”

  1. What do you want to write about? As I’ve stated, write about what you know. And, character development is essential:  create a character that your audience will want to know, and know about. That’s half the battle.
  1. Start small. Write little by little. Anytime an idea pops into your head, write it down so you won’t forget it. You can expand on it later.
  1. Develop an outline. As you write, make an outline. Organize your thoughts. Remember that everyone has a different method of writing. I write the beginning and ending, and then fill in the middle. That’s my style.
  1. Set a time to work on your book. Personally, I write whenever the mood hits me. Or I have an idea that I just have to write down, then and there. But if you are naturally a busy person, set a time to record your thoughts. And be accountable for your time. It’s all about setting goals.
  1. Choose a place to write. Pick a place that suits you best to make your thoughts come alive. When I write, I have the TV or radio on. Some people like complete quietness. It’s up to you.
  1. Give yourself a deadline. That’s where time management comes in. Set goals to complete various portions of your book. And that’s important because publishers and editors will give you certain deadlines.
  1. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Make your writing sound realistic. Enable readers to understand what you are saying. As well, make your words come alive for readers, so that they can actually visualize what you are saying. 
  1. Get early feedback. There is nothing worse than writing a book, and then having to rewrite the whole thing. Have a few people close to you help you discern what’s worth including in your book. And regardless of the criticism, stay motivated to finish your book. Because when you do, the rewards of self-accomplishment will be well worth it.
  1. Read, read and re-read your work. Make sure the story flows. The best way to do that is to read it! And always spell check your work. But here’s a little trick because the spell-checker doesn’t always catch everything…read your book backwards! I know it sounds crazy, but you will be surprised by how many errors you catch by doing that. Think about it:  you probably know your book by heart. But by reading it backwards, you see errors that you may have missed.
  1. Embrace failure. Know that everyone is not going to like what you write or how you write. But criticism, good or bad, is part of the learning process. Don’t be afraid of rejection.

     During the whole class, Chauncey was staring directly at me with lust in his eyes!  He was eyeing me seductively, which made me a little tense.

      “Our time is almost up for today,” I announced.  “And during the course, we will discuss each point in detail. But in the meantime, do me a quick favor.  Off the top of your head, record what you want to write about. Hand that in so I have a general idea about your thought process.  This is all to prepare you for the final exam. And, we will discuss the topics anonymously at the next class.

     “Class dismissed,” I said as I walked behind my desk and sat down.  As they left the class, they each handed me a piece of paper with their book ideas. They seemed excited with my class so far. I sat behind my desk, pleased with my first day.

     I got up to leave.  At first, I didn’t notice that Chauncey Whitmore III had stayed behind, and was standing at the door smiling at me.

     “Here is my book idea” he said, staring at me seductively.

     And suddenly, he had me on my desk, kissing me aggressively. The song by Al Green filled my head, “If Loving You is Wrong (I Don’t Want to be Right).” 

     I don’t know how long we kissed–or how long the dean of students was standing there watching us!

     But once we were aware of it, reality set in and we jumped up quickly!

As we straightened our clothes, I was speechless.

    “Dean, I can explain!  I was just…..”

    “You don’t have to explain, Professor Norman,” The dean said, interrupting me. “I came because I had a feeling that this was going to happen.”

    “What?” I said with a puzzled looked on my face.

    “Chauncey, you can leave!  And, don’t let his happen again!” the dean said sternly, with a sound of familiarity towards Chauncey.

     Chauncey smirked and didn’t utter a word as he left the room.

     I looked at the dean, waiting to be reprimanded–and possibly fired.

     “Professor Norman, don’t worry about this at all!  It is not the first time he has done this. He can’t seem to help himself.”

     “Oh,” I responded, confused. “He’s done this before?”

     “Yes. And I know that firsthand!  You see, he is my son,” the dean revealed as he walked out of the classroom.

     As I stood there with my mouth hanging open, I was tongue-tied!   Then I thought, “Oh, that’s right! Dean Whitmore. Chauncey Whitmore III!”  I hadn’t realized the connection at first. Wow.

     Well, this will be another chapter for my book, “The Miss-Adventures of Being Misunderstood.”

     And never forget… put your work out there, and see what happens!  And most importantly: NEVER, EVER GIVE UP YOUR DREAM.

   R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  The latest installment entitled, “Honey Hush; Don’t Ask I Won’t Tell,” is now available in e-book format.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series.  R. L.also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  And his Podcast, “Honey Let Me Tell You Something Else,debuted January 1 on itunes.  All of these endeavors are part of his production company, Honey Let Me Tell You.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram: rlnorman1.

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 9

“Honey I Should Have Told” 

Guest Writer:  R. L. Norman 

      I remember that day as if it were yesterday. I was stumbling down the street to meet my blind date whom I had met on-line. It was about 9 o’clock p.m. on a Saturday night in the middle of winter. There were about 10 inches of snow on the ground, as the whole town was a sea of white.  Actually, everything was white except for the red on my blood-stained white shirt.

      I didn’t want my date to see me like this, but I only had two options because I didn’t have a cell phone.  It was either not show up and keep him waiting, or go meet him and explain my appearance.  So, I did the latter.

      I was supposed to meet my date at a restaurant down the street from my home. I didn’t want him to come to my house for two reasons:  first, he was a stranger and I did not want him to know where I lived. And secondly, I didn’t want him to meet my ex-partner, just in case he was in one of his drunken drug-fueled rages.

     My ex-partner: whom unfortunately, I still lived with. My ex-partner: whom, at one time, was the love of my life.

     Oh yes, the love of my life, Craig!  Now, let me tell you about Craig.

     Craig and I had been dating for two years, and we’d been in a committed relationship for three. When I first met him, we had such a great time! We went everywhere together. Movies, plays, museums and even walks in the park. We even traveled to London, Paris and Italy.

     After two years, he asked me to marry him. We bought a house and moved in together. We actually had a white picket fence and two small dogs!  I was working as an engineer and he was a graphic artist. I drove a BMW; and him, a Jaguar. Several times a year, we threw lavish parties in what some called our “fabulous home.” 

     Life was wonderful!  I was truly living my dream.

     But then one night, in the blink of an eye, everything changed!  Craig punched me in my face.

     We’d had disagreements in the past, but never anything physical. Our philosophy was if we got that mad at each other, we’d go to our separate corners, so to speak. And later, we’d meet after we had calmed down.  And then, we’d talk.

     But not this night. 

     On this particular night, I came home late from work and Craig was really upset. And I didn’t understand why.  I’d called him and left a message saying I would be late. I even texted him. But he accused me of cheating on him . He was yelling and screaming at me; and during our heated argument, he punched me.

     I was shocked as I fell over one of the kitchen chairs, and then landing  hard on the floor. When I regained my composure, he was standing over

me–apologizing again and again.

    I just sat there, staring at him in amazement!  I could not believe he’d done that.  His expression told me that he felt the same way.

    He grabbed a warm towel and placed it on my suddenly bruised face. He kept apologizing over and over, promising that he would never strike me again.

    The next day at work, I told everyone that I accidentally bumped into a door.

    For a few days after that, everything seemed to be back to normal. But slowly, he became more and more agitated. He would get upset over the littlest of things.

    The arguments became more and more frequent, just as the bruises on my body and my excuses to my family and friends did.

    I covered up everything as best I could. When he twisted my hands and broke one of them, I told people I fell while running to a meeting. When he  hit me on the back of my head with a pot–which produced a gash–I told the hospital that I’d accidentally fell backward against a window of a metal gate.

    When Craig pushed me down the stairs, I told everyone that I accidentally fell.  And when Craig’s mother popped up at our house for a surprise visit, Craig told her that I was the one who’d trashed the office, throwing stuff everywhere–even smashing the computer.

     Craig told everyone that I was the “crazy one,” always yelling and screaming at him. His family and friends believed every word! And my friends and family didn’t know because I never told. Or should I say I never admitted anything, even though they knew something was wrong.

    Come to find out that Craig was an alcoholic and addicted to crack. It was a deadly combination for the both of us. I assumed it was the pressures of life—(and of course) me causing him problems that made him do it. And I didn’t want anyone to know that I was living in my private hell.

     But I loved him.

     Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore!  I told Craig that I was leaving him, that our relationship was over. I’d packed my bags and was going to move on the following Sunday.

     The Saturday night before, I’d made a blind date. I’d been on-line for a while; of course, behind Craig’s back. I normally don’t meet men on-line; but this was my first date since I broke up with whom I had considered to be the love of my life.

    And this night, I made a date with Clarence. He seemed to be a nice, well- established gentleman. And single–which was a plus!  I’d been out of the dating game for years, so I was just jumping back into the swing of things.

     The only problem was that Craig could not accept the fact that we had broken up. He just refused to believe that I was leaving him! He kept telling me that I was ugly, no good, and that no one would want me. All the while, he was beating me. 

     He broke down my self-esteem so badly that when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t know who the person was staring back at me.

     I’d lost myself.  

     Well that night, I left the house and walked down the street relieved that Craig was asleep–or so I’d hoped. I hated for him to know that I was going to meet someone else.

     As I got closer to my destination, with each and every step, I was becoming more and more nervous. I had not been on a date since I met Craig, so I felt like a fish out of water.


     As I was trying to get my nervousness under control, suddenly someone jumped me from behind! I didn’t see who the person was because he was on top of me so fast, punching and clawing at me. At one point, I couldn’t see anything because my glasses had been knocked off in the tussle.

     Punch after punch, he beat me up. I tried my best to defend myself; and at one point, I got the better of the person. I was on top of him, punching him until he lay lifeless in the snow. I was so scared that I didn’t take the time to see who it was or try to find my glasses.

      I got up and stumbled down the street. I decided to meet my date instead of going back to my house just in case Craig was awake. I hated to explain where I was and with whom.

     As I approached my date, who was standing in front of the restaurant, he had a confused look on his face–as did other people walking in and out of the restaurant.

     “Clarence?” I asked, as I approached him.  Slowly, he took a step back as I got closer.

    “Yes” he hesitantly replied, as I’m sure he noticed that I was disheveled with a blood-stained shirt, no coat or glasses.

     “My name is Norman.”

     “Oh my gosh,” he replied.  “Are you okay? What happened?”

      “I was mugged.”

      “Well, you have to call the police,” he insisted.

      “No. I can’t. No police,” I practically yelled at him.

     I didn’t want Craig to know I’d left the house. And I didn’t want the cops investigating my personal life because they would find out the truth about my life in hell. I loved Craig so much that I had to protect him. He was in my heart. I thought, “He didn’t mean the things he did. I was the one that made him upset. And this would have definitely made him upset.”

    “Well, you have to at least go home and get cleaned up.”

     Clarence, a perfect stranger, was so concerned about me!  It felt good to have someone genuinely care about me. It had been so long.

     He convinced me to go home get cleaned up–and then we’d continue our date. I agreed, but I asked him to wait outside while I changed clothes. We got into his car and drove to my house.

     The events that night prompted me to write this poem: 

     I met him, I liked him, I wanted him, 

     He’s in my heart. 

     We dated, we went to movies, we went to plays, we went to dinners. 

     He’s in my heart. 

     I wanted only him, I wanted him to always be in my life. 

    He’s in my heart. 

    We moved in together, we got married, we brought a house. 

    He’s in my heart. 

    I was in heaven, I was on cloud ten, I was loving my life. 

    He’s in my heart. 

    But then he cursed me, he belittled me, he chastised me. 

    But he’s in my heart. 

   He kept me from my friends, my family, my loved ones. 

   But he’s in my heart. 

   Then he slapped me, he punched me, he cut me. 

   But he’s in my heart. 

   He said he was sorry, that he will never do it again, He said he LOVES ME. 

   He’s in my heart. 

   I forgave him over and over again, I could not leave him, I LOVE HIM. 

   He’s in my heart. 

   But my family and friends told me to leave him and I finally listened. 

   He’s not in my heart anymore. 


   You see, the person who mugged me was Craig! When I walked in the house, he was waiting for me. And of course, another fight erupted and my body received several more bruises.

   I wish I had reported the abuse to the police or the hospital earlier. But at this point, who would’ve believed me?  Besides the fact that most of my bruises were below the neck.  He had everyone convinced I was the abusive one.

   And before that night, I told myself that I loved him and could not live without him.  Or should I say he convinced me of that lie.

   But no more.

   I moved out of my private hell into the sunshine of heaven. I finally left the man who abused me for years.

   And even though I am happy now, every once in a while, I think about the fact that he might be abusing someone else. I think about the fact that…. 

   I should have told……..

   LGBT domestic violence is vastly underreported, unacknowledged, and often reported as something other than domestic violence.

   Domestic violence is defined as a pattern of behaviors utilized by one partner (the batterer or abuser) to exert and maintain control over another person (the survivor or victim) where there exists an intimate and/or dependent relationship. Experts believe that domestic violence occurs in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community with the same amount of frequency and severity as in the heterosexual community. Society’s long history of entrenched racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia prevents LGBT victims of domestic violence from seeking help from the police, legal and court systems for fear of discrimination or bias.

   Abuse is never right. If you are in abusive relationship… tell someone.  If you know or suspect that someone is in an abusive relationship…tell someone.


   For more information or to get help, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE, and the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE.

R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  The fourth and latest installment is “Love Is Complicated.”  The sizzling sequel, entitled “Honey Hush…Don’t Ask & I Won’t Tell,” drops soon.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series.  R. L. also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  And catch his Podcast, “Honey Let Me Tell You Something Else, on iTunes.  All of these endeavors are part of his production company, Honey Let Me Tell You.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram: rlnorman1.

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 8

“Kiss Me You Fool” 

Guest Writer:  R. L. Norman 

     “Oh, my gosh!  Oh, my gosh!  My parents will be home soon, and this boy peed on my mama’s new couch!  I’ll bet that when she finds out–besides giving me a whooping—she’ll wish she had put plastic on the furniture. She wanted plastic on it when we first got it, but my father said it would make our good furniture look ‘cheap’.”

     Of all things, this was what I was thinking about as I was about to have my first kiss with this new man I’d been dating for a while. We’d been to a few dinners and getting to know each other; but at the end of the evening, we’d never kissed.  And kissing is very important to me.  If a man can’t kiss, then that’s a big turn-off.   

     As we were sitting in his car at the end of the date, I was thinking about the year 1972 when I was twelve years old.  At that time, I was a latch-key kid and I knew exactly when my parents were to arrive home from work, depending on traffic.      

     You see, a latch-key kid means that your parents work during the day, and aren’t at home when you leave school.  

    And as a latch-key kid, I had certain rules. One was that as soon as I got home from school, I had to lock the doors and call my mother at work to tell her I was in the house. I didn’t call my father: he was a bus driver and on the road. (During that time, we didn’t have cell phones.)  Also, my mother worked for the phone company, and it seemed like she was always at her desk when I called.

     And, when my parents weren’t at home, the number one rule was, “No company at all!”

     That day, unfortunately, I broke that rule.  I had company.  And that company peed on my mama’s new couch.

    I didn’t notice it at first. He had left about a half-hour earlier, and I was making sure everything was fine in the house. I didn’t want my parents to realize I had broken a rule.                                       

     But actually, I had broken two rules… The second one was, “Don’t skip school.”

     Well, I did.  And, I’d planned to forge an absent note from my mother saying I was sick and that’s why I didn’t go to school that day.

     I had practiced the note over and over again. The good thing was that my mother always signed the notes “C. Norman” –and not her full name. So I just took a previous note, put it on top of a piece of a blank paper and traced her signature. I would tell my teacher that I wrote the note and my mother had signed it.

     My classmate and friend Jason had also skipped school to come over to spend the day with me.

     We’d been playing around with each other for a while. In fact, he was always chasing me, wanting to wrestle with me and “feel me up.” At first, it was just child’s play. But after a while, he started whispering nasty stuff in my ear.

     “I’m going to get you naked,” he would say. “I want to see your dick,” he added.  Once, he even showed me a picture of his dick,  I was shocked, intrigued and perplexed.

     I thought to myself, “Am I gay? If not, then why is it I can’t stop thinking about that picture–or Jason?”  I was so confused.

     I’d learned about sex in sex education class, and the rest from my parents and other kids. Even though my parents gave me the so-called “talk,” I was still very naïve about what was happening with my body and inside my mind, as different thoughts ran through my head. 

     After a while, whenever I saw Jason, I would run.  Part of it was out of fright because I never knew what he was going to say or do. And the other part was because I didn’t want anyone to know that I liked it, and that I might be gay: especially not Jason!  Who knew what he would do with that “little piece” of information.

     So, we kind of played this “cat and mouse” game until one night, he caught me in a dark alley when I was on my way home.

     I was almost to the end of the alley when all of a sudden, Jason appeared out of nowhere!  He must have been following me.


     I was stunned!  As he slowly approached me, I froze in my tracks.  I wanted to run, but my feet wouldn’t move.  And, he didn’t say one word as he got closer and closer to me. 

     Jason was so near that I could feel his hot breath on my face!  And the only light shining was the moon, which seemed to light up the entire alley for the world to see us. 

     We just stood there face-to-face, just staring at each other. Part of me was scared because I didn’t want anyone to know we were in this alley alone.

     However though, another part of me was intrigued by the whole thing.   

     Jason continued gazing at me, hypnotizing me with his deep, brown eyes.  As he slowly leaned in closer and closer, he stared at me, as if waiting for me to react until his lips touched mine.

     All of a sudden–and without a single word–he kissed me!

     For what seemed like an eternity, Jason pressed his lips against mine. Then, he stood back.

     And we both just stood there, staring at each other once again as if we were anticipating each other’s reaction–which would be the start of my gay experiences.

     But after a few moments, I was so frazzled that I didn’t say a word!  I ran out of the alley all the way home, ending up straight in my bedroom and closing the door.  I was so confused as I lay in the dark with all those thoughts running through my mind.

     I’d just had my first kiss… and it was with a boy!

     Part of me liked it.  However, part of me was so terrified that someone would find out that I might be gay.

     After a while, my mother called me to the phone. I slowly got up and walked passed her as she asked me if I were okay.

     I didn’t answer her. That’s because I was just not sure of the answer!  I went downstairs to pick up the extension.  

     “Hello,” I muttered.

     “How did you like the kiss?”  asked the low voice on the other end of the receiver.

     I was so startled because at first, I didn’t know who it was. My first thought was, “Someone saw us in the alley, and everyone is going to think that I’m gay!”   

     I was petrified.  

     But then, my nervousness turned to more confusion as I realized that the person on the other end of the line was Jason!

     He did most of the talking, and eventually asked me to skip school. I wanted to say “no;” but for some reason, my body made my mouth say “yes!” I didn’t know what I was thinking or saying.

     Several days later, I left the house like I normally did and waited around the corner until my parents left for work. Then I went back home and waited for Jason to arrive.

     “What was I doing? Why is it I can’t get this boy out of my mind? Am I gay?”

     These were my thoughts as I sat there counting the minutes, waiting for him to arrive. 

     Jason arrived around noon, and we sat on the couch not saying much. I wasn’t sure what to say, or what we were doing.  Most of the day, we just watched TV, ate and wrestled around a little bit.

     Then at one point, Jason did the same thing he’d done the other night. He began staring at me without saying a word.

      This time though, two things were different!  First, he put his arms around me, hugging me close.  And second, he stuck his tongue in my mouth.

     At first, I was frozen with shock!  It was so unexpected. But after a few moments, my tongue took on a mind of its own, and we were tongue-kissing each other–and I loved it!   (I believe that’s why today, a man has to know how to kiss to get with me.)

     We ended up rolling around on the couch feeling each other up until eventually, his wishes came true!  We were both naked.

     At one point, Jason lay on top of me and started moving his dick between my legs. As he was doing this, I was thinking to myself, “Is this how sex is supposed to be with two guys?”

     You see, in school, we were taught about sex between a man and woman–not two men. So, I was not sure what we were doing! We were just kind of fumbling around with each other until suddenly, I felt a strange sensation in my body.

     As I felt a sudden rush in my nether region, I was not sure what was happening.  When I moaned a little in Jason’s ear, he did the same.

    After a few moments, the feeling subsided and I felt exhausted. He must have felt the same because he took a deep breath–and then was limp on top of me.

    When he finally got off of me, there was white stuff all over my stomach and thighs. I grabbed a towel, and Jason proceeded to clean us both. How considerate he was.

    After I walked Jason to the door, he kissed me–again. “Hmmmm…I could get use to this kissing thing,” I thought to myself.

    As I was straightening up the living room, I noticed a stain on the couch. “Oh, my gosh!  Oh my gosh!” I thought.  He’d peed on my mama’s good couch.

    I didn’t have time to clean it, so I did the next best thing. I turned the cushion over, hoping my parents wouldn’t see or smell it.

    That night, I called Jason to confront him about peeing on my mama’s good sofa. But come to find out, I was wrong. It was not pee! Jason informed me that it was my “cum” stain on the couch. You see, he’d ejaculated on my stomach, while I did so on my mama’s good sofa. It just looked like a pee stain.  

    WOW… my first sexual experience, and it was with a boy!  Jason and I got together numerous times after that. Of course, I found out later that we never had real sex. I learned how to have real sex in college and I loved it.

    However, that first kiss was amazing, and I loved it a lot. I guess that’s why today, for me, a man has to know how to kiss with feeling and compassion. You have to know what you are doing!  If not, c’est la vie or such is life… bye-bye (smile).

    But we should all cherish our first.  Our first crush. Our first kiss. Our first sexual experience.

     Our first love. 

    Let’s cherish those moments in life that make us feel special. Those moments that make you feel like it’s your very first kiss.

     Let’s cherish the good things in life. They give us precious moments that last a lifetime.

    And by the way, ’til this day, my parents never saw the stain on the couch! And if they did, they never said anything about it. And my date tonight definitely knows how to kiss and because of that, there will be many more dates.

     Let’s just hope he doesn’t pee on my good couch.

R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  The fourth and latest installment is “Love Is Complicated.”  The sizzling sequel, entitled “Honey Hush…Don’t Ask & I Won’t Tell,” drops soon.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series.  R. L. also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  And catch his Podcast, “Honey Let Me Tell You Something Else, on iTunes.  All of these endeavors are part of his production company, Honey Let Me Tell You.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram: rlnorman1.

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 7 

“Is It Live Or Memorex?” 

Guest Writer:  R. L. Norman 

     I, along with everyone in the audience, stared at the big screen with shock!   As I slowly looked around, I saw people whispering and gawking with disgusting looks on their faces.

    That was because on the screen, there were four naked men.  It looked like they were in a hotel room.  A couple of them were on their hands and knees on either side of the bed. The other two were standing up behind each man. They were “doin’ the nasty,” as the saying goes.

     The cameraman was getting close-ups of the faces of the men as they were doing all sorts of sex stuff to each other. As the lens landed on the last man, the screen froze!  And as “big as day” was my face–there for all the world to see on this national TV talk show!

     I didn’t know what to say or do!  I gazed at the host, who was about to ask me a question. And I thought, “If this is a dream, I want to wake up because it has suddenly turned into a nightmare!”

     You see, this was the last scheduled program that I was on to promote my new book, “Honey Hush…Don’t Ask & I Won’t Tell.” 

     First, I appeared on the radio program, the “Russ Parr Morning Show.”

     Russ said, “R. L., this is your fifth book about the trials and tribulations of the character Norman. I have read all the books and loved them. While I am not gay, it is so interesting how you write these stories and how people can relate to them whether they are gay or straight. Was that your intention?”

     I answered, “Not at all. I just write what I know. But everyone needs to realize that life’s relationships have no boundaries. The only difference between gay and straight is who your partner is. We all experience the same feelings for each other.

     Next I was on “LIVE with Kelly and Michael.”

     Michael stated, “Your books are full of sex, sex…and more sex. And some people think they are gay X-rated books. Now I am not gay, but….”

     “Yes, Michael–you are a big muscular football player. Hmmm…” I said, smiling and jokingly looking at him.

     “Watch it R.L.,” Michael said, grinning and folding his legs like he was hiding his manhood. Everyone cracked up!

     Then he added, “Well, some people say the books are just full of men having sex, which is not really writing.”

     “I disagree with that,” I responded.  “If you read the stories and take away the fact that it is two men doing it, you are left with the feelings and emotions of the people involved. And for that, it doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight. My books are about the passion of love for another person. And sex is just the reality of life!  It’s part of the love of a relationship. And I am sure there are several people here who have done some freaky stuff! I just let you read about it.”  The audience clapped.

     Then came “The View.”

     Whoopi announced, “He has written several books, has a monthly column, a podcast and a one-man stand-up show titled, ‘Norman’s One Night Stand’.  He’s here to do the G-rated promotional version of his show because I’ve seen the X-rated version–and some of you couldn’t take it.” She laughed.

     “Now, here is R. L. Norman with his promo for ‘Norman’s One Night Stand’.”

     The audience applauded.  After I gave my three-minute performance, I sat down with the ladies.

     Raven Symone commented, “Now, ‘Norman’s One Night Stand’ is your stand-up show.  However, I heard that you performed your very first  routine in elementary school–and it involved a shoe! Tell us about it.”

     I smiled and explained, “When I was in the sixth grade, the teacher had each of us read a passage from a book in front of the class.  My classmates were getting up there and boring us by reading a page or two.

     “Well, I decided that I was not going to just read to them. So, I stood in front of the class and started reading ‘Hamlet’–which was just a ruse!   In actuality, I was going to read from one of the books from the ‘Get Smart’  series. It was a series of books based on the old‘Get Smart’ TV show about secret agent ‘Maxwell Smart’.  Remember that old TV show? 

     “So after a few moments of reading ‘Hamlet, the class heard a phone ringing, which was actually a tape recording that I’d placed under the desk!  I then told the class that I had to take the call.

     “Next, I removed my shoe and turned a piece of cardboard that I had tacked to my heel.  I was pretending to unscrew my heel. I then answered the call from the ‘Chief’.  You see, the secret agent’s shoe was actually a  telephone!  I placed the shoe to my ear and I said my part as the ‘Chief’ said his part, which I recorded in a different voice.  Then, I told the class I had to go meet ‘Agent 99’ for a mission!  I exited the room.”

     The audience laughed and clapped.

     Next I went on “The Talk.” 

     Julie Chen inquired, “R. L. you have a monthly column titled ‘Honey Let Me Tell You Something’ and…”

     Smiling, I immediately interrupted her… “Julie, you have to say it right, and with a little ghetto soul!  It’s ‘HON…NEEEE….. let me tell you something’,” I corrected her, placing emphasis on the “NEEEE.

     The audience erupted into laughter.

    Then, Julie tried to say it.  “Well ‘hon…knee’, how did you come up with Nathaniel Octavius Nerdo, which is your pen name for the column?  And secondly, how do you, month after month, create such different, diverse and interesting topics?”

     “Julie, I have to credit Wyatt O’Brian Evans, my good friend and the person who publishes my column every month on his website, Wyattevans.com.  Wyatt suggested the name. And when I first heard it, I thought it was crazy! But after I said it over and over again, I started laughing to myself.

     “As I go about my day-to-day activities, the topics I write about just pop in my head.  I try to write about those things that make people think about life.”

     Then I went on the “Steve Harvey Show.”

     “R. L., your books have some very colorful characters!  Just how do you create them?” Steve inquired. 

     “Well Steve, I call myself a realist.  I try to write my books as real life situations,” I revealed. “Situations that we all may have been in and can relate to.”

     Then, Steve jumped in, “Does that mean you have slept with all those men as Norman has in the books?”  Everyone howled, waiting for my response.

     I stared at him and thought for a moment. “Steve, let’s just say I have many friends,” I chuckled.   “But don’t ask me that ’cause I can’t tell you.”  More laughter.

    On the next program, I sat on the couch and stared at the host with sheer amazement!  She was so kind, thoughtful–but also slightly commanding.  I listened in total awe as she was interviewing me. It was always my dream to one day be interviewed by Oprah! And here I was; on“Super Soul Sunday,being interviewed by none other than Oprah herself.

     “Super Soul Sundayis where she interviews top thinkers, authors, and visionaries exploring themes and issues including happiness, personal fulfillment–and what it means to be alive in today’s world. 

     “Well, there is one thing that people always say about you, which is that you are humbled and flattered by any attention”, Oprah stated. “In fact my staff told me that when they contacted you for the show, your response was, ‘Are you sure you have the right person’?”

     I replied, “Well yes, because to me I just wrote some words on a piece of paper, or made someone smile or helped someone think about life. I am just surprised by it all. I don’t think it’s that big a deal, but everyone tells me that I should embrace my blessings and the reality of it all. So I am surprised when anyone asks me to appear somewhere, or say they like something I did.

     “But Oprah, I am just in awe to be here with you! You have no idea.”  Then, I added, and with a smile, “And we have to take a selfie.”

As the audience cheered, we both smiled.  And she nodded, “Yes!”

     Oprah continued, “Well, R.L., I have read all your books, and I especially like the endings of each chapter.  Norman, the main character, shares his deep feelings and relates them to a song. And I love the songs! And you have song tracks for each book.

     “Sometimes, I put in the CD and just listen to your song choices. How did you make those particular selections?  And, how would you describe your writings, and the character of Norman?”

     Thoughtfully, I began, “Well, I write about feelings and the heart.  First, I write what I feel, and then I read it back like I’m someone else so I can see if I get that special feel of what I wrote.  I write to inspire.

     I continued, “At one time or another, we all were Norman. We all aspire to love and be loved. We all aspire to be happy. And, Norman is a fighter and a survivor when it comes to love! I write to give people inspiration that through the good and the bad times, we all can be as happy as we want to be. Also sometimes, music expresses our heart and feelings, and the songs just emphasize that.”

     From “Super Soul Sunday, I was hustled to my last television appearance of the day, the“Wendy Williams Show.

     “Tell us about your latest book about to hit the stands any day now,” Wendy asked, with a slight grin filling her face.

     I thought to myself that something was up! This is Wendy and I expect something to happen. I just didn’t know what.

     I stared at her a moment and then said, “Well, in the first four books Norman stopped his wedding, was almost murdered, nearly had a secret come out that would destroy his life, and then almost lost his man to a woman.  This book is based on secrets!  Everyone has secrets.  Some should be revealed, and some should NOT. The books are about how sometimes people should “kiss and tell” or keep their mouths closed. So basically, every character has or knows a secret and has to decide whether to tell or not.”

     The host continued.  “Well, speaking of secrets, people say you are a very private person in real life and don’t ‘kiss and tell’. They also say that you are the one person that can always keep a secret!  They say that even with people you sleep with, you are very selective and don’t deal with anyone unless you are sure they will not tell everyone. Is that true?”

     Being reflective, I stated, “Well, yes. I am very private when it comes to my personal life.  And one thing most people know about me is that I certainly can keep a secret.”

     Wendy followed with, “Well, evidently everyone that you deal with does not agree with your philosophy of ‘don’t kiss and tell’.

     I stared at her, confused. “What does that mean?” I asked.

     “Take a look at this,” she said, motioning towards the screen behind us.

     Suddenly, the lights in the studio dimmed a little and the screen behind us came on. I turned around to look.

     At first, I thought we were looking at an amateur porn video. I wasn’t sure what I was viewing or why. And then, I became mortified as I realized that I knew every star of the movie!Especially myself, as I stared at the freeze frame of my face, which was there for all the world to see on this national—no, international–talk show.

     I didn’t know what to say or do. I looked at Wendy, who was about to ask me a question. And I thought, “If this is a dream, I want to wake up because it has suddenly turned into a nightmare!”

     I just stared at Wendy and quickly said, “No! No! No!”, as the audience was yelling, “Hoe… Hoe… Hoe.”

    As the chanting of the audience became louder and louder, I stood up and put my hands over my ears!  Their chants got so loud that it was blaring.


     But then, suddenly, I woke up in my bed wet from sweat! I peered around the room, trying to figure out where I was. What day was it? What time was it?  I was so confused.

     After I regained my composure and pulled myself together, I realized that I had a dream, and that my alarm clock was ringing.

     Just like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “I Have A Dream.”  Well, I have always dreamt about being on talk shows.  I tell my family and friends all the time that one day, I’m going to be on several of them.

     I’m trying to make my dreams a reality. And I believe that everyone must  follow their dreams.

     Dr. King believed that one day, we will all be free to be what we want to be, and to follow and achieve our dreams the best we can.

     Therefore, in honor of MLK and Black History Month, I challenge YOU to follow your passions, your hopes, your dreams…and your desires to be free to do what makes you happy.

     Regardless of the circumstances in your life, you have to do the best you can.  Because if you do that but fall short of your goals, then you have achieved because you tried and believed it.

     As well, have faith in God that you will achieve–as long as you believe.  MLK believed–and look how far we have come. Do your best to be your best.

     I just hope that one day I won’t B saying O.M.G. on T.M.Z. telling Y.O.U. that what you C is not M.E.—me!

R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  The fourth and latest installment is “Love Is Complicated.”  The sizzling sequel, entitled “Honey Hush…Don’t Ask & I Won’t Tell,” drops soon.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series.  R. L. also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  And catch his Podcast, “Honey Let Me Tell You Something Else, on iTunes.  All of these endeavors are part of his production company, Honey Let Me Tell You.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram: rlnorman1.

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 6


Guest Writer: R. L. Norman 

  It was so silent that we could hear every sound or movement in the house.

     We sat there as still and as quietly as we could, even though we were half asleep. We had waited until we thought our parents were asleep before we went on our undercover mission. 

     It was about 2 a.m., and I and my two brothers, ages eight and four, snuck out of bed and took our places half-way down the steps–waiting.  Being the oldest at 10, I led my brothers on our “grand” adventure. It was just supposed to be me and my middle brother; however, my little brother woke up while we were trying to leave the room, so we had to take him along.

     From our vantage point, we had a good view of the fireplace, which by this time the fire had gone out. The only illumination in the room were the flashing Christmas tree lights. And so far, the only gifts under the tree were the gifts that we had brought for each other!  I remember I’d bought a glove and scarf set for my mother, and a bottle of Brut and Soap-On-a-Rope for my father.  Feeling quite proud, I couldn’t wait for them to open them!

    And there we sat… waiting and waiting and waiting. It was Christmas Eve and we were waiting for Santa Claus.

     It was 1965, and we were determined to see Santa come down the chimney! My youngest brother even had my mother leave “The Big Guy in Red” milk and cookies. We had decided—beyond a shadow of a doubt—that we’d catch him that year.

     The next morning, we woke up back in out beds when our parents came into the room to tell us that Santa had come and gone. We didn’t remember going back to bed, but we didn’t care!  Practically tripping over each other, we ran down the stairs to get to the Christmas tree that now had what seemed like a zillion gifts.


     Fast forward to Christmas Day 2015.  My daydreaming has ended.  As I’m watching the kids open their gifts, I sit here thinking that at this moment, I am not lonely.

     Earlier this morning, I was in my living room looking at my Christmas tree that didn’t have a lot of gifts under it like when I was a kid. It only had one.

     The special gift I’d bought for myself.

     I purchased it because I’m single, and don’t have a significant other to exchange presents with.

     That’s one of the pitfalls of being lonely and alone.

     There are many of us around the world that belong to that “Club of Loneliness.”  And unfortunately—and sadly—Christmas can be one of the days to be extra lonely. 

     You see, there are 12 days of Christmas.  Additionally, there are Six Days of Loneliness throughout the year. Six days each and every year that the Angel of Darkness comes knocking harder at our hearts and souls.

     Six days that we lonely people feel the most alone–while others celebrate.

     Six days that the emptiness in our hearts gets heavier.

     Six days when we sit at home and the echoes of silence are so loud, that it rings in our ears—and can almost be deafening. 

     So, just what are those days?  They are New Year’s Eve, when couples celebrate together to ring in the New Year with that first kiss. New Year’s Day, when couples go to brunch/dinner to celebrate.Valentine’s Day, when lovers come closer together to profess their love. Thanksgiving Day, when couples meet and greet each other’s families.  Your birthday, your extra special time when friends and family just don’t seem to be enough to guarantee your happiness.  And of course, Christmas Day.

     It’s on these days that the fact that we are single weighs heavier on our minds–and in our hearts. These are the times when we wish we had a partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, and lover–or at least someone to dream about.

     It’s on these days that life seems that more empty when we wake up with our back towards the empty space in our beds, and we feel that empty space in our hearts. The days when we want to sit in a lonely, bedimmed room, with the curtains drawn, dwelling on the darkness of our world–instead of the brightness of life.  

     Some of us think that we have to be in a relationship to “not be lonely.” But that’s not the case. Loneliness is a state of mind.  It’s all about realizing that you are blessed and that God is good. Whether you celebrate the day with friends and family or with strangers.

     But it’s those lonely days when we should realize that we are not really lonely. We should not forget that we are all loved by someone.  And we should also remember that God loves us.

     And on this Christmas day, I’m smiling as I watch the children having a good ole time opening their presents at the homeless shelter.  Each year, I visit a different shelter, in large part to let the little ones know they are not alone.  And as I observe them, I reminisce about my past Christmases, which were filled with life and love.

    I realized that the joy of life and love filled the emptiness in my heart so much that it was overflowing!  This enables me to ignore the fact that I was supposed to be lonely.

     Not being in a relationship is not the end of the world!  You shouldn’t need a man/woman to be happy. Happiness is what you make it. As well, the level of loneliness is what you make it.

     So on those six days of loneliness, what do we do–particularly on Christmas?   

     The Number One thing is to try not to think about it. Make it through the day the best you can. Always put one foot in front of the other and keep going.   

     We have to think about our lives and what it means to us.   We must realize that we can make a difference.

     As we put a smile on someone’s face, we can put a smile in our hearts. Celebrate FRIENDSHIP… Celebrate FAMILY …Celebrate LIFE…Celebrate LOVE!

     The bottom line:  the moment we encourage ourselves to celebrate life, the loneliness will disappear.  And believe me, that moment can feel like a lifetime.

     Encourage yourself…..   

R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.” The fourth and latest installment is “Love Is Complicated.”  The sequel will be available soon.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series. R. L. also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  All of these endeavors are part of the production company he’s forming.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram:rlnorman1.

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 5

“Do You Know Your A, B and Cs?”

Guest Writer: R. L. Norman 

     On a sunny day in June, I was among what seemed to be hundreds of guests at this outdoor wedding.  It took place in the backyard of a mansion in Bowie, Maryland.  Rumor had it that a Washington Redskins football player owned it.  But who knows if that were true.

    When I arrived, a valet parked my car and a well-dressed usher led me to the backyard, which was decorated in purple and white lilacs. There was a large pool, with smaller pools here and there. That, along with several gazebos all around the yard, were quite impressive.

     As I made my way through the crowd meeting and greeting, I was thinking how I never thought I would see the day when one of my good friends, Percy, would be getting married.

     I have known Percy since our college days at Tuskegee University in  Alabama. Back in the day, we used to be very popular on campus. And once we pledged to a fraternity, our popularity increased–especially among the male student population.

    Oh yes, those were the days!  We were invited to all the underground gay parties. You see, in those days back in the early 1980’s, to be gay was basically an “undercover” thing.  This was especially true on college campuses, where you had to be a part of the “in-crowd” to know where the parties were.  So, it was a privilege to be on the so called “C” List.

    And that was one thing I didn’t understand about Percy and this wedding. You see, Percy also was on the “C” List. But he was marrying someone on the “A” List!   

     What do these Lists mean?  Well, I’ll get to that shortly.

     As the announcement was made that the wedding was about to commence, everyone took their seats around the designated areas in the yard.

     The wedding parties came in and took their places in front of the makeshift altar.  Percy looked wonderful in his black-tailored tuxedo and  purple vest.  And, there was a purple flower in the lapel. Actually, everyone looked great.

     As the wedding song began to play, we all stood up and turned toward the mansion doors. We waited with anticipation for the appearance of Percy’s future mate.  And as those doors opened into the backyard, you could hear a pin drop.

     And suddenly, she appeared!  Yes, I said “she.” A woman.  A panty wearer.  A makeup wearer. A high-heel wearer. A dress wearer.

     Even though these days, that could also describe a man; but this was a real woman!  My good friend, with whom I use to go “man-hunting,” was marrying a real woman.  And, someone on the “A” List. 

     Now, this is the appropriate time to explain the Lists to you–or should I say, your A, B, and Cs.

     You see, when you print the letters A, B and C, they have different meanings.  For example, to print the letter “A”, you use all straight lines. To print the letter “B”, you use a line and curves.  And the letter “C” is just a curve.

     Therefore, let’s interpret: A = straight people, B = bisexual people and    C = Gay peoplethe A, B and C Lists.  And basically, everyone belongs to one of the three.

     And this woman was “strictly di**ly”–just like Percy!  She wanted d**k all the way; just like Percy.

      She wanted to be with a man.

     Just like Percy.

     She belonged on the “A” List while Percy belonged on the “C” List. That is why we could not understand why she wanted Percy.

     Or for that matter, why Percy wanted her.

     As she made her way toward the altar, I was remembering the bachelor party the night before.  It was held at this fancy ballroom in downtown D.C.

    At the door, we were given Mardi Gras-type masks that all the guests were wearing.  The object was that you wouldn’t really be able to see anyone’s face.

     Once inside the hall, we were greeted by waiters offering champagne and hors d’oeuvres.  All of them shirtless, they wore purple bow ties—and were poured into little tight black shorts.  It was hard to look at anyone except these “phyne” waiters–who were everywhere! 

     As I filtered through the crowd, meeting and greeting the men at the party, it was obvious from several conversations that there were A, B and C List people there.  So, I guess no one was bothered by the fact that the entertainment included half-naked men and women dancing, singing and flirting with the crowd.

    And Percy was in his glory!  He had men all over him and he was loving it.  It reminded me of our college days–when we both had men all over us.   

     During the night, I had a chance to speak to Percy about his impending nuptials. I asked him why he was getting married.   His response really surprised me. 

     He said, “I’m lonely.”  

     I was confused for a moment–until he “broke it down” for me.  Percy explained that through the years, he dated many men but could never find that one true love.  He was tired of just settling for different men so that he would have someone to wake up to in the morning, and someone to fill that temporary void in his heart.

     The bottom line:  he didn’t want to grow old alone!  So he decided to settle for a woman.

     I thought about this as I stood at the wedding, daydreaming about our conversation. I was thinking about the fact that I, myself, get lonely sometimes; however, I would never settle for just anyone in order to have companionship. That would not be fair to me, or to the other person.  I would rather wake up each morning with my six pillows in my lonely bed, instead of with someone to whom I was not attracted. 

    Percy’s problem was that he was not honest with himself.  

  And definitely not with her!

    In life, we should try our best to be who we truly are–regardless of what society dictates. You cannot just put your name on the “A” List if you truly do not belong there.  I, myself, belong on the“C” List and am happy with that.  I would not try to be on another list because that would make me unhappy and dishonest.

    Jumping over to the “A” List and not being straight not only affects you, but the person you date or are married to. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule; but that all depends on the honesty, openness and communication of the individuals involved in the relationship.

    Suddenly, I was roused from my daydream when I heard the preacher say, “If anyone objects to this marriage, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

    Everyone got so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. But I was thinking that most people there knew that Percy very much wanted to object.

    After the passing of a few moments of silence, some people coughed and cleared their throats. Those few minutes felt like a lifetime.

    And then, it happened.  Someone said, “I OBJECT.”

    The crowd rumbled a little as everyone tried to figure out the identity of the brave soul who would perhaps save Percy and his bride from a potential life of heartaches and pain when the truth came out about who was on what List. 

     I was relieved–as I am sure most people were–when Percy made that statement. Yes, Percy did the right thing and objected.

     By stopping his own wedding, he was honest with himself and the bride about which List he was on. Of course not everyone was happy about this—particularly the bride.

    And as it turned out, she did not have a clue that Percy was gay.  While he secretly lusted after men, Percy used the excuse of “waiting until marriage to have sex.”

     But today, years later, they are both married to different people. The bride actually married the owner of the mansion, a football player.

     And Percy?  In the wake of the legalization of gay marriage, he married a wonderful man. They have even adopted two children.

     Therefore, in life, if you “keep it real and stay in your lane,” happiness will follow.   Don’t try to be someone you are not: it makes life that much more difficult and it hurts other people. 

     So here’s the question:  “Do you know your A, B and Cs? Or, just what List do you belong to?” 

     Express yourself and be yourself!  It will make you and the world a happier place. 

R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.” The fourth and latest installment is “Love Is Complicated.”  The sequel will be available soon.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series. R. L. also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  All of these endeavors are part of the production company he’s forming.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rl.norman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram:rlnorman1.

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 4

LaToya Hankins:  Madame Triple Threat

Guest Writer: R. L. Norman

     LaToya Hankins is an author, poet and an activist. Upon graduating from East Carolina University, she earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Journalism and a minor in Political Science.  Currently, she is the president of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority graduate chapter in Raleigh, North Carolina (N.C.) As co-founder of the Shades of Pride organization, she helps create opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of N.C.’s LGBTQ communities.

     Her two books, “SBF Seeking…” and “Rho: The Sweet Taste of Sisterhood, focus on the lesbian experience–not just through the eyes of the main character, but also on how North Carolinians react to that main character’s lifestyle. Ms. Hankins’ entire body of work demonstrates that she is an inspiration to us all.

LaToya Hankins

     Just recently, Nathaniel Octavius Nerdo (my alter ego) sat down with the charismatic, enterprising and multi-faceted Ms. Hankins for one absorbing and enlightening experience.

     Nathaniel:  LaToya, welcome to WYATTEVANS.COM!  Thanks for granting me this interview.

     LaToya:  You’re welcome!  It is my pleasure and I am excited to talk to you.

     Nathaniel:  Well, before I inquire about the “LaToya’s World” in North Carolina, I first have to ask you to tell me the story of what happened to you when you were five years old. I found it amazing, creative and inspirational.

     LaToya:  Oh, yes. When I was five years old, I had open heart surgery. And since I was in a small town in North Carolina, everyone knew; especially since I was not in school for a while. And kids, by themselves are curious.

    So I figured: why not capitalize on their curiosity and make me some money for ice cream and candy? So I was charging, I think, a dime to see my scar!  Kids would follow me to the bathroom, and I would pull up my shirt and show them my scar.

     And my teachers got wind of it because every time I went to the bathroom, four or five kids would follow me.  And one day, one of the teachers came in and I said, “Where’s your dime?”  (LaToya and I both chuckled.)

     Nathaniel:  So you just pulled up your shirt?

     LaToya:  Oh, yes… The scar goes from the middle of my chest to my back, so I would just pull up my shirt. The kids got their money’s worth, and I got ice cream and candy.  But it didn’t last that long.

     (We laughed again.) 

     Nathaniel:  Well, thank God you made it through!  You are such an example. And secondly, I think that was a very entrepreneurial idea to have at such a young age.

     LaToya:  Thank you so much!

     Nathaniel:  So what about junior high and high school?  Did you do other imaginative, innovative things?

     LaToya:  I didn’t do too much exciting stuff in junior high school. I basically kept to myself. But in high school is when I started questioning my sexuality, although I didn’t act on it. I started wondering and noticing some things. And I was feeling some kind of way but I never spoke about it.

     However, I did the typical thing:  I had a boyfriend in high school, and we were close. We were friends before we became boyfriend and girlfriend.  And, I had another friend in high school that said there were some things that I said or did then that they would start questioning and wondering about. But they would put their thoughts about me to the side because I was from the era that “nice girls don’t do that; especially nice black girls.”

     Nathaniel:  So in high school you didn’t know or do anything with women?

     LaToya:  Well, no. I am a procrastinator by nature and I just didn’t take the time to do anything about it. I focused more on my school work. I really focused on just being involved with school projects.

     Nathaniel:  So in college is when you came out?

     LaToya:  Well, no. I didn’t come out until I was 25 years old. In college, I didn’t focus on my sexuality. I focused on school work and my career. I had a good friend who was a guy and we did everything together. And he knew his sexuality; that he was gay. But we never discussed it, We were like each other’s cover because everyone thought we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

    But years later, I realized that all the signs were there for something to happen in college with women.  I just never acted on it.

     Nathaniel:  So, was your sexuality an issue when you pledged the sorority?  Did anybody know?

     LaToya:  Well I did an intake into the sorority. So I didn’t actually do the college pledge thing. And at the time, most people didn’t know and it was not an issue. But today, with Facebook and whatnot, I am sure my sorority sisters know.

     Nathaniel:  Did you start writing in college?

     LaToya:  I did!  But I worked for a newspaper and a minority magazine. So it was more featured topics, or should I say, “assigned topics.”  I wrote some poetry and short stories. I did not do fiction writing. I did an internship with a local newspaper, so it was all non-friction writing.

     But I always wanted to be a writer.  I am a big reader, so I appreciated works of fiction.  However, I always thought I was the one to read the books—not actually the one writing the books.  

     Nathaniel:  Do you prefer writing short stories, or writing books?

     LaToya:  Well, I prefer short stories because I like it when you have a definitive beginning, middle and ending. And writing books, you may think you are at the end; however, something comes up and then it becomes another chapter or two.  It’s hard to write a lot of words and make it make sense and interesting.  It takes, craft, dedication and commitment. You have to actually sit still and write, and edit and re-write.

     Nathaniel:  I assume that your books do not mainly focus on the “gay thing,” so to speak.

     LaToya:  They have gay characters.  And one thing I realize is that as gay, lesbian, transgender and people of color, we don’t exist in a vacuum. We have friends, family members and work experiences with people who are not gay. I wanted to make sure that when I write my books, I incorporate gay and straight characters.  I wanted to show that gay people can exist with their family members and friends who are not gay, and that everyone can respect each other. 

     Nathaniel:  Now with your first book, “SBF Seeking…”  You did accomplish that with the coming out scene. I loved the way you wrote that. 

LaToya Hankins

     LaToya:  Yes.  The main character came out to her straight friends and family, and they all had different reactions. And in my second book, “Rho: The Sweet Taste of Sisterhood,” one of the line sisters comes out, and it tells how she deals with the rejection from her sorority sisters.

    Therefore, I wanted to make sure that if you read my books and you are not lesbian, you can still find yourself in the pages. You can find a character that you can identify with.

     Yes, you may want to identify with the main character who is a lesbian.  But also, you may be a divorced women with two kids, or a women on her second marriage or somebody’s mama. There is a character for you to relate to.

     Nathaniel:  Now you have two books.  Do you plan on writing another?

     LaToya:  Actually, I am in the process of writing my third book which is initially called “Waterworks Whispering.” I plan on releasing it in January 2016.

     Nathaniel:  Why should people read your books?

     LaToya:  Great question!  Because they are interesting and relevant.  It is easy to find yourself in one of the characters, and they give you food for thought.  I think my books make you see things in your own light and in the light of others. And it gives you a chance to visit North Carolina through my eyes because that is what I write about and where I reside at and from.    

     Nathaniel:  How is food an inspiration when you write books?

     LaToya:  Food is the great “smoother over” for negative emotions.  Because you can’t be mad with anyone with your mouth full of food!  You can’t be mad if your mouth is full of ham and beans.  (She’s smiling.)  You have to swallow your anger.  Also, I think most life decisions are made over a plate of food.  I wanted to incorporate that in my books because everything goes better with food.  If you share a meal, you can break down barriers. And in my books, I mention actual restaurants in the Raleigh area that are black-owned that gay people go to all the time.

     Nathaniel:  Now you are not just the president of the largest graduate chapter of the Zeta Phi Beta sorority in North Carolina, but also the co-founder of the Shades of Pride organization. What’s the organization all about?

     LaToya:  The Shades of Pride organization brings people together to share life’s experiences with being gay. We are an active supporter of LGBTQ issues and address health disparities that affect our community, especially our young people who are coming out younger and younger each day. We need to educate them so that they feel good about themselves and their lifestyle, so that they accept themselves–as well as others accepting them.

     Nathaniel:  What is your message to the LGBTQ community in the South?

     LaToya:  I want to represent the South in a positive manner because we are doing great things in the LGBTQ community here.  We have an “out” lesbian on the city council.  And she is sitting on that council with an “out” black gay man. We have had an “out” black gay senator. We have a lot of out gay black people doing many great things in North Carolina. When you think of the South and gay events, it is not just Atlanta. 

     So my message is “Don’t sleep on the LGBTQ community in the South.”  We are doing a lot of positive things in North Carolina. And I am here to represent, and support and spread the word that we are here and you will hear more and more great things going on down here.

     I try to capture the essence of the African-American Southern experience, and live by the motto, “I don’t weep at the world; I’m too busy sharpening my oyster knife.”

     Nathaniel:  How can people reach out to you?

     LaToya:  At www.Latoya Hankins.com.  On Facebook, LaToya Hankins; on Twitter, Hankins Latoya; on Instagram, Toya Hankins.  My email is Latoya.Hankins@yahoo.com.

     Nathaniel:  LaToya, it certainly has been a pleasure talking to you!  You are in inspiration to the South and the LBGTQ community as a whole.  And, we will continue to look for the inspired, extraordinary writings and works that you do that support our people and the community.

R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.” The fourth and latest installment is “Love Is Complicated.”  The sequel will be available soon.  As well, he performs“Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series. R. L. also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  All of these endeavors are part of the production company he’s forming.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rlnorman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram:rlnorman1.


     On Friday, October 30, WYATTEVANS.COM Guest Writer Mr. R. L. Norman returns, making his considerable and unique presence known with his Column entitled, “Honey, Let Me Tell You Something!” 

    And this time out, R. L. interviews Ms. LaToya Hankins, the popular and renowned Lesbian author and poet.  It’s a colorful and revealing portrait of the talent–who’s also an activist.   Trust and Believe:  Mr. Norman has worked his magic again! 

     As you’re aware, R. L. is an accomplished, thought-provoking and soulful author who pens the popular “Honey Let Me Tell You” series of novels.  The latest installment in that series drops very, very soon!  And, R. L. performs his nationwide, one-man show entitled, “Norman’s One Night Stand.”  Details on both are forthcoming, so stay tuned!

Honey, Let Me Tell You Something! 3

“Stop, in the Name of Love…”

Guest Writer: R. L. Norman


     “STOP!!!” I screamed. “PLEASE STOP.”

     As I struggled to get loose but couldn’t move, tears began forming in my eyes. The weight on top of me was way too heavy.

     As I struggled more and more, the grip around my body got tighter and tighter. His arms were wrapped around me, and the bulk of his weight was practically crushing me.

     “Don’t scream, you will wake up the neighbors,” his low, threatening voice whispered into my ear.

     At that point–out of fright–I remained motionless, as his body grinded into me.  I was hoping that my cries and prayers would be answered, that someone heard my scream–because for a few moments, he didn’t move.

     But I was mistaken.

     Suddenly, he thrust his big, hard manhood deeper into my ass. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t help but scream out again!  I was so loud that I was again hoping that the neighbors would have heard me. 

     And before I knew it, he suddenly started fucking my virgin ass hard, fast and rough. Again I tried to yell out “STOP” but the pain was so excruciating at this point I could hardly get my own voice pass my lips.

     Then suddenly, I had an out of body experience as he raped me.

     My mind went back to the beginning, and how I happened to be on this blind date in the first place.

     You see, during my sophomore year in college at Tuskegee University in Alabama, I was spending the summer in Dallas, Texas. I was with a group of other students trying to get some hands-on sales experience by selling bibles and medical dictionaries door-to- door.

     Yes, you read it correctly!  Bibles and medical dictionaries, of all things.  

I had attended a seminar at school, where this company was recruiting college students for what they called “easy money.” You know that term means a lot to financially struggling college students. We were hooked! The things we do to make money in college (SMH—Shaking My Head).

     About 50 of us drove cross-country, and we didn’t know anyone in Dallas. So, we had to basically find our own way and survive. Upon our arrival, we found out that it was not easy money or an easy life.  From the very beginning, it was a struggle to survive. 

     I did meet several people during my days there and one in particular: Clifford.  He came to be my ally, my friend.

     When I knocked on his door, he answered in a flamboyant and grand way. Immediately, I was surprised, shocked and intrigued.

     He was about fifty years old and a real “queen,” as they say. He didn’t buy a bible or medical dictionary. Instead he tried to buy me. I turned down his numerous overtures eventually he became my gay mother away from home, so to speak. He introduced me to the gay scene in Dallas, and numerous people along the way.

    But during that time that summer, I became very lonely and homesick. Being a door-to-door salesman was a very emotional and mentally-challenging job. The rejections were becoming too much to handle.

    So, to help me out, Clifford suggested that I go on a blind date with a friend of his. I agreed because the gay bar scene was not for me. All I did was stand against the wall, feeling depressed.  And I am sure that is why no one ever approached me.

     The night of my blind date, Clifford’s friend Randy picked me up from Clifford’s house at 8 p.m. sharp. When Randy walked into the room, I was pleasantly surprised and excited!  He was “phine:” about thirty-years-old, pure dark-skinned, 6′ 2″, about 230 pounds of muscle, goatee and fade haircut. My 5’11, slim 155-pound frame looked like a little boy standing next to this real man.

     Instantly, Randy “swept me off my feet.”  He took me to a nice restaurant for dinner, then to a jazz bar to listen to music and talk some more. He was so endearing that I felt like a school girl on a first date.

     When we left the bar, he suggested we go back to his place to watch TV. I readily agreed because I was having the best time ever since I arrived in Dallas.

     Randy’s apartment was very neat and well-kept. He had very expensive taste. There was what appeared to be very pricey artwork and statues all around. And the focal point was that the apartment overlooked the skyline of Dallas from the 44th floor. 

    But I should have known something was wrong when he said the TV in his living room was broken, so we had to go into the bedroom. I could not imagine a man like this with a place like this having a broken TV!  But I agreed.

    We sat on his bed where he kissed me for the first time. Eventually, the TV was watching us as we kissed, cuddled and hugged.  It was all good until his hands got very invading.

     Randy was trying to take off my clothes, even as I kept pushing his hands away and resisting his advances. I repeatedly told him “No;” but at one point, he forcibly unfastened my pants, pulling them down as he had me pinned down on the bed.

     Before I knew what was happening, he’d undid his pants, pulled them down and thrust his dick in my ass!  And, as he was penetrating and pounding into me, I’m thinking, “This is not happening.”  But after a while, I was in so much shock that I no longer felt  the pain.

     After what seemed like hours, Randy panted heavily in my ear, shot his seed inside of me and collapsed on top of me.  Then, after a few moments, he rolled over. I just lay still and didn’t move.  

     Actually, I couldn’t move.  I was numb and in shock.

     After I got my senses together, I asked him to take me home.  He declined.  So, I slowly got dressed and proceeded to walk out of his house.  I tried to figure out how to get back to Clifford’s house.

     I walked aimlessly down the street until eventually, Randy showed up.  As he took me back to Clifford’s, I did not say a single word. Even after we arrived back at Clifford’s house, I couldn’t speak. I just nodded my head at Clifford with a quick fake smile, and went to his guest room.

     For several weeks, I continued to be paralyzed and utterly dazed about my body being violated. I hardly spoke or went outside because I felt…. I don’t know how I felt. I was just in limbo.

     I was experiencing so many emotions that included guilt, shame, fear, denial, anger and sadness.  I was so confused!  I was on an emotional roller coaster.  

     But I knew one thing; I didn’t want anyone to find out.

     And, the following thoughts plagued me:  Did I tease him? Did I lead him on? Did I let him go too far that he couldn’t turn back?  Was it my fault? 

     Or is he just a rapist?

     I didn’t know what to do. Should I tell somebody? How does it look for a man reporting rape by another man?  But I wish I had told somebody.  I wish I had him prosecuted. I wish he would rot in jail. I am sure he did it to someone else because I let him get away with it. And that is my fault because I didn’t tell.

     Well, now I am telling and it feels good.

    Many people believe that sexual assault is only committed by men against women. The majority of sexual assaults are perpetrated by men; however, the fact of the matter is that 1 out of every 10 men is sexually assaulted.  And most of those go unreported.

     Rape is Rape.  It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. And if you feel that you have been raped, TELL SOMEBODY…ANYBODY …..PLEASE.

     Rape is not Sex.  Rape is not Love.  Rape is Rape.  So stop it–in the name of Love. 

    If this has happened to you, make sure that you tell someone because you don’t want to walk a mile in my shoes. They are not comfortable.  

     For assistance, you can contact the Rape and Incest National Network (RAINN) at 1-800-656-4673.  Counselors are available to help you 24/7.

L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.” The fourth and latest installment is “Love Is Complicated.” The sequel will be available soon.  As well, he performs “Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series.  R. L. also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  All of these endeavors are part of the production company he’s forming.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rlnorman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram: rlnorman1.

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     Therefore, on Friday, September 25, WYATTEVANS.COM Guest Writer Mr. R. L. Norman returns, making his considerable and unique presence known with his “Honey, Let Me Tell You Something!”  This Column is a Must-Read: R. L. bares his heart and soul, tackling an issue that significantly impacts both the LGBTQ and heterosexual communities. 

     R. L. is an accomplished, thought-provoking and soulful novelist who pens the popular “Honey Let Me Tell You” series of novels. The latest installment in that series drops in a “hot minnit,” so stay tuned!  

     For now, visit:  wyattevans.com/honey-let-me-tell-you-something-2/  

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The Ball is in Your Court

Guest Writer: R. L. Norman


   Not too long ago, I was reminiscing about this guy I dated years ago.  It was a cool night in November: the breeze was rather inviting, and it wasn’t too cold or too hot.

     Actually, it was just right as we sat at our dinner table on the restaurant’s rooftop overlooking the skyline of Baltimore. The restaurant was named the Circle because the roof slowly revolves so that you get a panoramic view of the entire skyline of Baltimore. 

     It was our first date, and I was having such a splendid time that my mind and heart were slowly being drawn to him!  Our conversation flowed with ease.  My “first date jitters” slowly disappeared.

     You see, I didn’t meet him on line or even through a friend.  I met him in Home Depot, of all places.  (The best place to meet men, ‘cause all the manly men go to Home Depot!  LOL.)  I was there looking for some supplies to erect my fish tank, which actually looks like an oversized picture that hangs on the wall.  Until this day, people still don’t believe it actually contains real fish! (Smile).

     As I was trying to find the best supplies to purchase, I spied a tall, brown-skinned, bald-headed man at the other end of the aisle!  His tight-fitting jeans covered his round, plump ass.  

     As well, those jeans gave the distinct impression that his manhood was a very nice size—very nice, indeed!   And, his muscle shirt exposed his manly arms and hairy chest.  And as a bonus, his Timberland boots completed his construction worker outfit.

      As he moved in closer to me, I suddenly turned into a “dumb blond” and said, “Excuse me, Sir.  Uhhhm, can you help me? I don’t know which screws I should get, or hammer to use to hang something on my wall.”

     At first, confusion filled his face!  But then, he started grinning.

     I assumed he was trying to decide if I were for real.

     He finally responded, “Let me help you,” and proceeded to show me different types of screws.  Then, he asked me several burning questions–one of which was my phone number! 

    And by telling me his name, he answered one of those burning questions.  His name was Baldwin!  What a rich, manly-sounding name, which complimented his deep, masculine voice—not to mention his plump, kissable lips that uttered that very name. 

     After a few phone conversations, he did the first of two things that was very surprising to me!  Something that rarely happens these days.

     During one of our late night calls, Baldwin said, “I’d like to ask you out to dinner and a museum.”

    And before I could answer, he inserted, “And this is NOT a booty call!  Sex is easy.  Friendship and love are what’s are hard to find!  (Pause.)  Are you up for the challenge to get to know me as I get to know you?”

     For a moment, I was taken aback!  Baldwin was actually asking me out on a date–and not for sex.  He made that perfectly clear, even though my clothes would simply fall off if he were to ask me to go to bed with him! 

    And that got me to thinking:

     Whatever happened to the days when we would actually ask someone for a date face-to-face; or a least on the telephone? Whatever happened to the days when if someone asked you out, your first thought was NOT sex–but actually getting to know that person?  And, whatever happened to the days before the computer and cell phone when our voice was our main form of communication?  

     These days, too many people don’t know how to communicate without the computer or cell phone!  There are a lot of lonely people in the world because they hide behind their computer screens or use text messages to communicate.  And to temporarily fill that empty void in their lives and hearts, they perceive sex as the basis of a “relationship.”

     I, like everyone else, don’t like rejection.  And of course, by hiding behind a computer screen, it’s easier to take rejection. But maybe we all should try to come “out of the closet” at least once.  So, step away from that computer screen or text message, and directly communicate–just like Baldwin did.  

     Instead, let people see the real you.

     The second surprising thing that Baldwin did was to pose a question after we’d left the piano bar that first night after dinner. Along with other patrons, we’d just finished singing songs…

     Suddenly, he stopped dead in his tracks, in the middle of the sidewalk. 

     Then, he turned towards me.

     Next, his firm, warm hands grasped mine.  As Baldwin gazed deeply and almost lovingly in my eyes, he inquired, “May I court you?”

     Now, for those of you who don’t know what courting is, allow me to clue you in.  It means dating/focusing on just one person.  You can date lots of folk, but you can only court one special person—the one you really want to get to know.

     Obviously, the ball was in my court!  Patiently, Baldwin waited for my answer.

     So, without saying a word, I leaned over and kissed him…passionately!  As you can tell, my answer definitely was NOT a “No!”  LOL.   

     And trust me, our first date–and the dates thereafter–were very special because he courted me with words and actions. 

     Not words on a screen. 

     So, come out from behind that computer screen and show your true colors!  You may find that those colors are a welcoming sight.  And, you might also discover that your time of loneliness will slowly melt away. That’s if you communicate with words and deeds. So call someone up or ask that person for that  face-to-face date.

     The ball is in your court!    

     Now, will you hit it back?

R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  The fourth and latest installment is “Love Is Complicated.”  Currently, R. L. is finishing the sequel.  As well, he performs “Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series.  R. L. also iswriting a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.”  All of these endeavors are part of the production company he’s forming. You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rlnorman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram: rlnorman1.

The SexyHawtCoolness of R. L. Norman

     The WYATT O’BRIAN EVANS Show–on the progressive PapichuloRADIO.com—makes its Righteous and Real Return next Sunday, August 9 @ 9 PM ET/6 PM PT!   

     My very special guest is Mr. R. L. Norman, the accomplished, soulful and stirring author of the “Honey Let Me Tell You” series of novels.  R. L.’s  fourth and most recent installment is entitled, “Love Is Complicated.”  Along with delving into his popular series, we’re gonna discuss the craft of writing and how “to make it” in publishing—and other provocative topics.

     And a warning (of sorts):  Drag Queen Supreme Ms. Cuntish Cumshot—my Sometimes/Part-Time Co-Host—might grace us with her presence! She should have some rather probing questions from Mr. Norman.  All I can say is, “Good Golly, Ms. Molly!”  LOL.

     So Y’all:  “Git Ready to Git Yo’ Cool…and Yo’ Hawtness On!”  This is an eppy of The WYATT O’BRIAN EVANS Show you definitely don’t wanna miss.


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Thumbs up

The Deliciousness of Success!

     As I’ve stated, more than Eighty (80) Nations (Thus Far!) are making WYATTEVANS.COM the Go-To-It Destinationfor News, Features and Entertainment for the LGBTQ Community and its Allies.  Therefore, I’ve had to “crank up the heat!”  Hey:  it’s only appropriate.

     To that end, WYATTEVANS.COM launched its Monthly Series of Special Guest Columnists this July.  

     Right on his heels was Guest Writer Mr. R. L. Norman, the soulful, thought-provoking and popular novelist and performer.  His Column is entitled, “Honey, Let Me Tell You Something!”  

     These exceptional talents are quite accomplished in their respective fields–and provide their own fresh and unique points of view!  And, these openly Gay men resonate exceedingly well.

     Y’all, I’m elated and proud to announce that  “Honey, Let Me Tell You Something!” has become absolute, a smash hit!  On top of that, it is continually gaining new readers!  R.L Normal thanks so much.

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“What Did You Just Call Me?”

Guest Writer: R. L. NORMAN

      A few weeks ago on a Saturday evening, I was with a couple of good friends on the subway train, on route to Dupont Circle here in D.C. Even though it was a chilly night in June, we decided to hang out at a neighborhood bar, the Fireplace. It’s the place we go to drink, meet and greet men.

      As we exited the train, I accidentally bumped into this guy as he was trying to get on. I turned and apologized, even though I thought no one was at fault, considering both the train and platform were crowded.

     “I’m sorry.” I said. “Excuse me.”

     The man looked dead at me. After hesitating, he said, “Hmmm, Faggot.”

      Honey, I was about to take off my earrings and beat that ass! However, my friends held me back. Then I looked down at my outfit of tight blue jeans and a sweat shirt that read “Sleeps Well With Others. “ You see, I figured he should have called me a whore before he called me a faggot! Go figure.

      As we left the metro and walked down P Street, one of my friends pointed to a guy walking across the street.

      Sarcastically, he said, “Look at that faggot.”

      As I looked at the guy, I will admit he was a little flamboyant and dressed in wild colors. And, he was switching like a woman as he proudly walked down the street with the air of confidence that some of us lack– but wish we had.

      He was a real man in his own right.  And that got me to thinking.

      Faggot, sissy, queen, butch queen, lipstick queen, bull dagger are some of the names we call each other within the gay community. These are the names that we call people who are different from us. These are the derogatory names that we call our fellow gay brothers and sisters. The same names that we would get upset over if a straight person called us that.

      Yes, let a so-called “non-gay” person call us one of those names–such as that guy calling me a faggot–and we’re ready to fight!   But then, we turn around and hurl those same so-called slurs toward our fellow brothers and sisters.

      But if you think about it, that’s just like the word “nigger.”  We can call each other that and think nothing of it. We say it to each other as a term of endearment to an extent. But let a non-black person say that and we are ready to fight.

      There are a lot of people who think that we shouldn’t call each other nigger because of the origin of the word. As we all know, that word goes back to the days of slavery. But here we are today, using it as a positive word. Honey, go figure.

      But why do we NOT use the words faggot or queen as a positive? Why do we feel the need to down our own gay brothers or sisters?  Why do we call each other those names and think it’s okay? Why do we judge each other? Aren’t we being judged enough by the so-called straight community?

      We in the gay community have enough problems to deal with without putting each other down.

     So, I think people should not judge someone for being more womanly or manly than ourselves. We should always accept our gay brothers and sisters for who they are; a strong confident man or woman. Not a faggot, sissy, queen, butch queen, lipstick queen, or bull dagger. If we use the word “nigger” as a term of endearment, we should do the exact same with the aforementioned words. Most of those people you are calling those names have more self-confidence in themselves than most of us have. They are just being themselves just like you are.

     Actually, you should be careful. First of all, someone may be calling you the same name that you just called someone for being gay and different. And secondly, the person that you called a name may be more of a man than you ever were–and more man than you’ll ever be.

     He might even make you assume the position. Face down, ass up.

     Honey, think about it.

R. L. Norman is a writer, performer and author of the popular series of novels entitled, “Honey Let Me Tell You.” The fourth and latest installment is “Love Is Complicated.” Currently, R. L. is finishing the sequel. As well, he performs “Norman’s One Night Stand,” a one-man show he conceived and wrote, showcasing the main character of his series. R. L. also is writing a play based on “Honey Let Me Tell You.” All of these endeavors are part of the production company he’s forming.  You may reach R. L. at his on line home, www.rlnorman1.wix.com/honeyletmetellyou; by email at: rlnorman@aol.com; on Facebook at RL NORMAN; on Twitter, @rl_norman; and on Instagram: rlnorman1.

The Ask Rayceen Show

It’s HAWTER than All of August Fo’ Me! (And that’s a Good “Thang!”)

As you can tell, I’ve got sooooooooooo much goin’ on in August!

On Wednesday, August 6, 7 p.m, I’ll be appearing on the popular and FAN-TA-BU-LOUS Ask Rayceen Show! I’ll be part of the “Author’s Corner,” along with outstanding writers La Toya Hankins and R.L. Norman. We’ll have a lively discussion about writing, publishing….and whatever! LOL.

The Ask Rayceen Show is held at Liv Nightclub, on 2001 11th Street, N.W., above the Bohemian Caverns, in Washington, D.C. The program is free and open to the public.

I’ll be signing copies of Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! For more info, call the offices at Nair’Bo Universal on 301-300-9996.

So, yo: join me in the place!