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Kickin’ It With BRUHS!

     On Monday, February 1, 6 p.m., spend a very special evening with Yours Truly!  I’ll be a featured guest of BRUHS (Book Reading Uplifts His Spirit), an innovative program sponsored by Washington, D.C.’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library. 

     I’ll perform selected readings from my latest novel, “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!”  As well, I’ll give you the 411 on all the exciting plans I have in store for 2016, including “FRENZY!”–the To-Ta-lee Electrifying and Riveting  sequel to “RAGE!”

     The M.L.K., Jr. Memorial Library is located at 901 G Street, N.W., D.C.  This special event will be held on Lower Level A, Room A5, and is free and open to the public.  And, I’ll be signing copies of “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!”

     I’m looking forward to seeing you there!  For additional info, call:  301-300-9996Or, email: Bookings@wyattevans.com.

Just What Are Folks Sayin’ About “RAGE!”?

     Mr. Jonathan S. Towslee, a Bostonian, writes this Amazon.com review: 

     “I came across Wyatt O’Brian Evans through a mutual friend on Facebook.  After checking out Wyatt’s website and reading about ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!’, I knew I had to get this book.  Boy, am I glad I did.

     “’RAGE!’ is one of the most original books I’ve read in quite some time.  Wyatt is an amazing story teller and has created a storyline that leaves you wanting more.  Immediately after you start reading the book, you become completely engrossed with the two main characters, ‘Tonio and Wesley.

     “Wyatt writes about some serious issues that are often swept under the rug in today’s society.  He does it in a way that educates you, but also entertains you.

     “The story will have you experience a range of emotions from being aroused to all-out heartbreak.

     “If you’re looking for a fresh new voice in the literary world who will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole story, this is the book for you.

     “What’s stopping you?  Experience ‘Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!’ today!” 

     Look forward to the provocative, exciting and riveting sequel to “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!” in Summer 2016!


Feel The Heat…Experience The “FRENZY!”

     Since folks have been clamoring for the sequel to “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!,” I must honor their requests!  (LOL).  As you know, the “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart” series of novels is the continuing saga of two masculine, openly gay, star-crossed lovers:  WES–the handsome, fabulously wealthy African-American celeb/entrepreneur, and ANTONIO (his nicknames:  ‘Tonio, BigGuy): the DEE-LI-CIOUS-LY muscled, Latino Chief of Security.    

     Anywho, the sequel–entitled “FRENZY!”–will drop in Early 2016!  Yours Truly will keep Y’all updated.

     In my enthusiasm, I’m giving everyone a “Tasty Treat:” one of the action-packed excerpts from “RAGE!”  Lemme set it up for ya:

     Wes and ‘Tonio—along with Rock, one of the celeb’s bodyguards—find themselves all caught up in a very, very tense and extremely dangerous hostage situation!  Two thugs, Bacardi and Qwon, are in total control…

     …Or so it seems.

     Now, let’s drop in on the action….      

     I could sense BigGuy wanting to reach out and save me.  Abruptly, my mind did a fast rewind, taking me back to my childhood, when I got a steady diet of being picked on, humiliated, and beaten down.

     You see, I didn’t at all fit in with most of my peers because I was an anemic and uncoordinated kid–and being a bookworm didn’t help.  To make matters worse, I didn’t have a role model to teach me “guy stuff” and shore up what little self-esteem I had.

     With the handgun cocked and grinding into my forehead, childhood insecurities resurfaced!  Those painful memories were workin’ to convince me that I was still that small, weak, defenseless little boy. 

     But I couldn’t let them win!  Fortunately, the steely determination I’d inherited from my mother kicked in.  And in a big way, at that. 

     The predicament that I was in—that everyone in that store was in—was a “grown-up” one…and deadly serious!  I had to get back to the extremely resourceful and capable me that I’d labored for years to become. 

     There wasn’t a second to lose!  I had to snap the hell out of it.

     Fortunately I did just that, formulating a creatively daring plan!

     But if I weren’t careful, it had the potential to backfire.  In a deadly way.

     Using my acting chops, I pretended to be a “’Scurred’ (scared)-Outta-My-Mind-Fem,” begging for his life.  Mannerisms and affectations, the whole nine yards.  I made it the performance of my life—we’re talkin’ NAACP Image and Academy Award caliber stuff

     And it absolutely had to be!  Too much was at stake.

     I peered at the hood.  In a high-pitched voice, I cried, “Puleeze don’t hurt me!  I’m beggin’ you!  Puleeze!!!”   Instantly, I turned on the waterworks.  Bacardi was dumbfounded at first, then found it hilarious.

     Grinning broadly, he exclaimed, “I knew it!  You REALLY ARE a little pussy!” 

     The room was like, “What tha…?”

     ‘Tonio and Rock (one of my bodyguards) were going, “What tha hell?”   But only for a hot minnit, ‘cause they caught on to my game. 

     BigGuy cut me a glance that said, “I’m feelin’ ya.  But be easy.”

     I returned one that said, “No doubt.”

     Unexpectedly, I fell to my knees “like a prayer.”   I whimpered, “I don’t wanna die!  I’ll give you anything!  Anything at all!  Just name it!”  I gawked at Barcardi, licking out my tongue.

     He whooped, “Yeah, I’m sho’ ya will, ya nasty cocksucka!  (Pause.)   But I don’t swing dat way.”

     My ruse was entertaining him to no end.  I continued to be a blabbering, blubbering “Miss Thang.”  Bacardi mocked, “Now jist look atcha, ‘Mr. Gay Richie Rich’!   You ain’t got no backbone!”

     But then, out of the blue, I answered, “But I got this!”  Making my move, I sprang into action. 

     I hit him!  Freakin’ HARD!  Right in the fuckin’ nuts.

     Bacardi yelped like a dog that’d gotten its tail slammed in a door.  He hollered and hollered, “Mufucker, you tricked me!  You fuckin’ tricked me!” 

     Meanwhile, Qwon shouted, “Whadda fuck?  Whadda fuck’s happenin’???”

     My move gave BigGuy and Rock–the “Dynamic Duo”–the opening they’d been waiting for!  With panther-like speed, ‘Tonio hurtled towards Qwon, tackling him.  I was amazed that a man of BigGuy’s immense size and girth could move so damned fast!

     All the while, Rock was right on Antonio’s tail.  (Well, not literally, of course!  If anyone was gonna be on the BigGuy’s tail, it was gonna be moi!  Holla.)

     However, Qwon managed to squeeze off a shot.  Fortunately though, it only bounced off a wall.  Sheer pandemonium ensued.  Screaming people made a beeline to the exit. 

     Meanwhile, the cops, with sirens blaring, were speeding to the scene.  As Rock restrained Qwon, BigGuy sprinted towards me.  However, the shrieking, fleeing customers proved to be bothersome obstacles in ‘Tonio’s frantic quest to reach me.

     Meanwhile, I was on my feet, wrestling with Bacardi over the gun.  This bruh was incredibly strong–it was if he’d grown up in some goddamn rock quarry, lugging and splitting boulders 24/7!  He was using his heavier muscle mass to force me to lose my footing. 

     Luckily though, I was able to pry the weapon away from him.

     However, I didn’t have the gun in my possession for very long.  It popped outta my hand, landing on the floor.

     A deep, gravelly voice boomed forth, “Wes-lee!  Tha gun!  Grab tha goddamn gun!”  It was ‘Tonio, steadily making his way towards me.

     Suddenly, I fell down!  Painfully so.  As I closed my hand around the revolver, the bulky thug jumped on the center of my back!  The impact sliced through me like a red-hot sword.

     That blow caused me to lose control of the weapon, yet again.

     And this time, Bacardi snatched it, yelling, “What’cha gonna do now, you little faggot bitch?  Huh?  Huh?”

     He was pressing his considerable muscle mass into me, keeping me pinned to the floor.  The fool keep shouting, “What’cha gonna do now, bitch?  What’cha gonna do now?  Huh? Huh?”  A fuckin’ broken record!

     With all my strength though, I got into the pushup position and groaned, “THIS!”  I lifted myself up with him still riding me.  (Later, I’d thank my personal trainer for prodding me to do pushups with dumbbells strapped to my back.)

     Bacardi was like, “Duh?” I’d caught him off guard. 

     Managing to twist him off of me, we ended up side-by-side.  Unfortunately, my one-man cavalry–i.e. BigGuy–hadn’t yet arrived.

     Any who, the muscled bruh and I arm-wrestled for the pistol.  He still had it in his possession, but I was making some headway.  Suddenly, he stuck the piece into my chest.

     And then, inexplicably and inconceivably, at that exact moment, something happened that I never could have ever imagined!

     I know it sounds insane–otherworldly, in fact–but I smelled faint traces of the fragrance Givenchy’s Amarige, Mom’s signature scent.

     And then, astonishingly, I actually heard my mother’s voice!  In my head.  In Surround sound, no less, calling out to me!  It was crystal clear.  Unmistakable! 

     Her voice jolted me like a live wire!  It said, “Don’t allow this whacko to win!  You’ve got far too much to live for!  Son, fight back with everything you’ve got!  You can do it!”

     Immediately, extra adrenalin and purpose kicked in!  (In other words, never argue wit yo’ mama!) 

     So, with a vigorous motion–as if my life depended on it (And Lawd knows it most assuredly did!)–I pushed that handgun away from me, twisting it around to Bacardi.

     I was winning the tussle!  And finally, Antonio was only a couple of inches away. 

     But then, all of a sudden, there was a sound that went….


     “WES!  OH MY GOD!  WES-LEE!!”

***And of course, the saga of Wes & ‘Tonio doesn’t end there….


Guys at Brunch

Thanks, G. A. B.!

     I wanna thank the “wayyy-cool” Guys At Brunch (Shawn Bradley, Nicholas) for a really great experience!  I was their special guest for a discussion on Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (IPV/A).  I explained in detail what IPV/A is, its warning signs, and how it can take an immeasurable toll on victims.  As well, I spoke on how I made my “Great Escape.” 

    We also discussed my latest novel, Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE!, whose overarching theme is IPV/A.  G.A.B., thanks for such a substantive and fun show! 

     The video from the show is below:

onyx LOGO

Selection of the Month!

      I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that the outstanding Olorun Onyx Book Club has just selected Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! as its October Book of the Month!   

     ONYX is an organization formed and operated by Men of Color who enjoy the leather lifestyle.  Also an informational organization, ONYX addresses a myriad of issues specific to persons of color. 

     After reading RAGE!, Olorun Onyx Book Club members and I will meet on line, and have an ongoing discussion.  I’m very much looking forward to entertaining their questions!  I can’t wait!



Y’all, on Saturday, June 14, I’ll be at the BALTIMORE Q FEST, performing selections from my new novel, NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART—RAGE! B’More Q Fest is Maryland’s multi-venued large scale LGBT premiere film and media event. Lemme give a very special Shout Out to MR. CHRIS LINES, the driving force behind this much-anticipated celebration!

What makes B’More Q Fest so special for me is that I’ll be PERFORMING—not simply reading—excerpts from NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART—RAGE!

And guess what? I’m the ONLY author performing at this film and media event! I’m truly honored.

For more info on Baltimore Q Fest, visit www.bmorequeer.org. Also, you can Facebook, email (nairbouniversal@aol.com), or hit me up at the Nair’BoUniversal offices at 301-300-9996.

I’ll be signing copies of RAGE! at B’More Q Fest. See ya there!

OFFICIAL RAGE! Launch Event–Saturday, February 1, 2014

Yo! Come spend the night with me! (Well–part of it, anyways! LOL) 

I’m happy to announce that this Saturday, Feb. 1, 7 PM, in D.C., I’ll be the Guest Speaker at the monthly meeting of The ManDate DC, which also will serve as the Official Launch Event for Nothing Can Tear Us Apart–RAGE! The ManDate DC meetings are held in the comfort of private homes; Saturday’s meeting is at 115 Mississippi Avenue, S.E. I’ll be performing selections from RAGE!, which will tie in to the topics discussed. Get ready for a lively evening!

The ManDate DC is the signature program of PROJECT HEALTHY LIVING (PHL), a working group of black gay/bisexual /SGL men with very close ties to and direction from the D.C. Department of Health. PHL’s mission is to improve sexual health outcomes and influence healthy life choices for black gay/bisexual/SGL men and their social and sexual networks through a series of interventions that aim for risk reduction. I’m proud that The ManDate DC has selected me for this honor.

Dinner will be served at the meeting…and I’ll be servin’ up autographed copies of RAGE!

Dont’cha dare miss it!

The Verdict is In: Rage Is A Smash Hit!

The “verdict” is in.  Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—RAGE! is a smash hit, with pre-orders exceeding expectations!  And with the January 16 Official Launch, it can only get better!

I want to thank the Facebook Universe, as well as various Organizations and Groups, for embracing RAGE! in such a profound and powerful way!  I am truly humbled and blessed.

To find out what folks are saying about RAGE!, visit the What Folks Are Sayin’ About RAGE page.


Excerpt from “FRENZY!”: The Interview

I am pleased to share this excerpt from my new book Rage! Enjoy!

The Interview

At his mansion, wealthy celebrity Wesley Laurence Kelly is interviewing individuals for the position of Chief of Security.  On this particular morning, the first applicant is Antonio Miguel Rios, Jr.  This is the future couple’s first contact. 

     Y’all, Rios was a fuckin’ sight to behold!  A ruggedly handsome brickhouse, he was 6’4”, 280 muscularly immense pounds.

Massively built and exquisitely proportioned, Rios was, hands down, a bodybuilder’s bodybuilder!  Powerful, wide neck.  Barn-door shoulders.  Bowling-ball biceps.  Horseshoe triceps.  Chiseled, expansive, impeccable pecs.  Narrow, firm waist.

And the way his jeans fit!  Daymn.  I could detect that he owned humungous glutes and calves…and (gleefully) something else.  Sumthin’ else, indeed!

The stud was clad entirely in black—shirt, jazzy (but tasteful) tie, formfitting jeans, and kick-ass cowboy boots.  Masculinity with touches of sensitivity oozed outta him.  I was fuckin’ taken aback– which usually doesn’t happen often!   I felt I was losing control.   I had to regain it.  Quick like.

“It’s a pleasure ta meet’cha, Mr. ‘Kel-lee’,” Rios smiled, broadly.  That 100-watt grin could’ve lit up all of Washington, D.C.!

Immediately extending his power-packed mitt, he followed with, “Thanks so much for dis opportunity!”  “Stud Man” had this syrupy, so sensual, low baritone with a full heapin’ helping of Latin accent stirred in for good measure.

And his eyes!  A liquid blue-green, they seemed to be as endless as an ocean… sucking you the fuck right in.  They peered deep inside, searching for the real you.  I swore they seemed to have a life of their own…

Rios had a caramel-tinged complexion, and short, curly, jet-black hair.  His sideburns connected with a neatly trimmed goatee, which in turn merged into his ‘stache.  He had these full lips, which begged you to kiss them.   Mos’ def!

And his handclasp!   Gawd!  It was warm.   Supremely confident.  Well-manicured, those hands were like meat cleavers–so thick, so sturdy, so powerful.   His touch, his grasp, made my whole fuckin’ body tingle through and through!   Nobody—and I do mean nobody—had touched me that way in what seemed like fuckin’ eons!   I swallowed hard!  Just like Nelly said, “Hot in Here.”

Floating back to earth, I responded, “I…I’m sure the pleasure is ALL MINE, Mr. Rios.  Welcome.”  Not to be outdone, I returned a formidable clasp of the palm myself.

Then, without warning, our eyes seemed to zoom into each other, like heat-seeking missiles.  After reaching their destination, they settled into the lockdown position.

And all of a sudden, that ole magical thang called chemistry burst forth, spinning around, totally engulfing us!  The sensation was electric, hard-hitting, exciting…though downright scary!    It was as if Mrs. J, my house manager, weren’t in the room, that the big man and I had tucked ourselves away in our own secluded, far-flung universe.  Hey–remember that song, “Just Don’t Disturb this Groove?”  Well, let me tell you—THIS WAS IT!


Second Excerpt from “FRENZY!”: The Battering

The Battering 

‘Tonio and Wes has become a monogamous couple.  Unfortunately for them, they face daunting obstacles to and serious struggles in their relationship.  Making matters worse is a devious and deadly individual who masterfully manipulates ‘Tonio into believing that Wes has been unfaithful!  Of course, Wes has remained true to his partner.  Unfortunately, as a result, ‘Tonio physically confronts Wes. 

Never in my wildest dreams could I ever have imagined what would happen next!   ‘Tonio, my bodyguard, my life partner, my soul mate—all 6’4” and 280 pounds of magnificently chiseled muscle– towered over me.  And in a heartbeat, in a flash, in less than a blink of an eye, BigGuy jerked me up by my tee, and then slammed me directly into the wall!   Gawd, the pain that ripped through my body!   At the same time, my head snapped back, also smashing into that surface. 

     “Why’d ya haveta hurt me like dis?  I wish we’d nevah gotten ‘tagetha’ (together)!” ‘Tonio railed, growling like some rabid dog.  He actually seemed to be foaming at the mouth!  Next, he smashed me into that wall once again.

Then all of a sudden, the instances of abuse I suffered as a child fast-forwarded through my brain!   All of the humiliation, the torment, and the tears were revisited.  My body went as limp as a frayed, wet, overused dishrag.

    BigGuy had me jacked up and pinned against the wall, his huge, clammy left hand now grasping my neck.  I couldn’t move!  My brain cells were in overload.  I was having difficulty breathing.

     He continued yelling, “How could ya do dis ta me?  How?  How?”  His grimace was undeniably monstrous!   He was a man possessed, thoroughly having lost touch with reality.                                                                   

     All the while, the following thoughts played in my head:   “This cannot be happening!  How can my soul mate, the one who’s professed his undying love over and over, be doing this to me?  How can this man who’s vowed to protect me, kick my ass like this?  HOW???”

     BigGuy continued to loom over me.  “When we hooked up, I told ya we had ta be monogamous!  And you agreed!  (Pause.)  What tha FUCK’S wrong wit’cha anyways?  Huh?  Huh?”  He repeatedly shoved one of his thick fingers in my face.

Finally, I shook myself from my stupor!  My survival instinct had kicked in.

    Once more, I tried logic. “I…I’ve kept my promise–my solemn vow, ‘Tonio!  Please stop this!  We promised that no matter what, we wouldn’t physically abuse one another.  Remember?”

My appeal didn’t faze him!   Not one iota.  ‘Tonio wasn’t hearing or listening to me because his overwhelming fury and all-consuming wrath were at their peak, their tipping point.

   “And ya promised you’d NEVAH cheat on me!  Rememba dat?”

     Next, in no time flat, he aimed his thick, steely right hand squarely at me.

My internal alarm blared!  I whimpered, “ANTONIO!  No!  Don’t!  Wha…what are you doin’?”  I tried to fend him off.

But that was futile.

     “Bitch, don’t you…!”  

     And then…! 


book cover for Nothing can tear us apart - Rage

RAGE! The Ongoing Story of WES & ‘TONIO

Are you ready? Excellent! “RAGE!” has arrived.

RAGE! is the thrilling, provocative and mind-blowing next installment in the popular NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART series.

What would you do if the man of your dreams, your soul mate, battered you because he falsely believed that you’d been unfaithful?

Then, you’re hit with the revelation that a mysterious, vicious and deadly individual prompted your partner’s despicable actions!

Could you forgive this man to whom you’ve given each and every piece of your heart?

This dilemma is ONLY part of the story!

NOTHING CAN TEAR US APART–RAGE!. The edgy, provocatively smart, “hawt” novel by WYATT O’BRIAN EVANS.

Truly groundbreaking.

How to Purchase

And for more information about RAGE!, email: bookings@wyattevans.com.

Full of action, masculine romance, intrigue, rich drama, and twists and turns, “RAGE!” explores and addresses themes and issues which resonate with so many of us. Be you male, female, gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or/and transgender, you can relate to Wesley and Antonio because these are two individuals fighting against the odds to preserve and nurture their profound and unique love and bond. “RAGE!” chronicles the evolution of these characters.

RAGE! is here! and It’s hawt!

And for more information about RAGE!, email: bookings@wyattevans.com.

How to Purchase

Read the below Excerpt from the book Now:

  1. First Contact
  2. The Confrontation