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Thanks, Big Meach!

     I wanna thank Mr. Demetris Dennis Taylor, aka “Big Meach,” for my recent appearance on his nationally-syndicated and wildly popular radio program, “Dishing Tea With Big Meach!” 

     We dished all “thangs” “FRENZY!” —and a whole host of other amazing topics.  It was lively, substantive, full of energy—with mucho cray-cray craziness!

     For the entire show—uncut and uncensored—visit:    


     Now, go on “wit yo’ badddd self—and git yo’ ‘FRENZZZAAAYYYY!’ on!!!

1 thought on “Thanks, Big Meach!

  1. Big Meach

    Bless you, Bruh!! It was a FUN TIME!!! You are one of the building blocks of the Dishing Tea with Big Meach and because of people like you, the platform will be 10 years old this July! Thank you for coming on the show!!


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