The IPV/A Chronicles, Part Four: Down the Barrel of a Gun

I have made it my ongoing–and fervent–mission to continue to shine a bright light on a certain demoralizing, insidious and horrific cycle of behavior that continues to be a growing concern within the LGBTQ Community.  This is Part Four of an ongoing series that will address this potentially life-threatening cycle of abuse.

     Welcome back.  This installment of The IPV/A Chronicles addresses a recent and disturbing phenomenon:   after nearly four decades of decline, Intimate Partner Violence murders are suddenly on the rise.

     The instruments responsible for these homicides?  Guns.  And just last week, the Huffington Post reported this alarming news.  To read the HuffPo article, visit:

     To note:  fortunately, there continue to be fewer fatalities in those states that have enacted gun control policies with real teeth.      

Until We Return…      

     I have made it my ongoing–and fervent–mission to continue to shine a bright light on IPV/A, a demoralizing, horrific–and potentially life-threatening–cycle of behavior. 

    We Must RISE UP…And Tell! Someone.  Anyone Who Will Listen. We must make our “Great Escape.”

     And, always remember:  the most powerful weapon the abuser has in his/her arsenal is…SILENCE.  

     If you or someone you know is experiencing IPV/A, call The National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-7233) or the Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project Hotline (1-800-832-1901).  

     I have a special IPV/A section right here at that includes resources to assist victims.  Visit: 

     The time is NOW to break the cycle!

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